...So God created man in His own image. In the image and likeness of God created He him; male and female, created He them (Gen 1:27) God's intention was for this "dust man" to have a particular identity, a created being, intended to contain in the fullness of time, His own glory. God's divine ordered plan was for man to "bring froth" according to his kind. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and become united and cleave unto his wife; and they shall become one flesh." (Gen 2:24) This is a strong statement that has to be understood Spiritually! To become one with your mate is God's Holy gift to humankind. His creation plan is carried out when two people make a Covenant before Him and consummate their vows. The springing off of their union, or the "offspring" of their union, enables them to "bring forth" according to their own kind. In the Hebrew culture, they believed the first born son always received the nature of the father. Therefore, the firstborn son received a double portion of inheritance. The father believed that his "provision nature" in his firstborn son would help the rest of the children as they grew to handle their inheritance. Children were received as a great blessing from the Lord. When a marriage was barren (without children), it was considered a shame and reproach. (Luke 1:25)

(Isaiah 29:22-24) Therefore, thus saith the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, (out of Ur and Idolatry), concerning the house of Jacob: ...Jacob shall not then be ashamed, not then shall his face become pale (with fear and disappointment because of his children's degeneracy). For when He SEES His children (walking in the ways of piety and virtue), the work of My hands in his midst, they will revere My Name; they will revere the Holy One of Jacob, and reverently fear the God of Israel. Those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur, (discontentedly) will accept instruction. Our family inheritance appears to be lacking in understanding to bring contentment and happiness as part of our daily living. The home has lost "family value". For the most part, children are a burden in the home, rather than God's Blessing! THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE! In Ephesians 6:1... Children obey your parents in the Lord (as His representatives), for this is just and right. Verse 2; Honor (esteem and value as precious) your father and your mother. This is the first Commandment with a promise: (Ex 20:12) Verse 3; That all may be well with you and that you may live long on the Earth. Verse 4; Fathers, do not irritate and provoke your children to anger... do not exasperate them to resentment... but fear them (tenderly) in the training, discipline, and the counsel and admonition of the Lord. GOD HAS NOT CHANGED HIS MIND! When His Word is listened to, and decided upon... putting into practice the Word of God in the family... we will find what is missing of our happiness and joy and the Blessings of God's promises to our life!

This is a day when there is so much turmoil, and so many discontented people in our land. Ungodly perversion and idolatry practices are allowed. The Broadcast Media is full of undisciplined rebellious attitudes. Much of this has happened because our Church system has not stood up and declared these things wrong, according to God's Word! Looking back just a few generations into the past, we remember this Nation was established on principles, of freedom of worship. The people left their homelands and came to America where they could worship God in spirit and truth, with liberty and justice for all. Men drew up our Constitutional guidelines and laid down for us what they thought was protection for the freedom of worshipping the Lord God Almighty. These guidelines are now being corrupted and adulterated, interpreted to allow all gods to be lifted up and glorified. I believe our forefathers intended for this Country to be a place where the name of Jesus could be called upon, believed in, and magnified...but...America has become polluted with humanism and idolatry everywhere we look. The curse of Sodomy has allowed an attitude of rebelliousness and lawlessness to cover our land like a plague. Ezekiel 16:49-50 says... "Behold, this was the iniquity (rebellion) of your sister Sodom: pride, overabundance of food, prosperous ease and idleness were hers and her daughter's; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy. And they were haughty and committed abominable offenses before Me; therefore, I removed them when I saw it, and I saw fit." Because there is a lack of understanding of God's word, this curse is allowed in the Government and leadership laws of our land. All of us as Christians know this is happening and are grieving over it. However, it continues to exist. I have been saying, "Lord, I know when evil prevails, you have always judged it. Judgment, as the Word declares must begin in the House of the Lord."

I am talking to you as one American to another. I am talking to you as Ministers and Kingdom authority people. Can we come together in Spiritual warfare to defy the controls of satanic forces that have been loosed upon our lands? Can we become a body of believers, unified and desirous to see God's Divine Order enforced? We must call America back to God! When America comes back to God, we will see revival fall like a refining fire in the hearts of the people, and God's Divine Order will be established in the homes of families everywhere. The Church must take the role model of God's Divine Order, and examine herself according to God's Word. So many families today are huddling together, searching for answers, crying in their need, and looking for a way, a living arrangement, that will bring peace, contentment and happiness. The generations of ancestry have produced a bruise, which I call an underdeveloped personality. Families are looking through the eyes of this bruise, not understanding that the sin principle, (God's laws broken,) down through the genetic corridor of family ancestry, has brought forth God's Principle that we will reap what we have sown." There is a grieving reaping going on that rebellion is responsible for. The family needs men who will be the priest in their home, and head of their house. Men who will answer to God, respecting the Divine Order of His headship, who will take their place of responsibility, praying and interceding for their families. This End-Time Word is going to come forth when men begin to answer to the Lord God Almighty in that place of responsibility. WHEN THIS IS DONE, IT WILL ALLOW GOD'S BLESSINGS TO FLOW INTO THEIR LIVES...UNHINDERED. The family needs women who will take the responsibilities of wife and mother, who will respect the husband and his priestly authority. Many times marriages come into conflict, financial bondage, worry is a way of life, poverty comes on the scene, all because we have not understood the preciousness of God's Creation principles. The purpose of the Lord in all His plan was to Bless His Children. All of His laws were given to produce His Blessings. When we, as His children, can understand this principle, our life is changed, our foundation is in His Word, and His Blessings will overtake us. If we are going to see families saved, we must return to God's original pattern of obedience and discipline to His Word. Rebellion has affected our generation man, and has become a problem in many homes. We must understand, that rebellious children are the result of rebellious parents!

Generations have come and gone, and they are literally racked by the idolatry of satanic control. The curse of adultery, incest, sodomy, murder, hatred, violence and pride are compounded until it's rebellion and iniquity are like a blanket covering over us. If you've ever seen self-righteousness, religious pride, like a great root growing through the generation of man, you'll see that it causes people to live beyond their can bring financial bondage. It will also stunt the Spiritual growth of a believer, to think (that I am better than Thou, and attitude that must be exposed). These children grow up with distorted values, thinking they must have the best. Then they don't appreciate it or take care of it. The peer pressure among our teenagers causes embarrassment and fear, and if they don't feel that they are accepted with the proper identity, these families can become emotionally underdeveloped. They have to have the biggest cars, the best house, and the biggest stockpile in the bank to feel accepted or like they belong. This attitude will produce a paranoia, that if not controlled, will eventually split the personality. The true person who has been living in this vessel from day one, cannot handle the mixture of that pridefull nature. Escape is so needed, that they can become controlled by the paranoia. They can become so stressed because of this false pride and vain glory, that it becomes a controlling force, eliminating their real identity. Pride opens the door for many sins, and this person cannot even think clearly enough to recognize that they are under satanic attack. (Remember, pride is what caused satan to be kicked out of Heaven!)

I'm not just talking about the world. I'm talking about the children of God. I'm talking about the people who sit on the second pew in the Church. If the preacher does not tell them what they want to hear, they are so full of pride and rebellion, they get up, put on their coat, grab their Bible, and go looking for another Church. They go from Church to Church to Church...and stay in each one until...some discipline is required of them. When discipline begins to be required...THEY march out!

It is this spirit of rebellion that is controlling the people. They are like illegitimate children! Do you know why I say that? Deut. 23:2 This curse was like a vagabond, they were not allowed in the congregation of the righteous for ten generations. Forty years is a this is four hundred years that they were not allowed. Can't you see now why God sent Jesus? To bring the forgiveness covenant for the repentance of sin. Gal. 3:13...Christ purchased our freedom (redeeming us) from the curse (doom) of the laws (condemnation) by (Himself) becoming a curse for us, for it is written (in the Scriptures), cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree, (is crucified). Praise God that he had all of us in mind!

I believe the Lord is saying..."I'll have a people who will stand in Me...a people who will have an attitude of worship, falling on their faces before Me and holding nothing back". These people will desire the Lord in the innermost parts. They will be willing to mortify their flesh. They will honor God as their inheritance, and they will thank Him for the Blessing of their generation seed. Out of this generation, the parenting process of the overcomer will produce children, families who will honor God and live in the harmony of righteousness, peace and joy. All problems will be addressed. The prayer and faithful trust that the Lord will answer...even before we call.

I have used the word "underdevelopment" of the personality. For some time the Lord has been speaking to me about this situation. Scientist and doctors around the Nation are looking for answers trying to explain the biology of violence, why some kids turn out bad, and what happens inside the developing brain to turn a child into a killer. Their discoveries are shedding new light on the epidemic of violence that is being inflicted on children and violence the children are inflicting on others. When the Word is neglected, our inheritance, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, is not taught. Ecclesiastes 3:18...I said in my heart regarding the subject of the sons of men, that God is (separating and sifting), trying them that they may see, that by themselves, (under the Sun, without God,) they are but as beasts.

The beast nature, we understand, is survival of the fittest. For millions of American children, the world they encounter is relentlessly menacing and hostile. So, with astounding speed and efficiency, their brains adapt and prepare for battle. What researchers now can tell us, with increasing certainty, that the brain adapts physically to this threatening abuse, poverty, neglect or sensory deprivation can reset the brain's chemistry in ways that make some genetically damaged children prone to violence. This research has also produced an unexpected and ominous revelation: Environmentally induced brain changes can become permanent, encoding into genes a propensity for aggression and violence that can last a lifetime. Scientists have also found that aggression genes, those that raise a person's propensity for violence, may be passed on to new generations. It has been noticed, that female criminal violence, since the 1950's, may be an early sign of how the genes of violence are already building up in the population. Please note that in the generations of our time, is when women agreed to murder their own seed, by abortion! Satan has cleverly planned to destroy the instinct of mother love, the parenting process, and abortion now has become a law in our land. The underdeveloped personality takes on the forces of violence and murder rather than the instincts of God's Blessing of mother love for her seed! Each generation is affected by this bruise of murder. God's precious creation ability is Holy and Sacred, it is wonderful to bring forth according to our kind. To live by the beast instincts of baser emotions, which is lust, uncleanness, perversion, and defilement of the marriage bed, will only produce the now seen disorder in our society. God gave us His laws, to Bless us, to keep us from just such happenings. When we carelessly or ignorantly fling away our inheritance privilege, we will, of course, reap what has been sown in our generation man. Scientists are trying to explain the aggressive violent behavior in our society. They know from earlier studies, that children are more likely to grow up and become troublemakers when their environment has been exposed to the poverty levels of neglect, etc. What we are all beginning to conclude is that the bad environments that all children are being exposed to, are indeed creating an epidemic of violence. It is frightening to know that society is doing some very dreadful things to our children.

It seems that for an increasing number of children, all of the things that we took for granted about family and home, adequate food, good schools, decent neighborhoods, are rapidly decaying. In looking at a newspaper article recently,I noted that America has earned the dubious distinction of doing less for our families and children than any other industrialized nation. Reported cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and emotional maltreatment of children jumped from 416,033. Cases in 1976 jumped to 1,700,000 in 1990, according to a study released last June.

Abuse and neglect of children during the critical state of child development is a very real problem. They don't know the difference between right and wrong. Their emotions are being exposed to hurt and pain. They suffer the lack of love, and a feeling of being left out. Parents, with their own undeveloped personalities, sometimes cannot see the real need that their children have...nor do they know how to address it correctly. Working through their own problems like being a single parent, a broken home, a divorce, they are struggling to understand, and many are running away and refuse to solve their problem.

It is said that the first three years of a child's life brings a development of impulse control toward sensitivity to others. When the child sees his environment as a hostile place that has to be fought through, his emotions become bruised by his circumstances...and like a scar in his identity, he will view many things that affect him with hostility and anger rather than discipline and obedience. Several trends contribute to the trends of neglect and violence. Alcohol and abuse, large groups of disadvantaged people, thrown together in public housing where the physical layout and social patterns can make behavioral control over children difficult. Probably the most severe problem is our Television violence! Problems are handled with murder and death! Right does not always win, and the mind is being filled with this kind of programming. Even the cartoons that are supposed to be light and funny, are full of witchcraft, murder, and violence. Computer and television games are mind controlling and so full of violence, that the child has got to destroy his opponent in order to win the game! The nervous system cannot stand this kind of urgency of continuous pressure, and the child gets so involved, their mind so controlled, they develop Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and hyperactivity, which leads to special classes in the school system beneath their level of ability, bringing embarrassment, stress, wounding their emotions, causing withdrawal from discipline, and encouraging escape into depression. These facts are like a demonic door that keeps the emotions from being developed correctly. An estimated 400,000 American children are victimized each year by physical abuse. They are victimized also by sexual abuse, domestic violence, community violence and other traumatic events!

Although human studies are sketchy, they suggest that mothers who have been exposed to stress during pregnancy, such as divorce, poverty or violence, tend to have babies who are hyperactive and developmentally delayed. I can remember years ago, an old fashioned saying was had to be happy and content during your pregnancy so you would have a happy baby. How true it is when we know the Lord and He begins to teach us His ways, and as we obey, His Blessings bring honor to family, home, and Christian Living!


In bringing the following message, I felt the Lord giving us a Prophetic Word:

"For I am speaking to a people that I have dug your ear in times past. I have called you aside. I have whispered life and you have fluttered like the Butterfly out of the Cocoon. You have soared the Heavenlies for a season, and you have said, 'Surely the Lord has separated me and I am peculiar to the world.' But I say unto you, My Dearly Beloved Ones, I brought you out to bring you in. I set My seal upon you that you will not be ravaged any more by the enemy. You will not be torn down and made a stomping ground for the Demonic forces that would rule and reign in your life and would cause you to lose your respect and cause you to stand in anger before the Lord your God, because you have not gotten your way and all things in your pathway are not smooth. For I, the Lord your God, have rebuked the devourer concerning you. I have allowed him, for a season and for a time, to perfect you, so that in coming to Me you will drive him out. In driving him out, you will know who you are. In knowing who you are, you shall be victory in this Earth! So I spread My table before you time and time again. You eat a morsel, and you run away and you tell everyone about the morsel. But I say unto you, I have a meal prepared, a never ending course of all that you need to grow up in. I have given you My Word. Be edified and built up and stop allowing the enemy to destroy My Word in your midst. For I, the Lord Your God, I made you My handiwork that you might do My Word."

Let's look again at Isaiah 29:23. For when he sees his children (walking in the ways of piety and virtue) that is, walking in Holiness and Reverence, to have awe and respect for the Majesty and Splendor of our God. To honor and worship Him. God's laws are our protection. His Word will set you free! There is coming a day when those who err in Spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur discontentedly will accept instruction. Now we begin to see how all of this chaos will be turned around. God will give us time (time is an element of Grace), we must begin to look at ourselves. In God's timing honesty, we shall begin to speak in authority at the limitations that have bruised us, and demand the forces of demonic controls to be removed, (cast out), in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Mark 16:17.

Someone has said that families and children are becoming an endangered species, and perhaps dangerous as well. Only the covenant Blood of Jesus (Salvation) is going to stop this overthrow of God's created man, who is to become His likeness, His image. The mind of man is the battle zone. His true identity is being distorted by the circumstances of mixture in his genetic ancestry. More and more, we are finding out that God's plan for family was a Divine Order to protect us from the monstrous beast, Nature, that is rising out of this sea of humanity in this day. To educate the Church system to the truth of their generation man, to understand that the genetic response of ancestry has produced a vulnerability to depression, anxiety, panic, psychosis, impulsivity, and aggression, we must look and examine ourselves according to God's Word. Once we can know where our problems lie, then we can begin to remove them in the Name of Jesus.

Deut. 29:29 God spoke to the children of Israel, a wonderful statement. "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God; but things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law." The Lord is revealing (secret things) because our generation man in the time frame of God's Day, must understand his character and nature shaping that his ancestors and his environment has bequeathed to him. What has seemed like a mystery to our forefathers is now becoming very clear, revealed to this last day "remnant people" who are scheduled to exploits in the Name of the Lord. In the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Genesis, God appeared to Abram and said, "I am the Almighty God; walk and live habitually before Me and be perfect...blameless, whole hearted, complete." The Lord further said through the Apostle Paul to the Hebrews, Chapter 6, "Therefore let us go on and get past the elementary stage in the Teachings and Doctrines of Christ, the Messiah, advancing steadily toward the completeness and perfection that belongs to Spiritual maturity." As long as we neglect the Word of Truth, as long as we close our eyes to what is happening around us, we won't see that our generation man is under attack and our opponent is none other than Satan himself! His strategy is to hide, to deceive, to beguile, and bewitch. As long as he can keep us from knowing his strategy, he will do so. Because he knows that when we find him out, we will immediately kick him out and he will have no charge over us.

Curses that have been allowed down through our generation man are being broken in the Mighty Name of Jesus. The curse, like a door, is being closed, pulled down, made null and void to this last day man who opens his eyes to the truth...seeks to walk in God's ways, and be perfected in God's unlimited Love and Restoration Plan.


We could not complete this teaching unless we address the "Fatherless Child". Exodus 22:22 You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child. 23. If you afflict them in any way, and they cry at all to me, I will surely hear their cry. 24. And my wrath shall burn; I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless.

Fatherless children is like a plague over our land. The instinct of the father to care for and protect his seed must be instilled back into the fiber of our generation. Since the great World War II, over and over again, families have been plagued by this circumstance. Our young men were killed in the war, courageous ladies kept the "home fires" burning. They stepped into the role as head of the house because at this time, it seemed necessary, because the man, the headship, was gone. Our young men coming home, mind sick with the death and destruction they had been exposed to, seemingly could not resume their place in the headship of God's Divine Order, because their bruise was too traumatic. Children were conceived and brought forth into families where these men had escaped the reality of everyday responsibilities...not understanding the need of the "father identity" before the eyes of their little ones. A generation grew up with that kind of escape pattern. The next generation, of course, would follow suit, each generation looking for a satisfaction, a peaceful place, and suddenly finding it did not exist. The family values were flung away. The laws of God were considered a hardship and burden in this lack of understanding. An ungratefulness, greed, self-centeredness became a way of life, and the seed of man was no longer help in the preciousness of God's Divine Order. Indeed, a burden, a problem! The need for money and position became the driving force with our burden of children, anger abounded, frustration, torment...and men ran to escape their responsibility. The next generation had no role model of the father being the priest in his home and the head of his house. Women now, because of the added burdens of life, too, began to look for escape, and the importance of home and hearth were set on the back burner, until they could have a career and enjoy the liberties of escape, like the men who surrounded them. Fatherless children, a powerful force that is allowing the enemy to bruise the mind of humanity. Where will it all end? Only as God's Word is looked into, sought after, walked out, will we see the changes. What does America need? To take a good look at the "self". Where are we? Moreover...where are we going?

When the communications abilities opened doors to many nations around the world, instead of taking the blessings of their culture, it seems we accepted the bitter sorrows of their rebellions and neglect. And now, with this generation, some four or five generations from the second world war trauma, our cup is full. The problems in humanity must be exposed for the evil that satan has intended them to be...and this many membered body cannot go forth blindfolded and deaf to what our enemy is really doing. As we said before...GOD HAS NOT CHANGED HIS MIND!!!! Our seed is still precious. Our families must understand God's Divine Order...that is a way of life. To neglect that great Creation Honor, to view life with a death understanding will only bring more destruction.

I can hear in my heart, all of you ladies, as you are saying to yourself..."If there is no Spiritual leadership in my family, what must I do?" I've had to step into that role, because someone had to do it. In this matter, I believe prayer, intercession, seeking God on the behalf of your mate. Praying without ceasing! How can I say it strong enough? God still answers prayer...and prayer still changes things! During this prayer warfare, you cannot go around pointing out all of your husband's weaknesses and neglects. You cannot embarrass him, but like Sarah of old, we pray and ask the Lord to deliver us, to bring our household in, and for the Lord to show us how to encourage our man to be the priest in his home and head of his house! The Word says: "If you lack wisdom, then ask of God." I believe that the Lord will change your circumstances as you pray...because...HE SAID HE WOULD!

We see the problems all around us daily. A hurting humanity, a bruised generation, and still the Lord says in my heart...THE ONLY PERSON YOU CAN CHANGE IS YOURSELF! We find ourselves bowing before Him in honesty and truth, saying, "Oh Lord God, be in me all You want me to be." Show me to me. My generation man is scheduled to change because You are revealing the mysteries and secrets that must be spoken and revealed to a hungering generation and to their children, who will know Your Ways forever...AMEN!