These past few months have been like no other to us. Our son Mark was gravely ill. We prayed and prayed for him to be healed, but it seemed like the closer we got to Jesus, the worse Mark became.

I found myself weak by what I was seeing in the natural. But when I rose up in prayer in the spirit, I was strong. Now, I realize Jesus is the only way we can conquer sin, Hell and the grave. It must be understood and walked out. All of this drove us to the Lord. I was not willing for Mark to go home with Jesus. My "momma" heart cried out for his life. My son, my seed, where was I to rest with peace? I couldn't seem to get past what my eyes were seeing in the natural. Finally, I passed into a Holy protected state. A state where Jesus was so real, kind and gentle. I could talk to Jesus better now I thought, and slowly I realized Jesus was going to take him home and I was willing now to let him go. Mark is Alive! He is really living! Absent in this body but present with the Lord! Mark has passed from death to life. He was ready for this great event. In my Spirit I see him with that "great cloud of witnesses, cheering all of us on, to the mark of God's High Calling! Praise God.

In my "Mother's heart" I am remembering a beautiful little boy who's first words were "Daddy and Momma", and his second words were "What's that?" Mark had a wonderful mind. He began to love and know Jesus as a teenager, and his faith and worship brought him to begin to say, "What's that in God's Kingdom. Seeking more of Jesus and longing to be used by the Lord. Mark was a fine Minister, a clear word in his heart. People were helped everywhere he went.

I Cor. 15:25-26 - for (Christ) must be King and reign until He has put all (His) enemies under His feet (Ps. 110:1)

I Cor. 15:25-26 - the last enemy to be subdued and abolished is death. Death has been swallowed up in victory. This wonderful chapter that is so full of truth, I pray you will hide it in your heart and ponder all it speaks of.

Love knows no boundaries. It is just as real in Heaven as it is in earth. Love is the blessing that holds the family together. It is a part of God's "Divine Order" for His family. It is not to be handled carelessly. It must be separated from lust. Love, Gods' love to us can't be removed. He is always there, nothing can happen to us that He does not allow. His ways are past finding out.

Many times when I am counseling with someone for rejection, self-pity and so forth, I find that they can't seem to remember if momma and daddy ever said "I love you." It seems so simple, what could it possibly hurt? I'm seeing men and women of all ages still having trouble with their emotions because of this.

Rejection is a powerful force at work in these people. They don't for the most part, know how to love unconditionally, or that God's Love never fails! We have a nation full of broken homes, sexual perversion being allowed under the disguise of love. What will our generation say as we stand before God in this "last day?"

Families that show their love for each other are strong, they have good self esteem. Belonging, caring, expressing that care plays a mighty roll in humanity. It seems the enemy works very hard to destroy love (because he knows the power of God's love.) God's love will keep and protect us in these last days. Jesus' love at Calvary says it all for us.

Olen and I always prayed for Mark to have a "hearing heart." When God speaks we listen because we have the God ability to hear, in the Spirit as well as the natural realm. When Moses said "Hear O'Israel", it meant TO LISTEN TO , AND OBEY.

We praise God for all of His blessings. He made a way where there was no way. Now, hear the hope and prayer of all of us. To BE READY, God is declaring His call like a mighty trumpet sound. Our ears are hearing His voice, and we are ready to obey.

We want to share with you the last message that Mark wrote, as a tribute to his memory. We miss him so very much, and we know this is not final in God's great calendar of coming events. We will be together again, complete in Jesus. Amen!