As I was studying the Word, my eyes fell on the first verse of Psalms 91 which says, "He who dwells in THE SECRET PLACE of the most high shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty (whose power no foe can withstand)." Now the Word DWELLS stood out to me. How many times have I read this Scripture? But today I saw it in a deeper, clearer way. This living arrangement dwelling in the secret place... a place God has prepared... the world knows nothing about. The Scripture says we are in the world, but not of it. By faith in God's word, I am protected, secure, and I am living. He supplies ALL my needs as I determine to overcome, cast out, cleanse my vessel before Him with the authority of His Name. When there is nothing in me that belongs to my enemy... no demons with any right to continue to harass me or any curses in place that they can walk through to oppress, to depress, or possess me, in Jesus' name I have authority to conquer all. In the secret place, God's plan for man is a stable fixed place. How could we be so blind as not to see it. The eternal paths finding rest for my soul... dear Jesus, let us understand we are provided for. We are kept in this wonderful place where our peace cannot be disturbed. Our enemy, satan, cannot take what is no longer his and neither can he hide in our being if we have cast him out, in Jesus' name.

Now some folks think they can't have demons. Let me remind you that the first demon Jesus cast out was in the man who was in the synagogue, the religious order of that day. So let me ask you, where does your bad temper come from, and where is rejection's many branches like self pity, resentment, bitterness, phobias and paranoias, causing the self image to be lacking or under developed because of these battle zones? All of them have their origin in satan's kingdom. Our bloodline has been victimized by many conditions caused by the unrepented sins of our ancestors. Through our bloodline of inheritance, we have become bruised and wounded. In this day, God is opening our understanding so we can know how we have been made the way we are. This causes us to realize why Jesus must be our pattern. God's son - perfect blood shed - covenant made in our behalf. We now have the right according to Romans 8:2, the law of the Spirit of life has freed me from the law of sin and death. I don't have to stay according to the law of sin and death. I now have a covenant of perfect blood in Jesus' name that provides for me a new life. Born of the Spirit I am. In Jesus' name, I am becoming His likeness and His image, praise God. I am changing -- asking for the eternal paths, spirit life, my living dwelling arrangement in Christ Jesus because of Calvary. The good old way has not changed. Jesus said, IT IS FINISHED. We are resting because Truth is in place in our lives. Our dwelling place is a secret to the world but blessed to live under His shadow. Please remember no foe can withstand His power. You and I are called to hear this Word and act upon it. To rest in Him removes all my anxiety, all my worries, and all my fears. To me He is saying I have everything in control. We will be ready. How wonderful the Word of God concerning us in this last day.

Sometime back, the Lord gave me a Prophecy which said, "The world will be looking for you, but they won't see you. What they will see is Jesus in you." AMEN.