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1. Preface

2. Effects

3. Let's Make A Slave - The Origin and Development

of a Social Being Called The Negro

4. Quote by Willie Lynch

5. Speech

6. Lynching

7. Lesson on Deliverance for the Black Race

8. Prayer

9. Deliverance

10. Reference


1. Preface

2. Relationships

3. Morality and Character

4. Religion

5. Prayer

6. Deliverance

7. Reference


1. Prayers Before Deliverance

2. Repent For Sins Of The Ancestors

3. Prayers For Forgiveness For Slavery

4. Forgiveness For Hurts

5. Repentance For Hatred

6. Breaking Curses Resulting From Being Enslaved

7. Repentance For Sin

8. Repentance For Counterfeit Comforts

9. Breaking Spirits Of Death And Poverty

10. I Break All Residual Effects Of The Slave Mentality

11. Repenting For Abuse Of Power And Rebellion

12. Repentance For Sins Of Pride

13. Wives

14. Husbands

15. Repenting For Sins Of My Tongue


1. Control Spirits

2. False Spirits

3. Witchcraft and Voodoo Spirits


1. Sins / Curses / Demons

2. Various Demons

3. Sex

4. Infirmity

5. Death

6. Religion

7. Addictions

8. Slavery

9. Black Interaction

10. Occult

11. Black

12. Demonic Tongues

13. Matriarchal



African American curses can be traced from Africa to America to the present day. The blacks betrayed the blacks by capturing and selling them for slaves in other lands. Then came slavery to America. Out of slavery came curses on blacks and on America. Slavery created practices that continue to today.

Witchcraft was practiced in Africa. The slaves brought witchcraft to America. From slavery came witchcraft curses on blacks and America. The practices of witchcraft continue to today. The judgement of GOD is on American for slavery, witchcraft and other sins.


This is a short version of the experience as written by Vunetia Mosley, Fresh Anointing International Church, Birmingham, Alabama. Katrina, name of the hurricane that hit New Orleans, is the goddess of witchcraft, tombs, demons and the underworld (vampires, spirits, werewolfs, etc.) David Dreiling said the GOD revealed to him that the hurricanes had to do with slavery. That is why they formed mysteriously off the coast of west Africa. Hurricanes, in hurricane alley, follow the slave trade routes to the Americas.


(Ministering Deliverance Within The Context

Of The African-American Experience)

These are some comments for African-American people:

1. They hold onto secrets and the dark side of life. They are tied-up in emotions. They need to put the emotions on the table and deal with the issues, hurts, fears and anger.

2. They seek approval but reject it out of fear of the wrong motives of others. The way they treat each other is the way they treat God. When they are overloaded, they cannot stay connected to God. They pull back from God and walk away.

3. The Church is not healthy and not dealing with their own issues. The inward child spirit (boy / girl) gets in the way. Fear is tied to childhood. They are kicking at the pricks.

4. There has been a raw hatred of the race in America. They have become prejudiced and bitter. Those who are older have seen the physical or emotional lynching of people and careers. They hate self because of color. There is a light / dark skin issue. The ceiling to God has become brass and the earth has become iron. Sometimes when they are side by side with a white, the white is favored in housing, check-out counter, etc.

5. They hate themselves but won't admit it. They will change their face and hair to look more white. They feel racist but must deal with it as a Christian. Slavery has brought a curse on them. They were beaten into submission. It was planned, perpetuated and thought biblical by whites. The curse must be broken so that the earth yields its fruits, and they have favor with God and man.

6. Preachers dispel the myth as head over the body as being prosperous and well thought of. People take care of expenses of family, come to him, drive a nice car, and still have spirits over them. They are bought a car and several suits with Anniversary Week for the pastors. They may have more than one wife and several families even in the same church; one would be legal with the other common law.

7. In slavery, black preachers were given free reign on the plantation with the women who were encouraged to believe in God. He could go from house to house which was expected. He was fed and lay with the women. These spiritual curses must be broken.

8. They could be sold to another plantation and start a new family. Children were considered promise seeds to work on the plantation. Black males still do that today and may have many children. This is African culture when man is not the husband of one wife.

9. The Devil needs to be exposed. It doesn't have to be like this. People are blind to the light of God. They must learn what the Scriptures say about them. This is a carry over from slavery and is passed down the generations.

10. Churches need to change and take the lead with a strong voice. There needs to be teaching of the truth where God will be allowed to act. God's anointing will flow with the answers. Chains and bondage can be broken.

11.We can setup an operating room and recovery room for deliverance patients. They have to break the demonic patterns handed down through the generations. They may need to be filled with The Holy Spirit.

12.No father at home brings rejection. They need the love of The Father God to be approved and accepted.

13.The altar should be open during the service and The Holy Spirit allowed freedom to act. Imputation and anointing of The Father's love needs to be ministered.


The African-American race labors under tremendous curses and afflictions. This race of people all behave the same. Many were high on crack cocaine, drunk on alcohol, unwed teenage mothers walking around with babies in their arms, young people driving expensive cars obtained largely from drug sale profits, ladies purposely dressed seductively, young men exposing their underwear, a staggering number of African-American male population filling the prisons, embracing homosexuality, prostitution and all sorts of perversion.

The result of disobedience is death. God's reward for sin, iniquities, perversions, and those who walk contrary to His Word is death - natural and spiritual.

There are various types of perversions: spiritual, sexual, financial, etc. Financial perversion encompasses - but is not limited to - cheating, stealing, robbery, bribes, covetousness, deceit, gambling, and unlawful gain. Perverse speech denotes lying, slander, cursing and swearing, and speaking blasphemous words.

African-Americans are a people group (ethnic) born of the seed of slavery. The mixture of races of Africans, Europeans, and Indians has produced a mixed breed now called African-American. Black America is under a curse of plagues, and vexations resulting in calamities - instead of blessings - overtaking them. Blessings and curses rests upon families, communities, and even entire nations.

An apparent consequence of the history of enslavement, bondage, and oppression is two fold: the belief of many Black Americans that they will never be free; and the opportunity that this belief provides for Satan to establish stronghold over this people group.

Among legally married persons, regardless of geographic region in the U.S., blacks are at greatest risk. Young black males are dying untimely deaths - it's a war zone of mass destruction. It is a perpetuated cycle of poverty and crime in the black community.

Forty million babies have been killed by abortion since 1973 when abortion was legalized, and 14 million of them were black. The aim of the program was to restrict - many believe exterminate - the black population with the Negro Project.

Black leaders must teach the truth from their pulpits, live the truth daily, and avoid making excuses for their insufficiencies. Therefore, some of the conditions under which many of the people exist are the primary responsibility of black church leaders.

The prevalence of high blood pressure in blacks in the United States is among the highest in the world. Blacks have almost twice the risk of first-ever strokes compared with whites. Among the leading cancers, prostate cancer among black men is about 15 times higher than among white men and 2.7 times higher than among Asian/Pacific Islander men.

In studies that compare individuals with similar levels of income and education, blacks have a shorter life expectancy than any other racial group. The Census Bureau indicated that by 2010 there would be only 85 black men for every 100 black women.

The lack of parental involvement has caused low self-esteem, lack of motivation to learn, laziness, apathy, and a lack of accountability among too many of the young people. Growing up uncovered, unprotected, unnourished, without a father, abandonment, total rejection, generational curses, and emptiness left by the absence of father.

Approximately 25 per 1,000 black children were confirmed victims of maltreatment, more than double the national average and the highest victimization rate among racial groups represented.

HIV was the number one cause of death for blacks between the ages of 25 and 44 in 2000. In 2002, the leading cause of HIV infection among black men was sexual contact with other men (sodomy or homosexual activity), followed by injection drug use and heterosexual contact. In 2002, blacks have the highest STD rates in the nation. Of new infections among men in the United States, approximately 60% of men were infected through homosexual sex, 25% through injection drug use, and 15% through heterosexual sex.

If the sin was sexual, it could bring adultery, incest, children from incestuous union, children born out-of-wedlock, destroy virginity, bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, and sodomy. Other curses come from parents, pastors, rulers, and authorities turning away from God, idolatry, pride, fleshly practices, and touching or harming God's anointed.

There are very few members living according to biblical principles, including the pastor and deacons. In reality, man-made traditions, man-made customs, and simply put, the flesh, are the guiding factors of the church. Sin is rampant with God appearing to be powerless to stop it. The lack of integrity of the ministerial leadership, the strongholds, bondages, and traditions of the Black Church. The profaneness has been released upon Black America by the spiritual leaders. Black America has paid a dear price for ignorance. The immoral activities and sensual behavior patterns have cost families and in some case lives.

The civil rights era was a turning point for Black America. After many protests, beatings, persecution, and marches, blacks began to be recognized as a people group. Rev. King's sexual escapades were intertwined with his manhood, just like other men of the cloth who were preoccupied or infatuated with love. We can determine that after Rev. Martin L. King, Jr. died, the symptoms of the curse broke forth and continued to multiply even until today. SCLC was a rowdy group that engaged in partying, featuring prostitution and even sexual harassment. There was a great release of spiritual profaneness by black leaders that has continued unto this day.

If church leaders are living in sin, what can be expected from Black America? There is no need to cover-up and shift the blame to others for the dilemma and continue to play the victim.

Christians are just churchin and sin is running rampant in the church, especially among today's leaders. Don't do as I do, do as I say is the principle. For years, deceit, mistrust, and lack of spiritual discipline and truth have eaten away at the core of these once hallowed organizations.

Today, more than ever before, men of the cloth are fornicating, and having children by women within their congregations. Sexual immoralities and perversion abide more inside the church than outside the church. All they can see is fame and fortune, but few look deep into the hurts, fears, and weaknesses of those who give the appearance that all is well.

We are beholding the fruit of sin, and it seems that whatever we wanted to happen is operating in reverse. Judges have been led away in handcuffs, and some black judges have been disbarred. A dark cloud appears to hover over Black America and the people are engulfed in a culture of sin. The Democratic Party is consistently on the wrong side of moral issues. That party led the way for abortion and homosexuality legislation. A culture of sin has fallen upon the black community, and it is in denial and refuses to hear the truth. Immorality is running rampant, touching every sector of the black community, starting with the leaders.

Many churches are in need of help, not having good leadership. There are pastors who cannot be found. There are ladies in churches who are laboring, even when men cannot be found and leadership is lacking.

Be assured, no matter how small the sin, it will be exposed when God reveals it in His own time. Many pastors and leaders are fully aware of the sins and demonic strongholds with which they are living. Many pastors are living a lie. Their man concern is for wealth and status.

Spiritual darkness is encountered everywhere. Some well-known preachers are living a lie. Many leaders in the Black Church are stumbling repeatedly as though the Lord cannot direct their path. There are bad batches of worship and praises going up to God in the black churches.

Much of the work of the Black Church is acceptable to man, but not unto God as it is done grudgingly and of necessity. There is a dire need for black leaders to see clearly in the Spirit. There is too much immorality in the Black Church, namely greed, pedophilia, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, and fornication. Immorality, unethical practices, and evil have spread in the church.

Homosexuals are directing church choirs and some are pastors and members of the clergy. There are many homosexuals taking over the music ministries (pastors are being held hostage).

The poverty and slavery mentality needs to be transformed, and strongholds of hopelessness and despair destroyed. Self-hatred and hatred for others needs to diminish. Black America needs to humble itself, and confess and repent for its sins and shortcomings on a national basis.

Sexually wounded and scarred females and males need to be healed. They have been victims to mental and physical illnesses, witness protection programs, drug rehabilitation centers, and welfare institutions. If God's call is not heeded and His cure not responded to, the curses will worsen.


The names for races and cultures have changed through the years. Negro has become Black, Black American, Afro American and African American possibly the present preferred designation. Spanish has become Latin Oriented, Latin American and Hispanic possibly the present preferred designation.



This is American slavery; slavery in the West Indies is similar. I am going to read Breaking the Willie Lynch Curse which was provided by Stan and Elizabeth of demonbuster.com. This is very powerful and apparently was inspired by Satan and his demons. You can see these characteristics in the Black Race of people today. This could be the very reason why so many are on welfare today. The curse must be broken off your blood line. Can you recognize these characteristics in your race?


Today with the use of drugs, fear, distrust, envy and murders, we can see the effects of these terrible curses. The Lord gave the revelation of the Willie Lynch curse to a friend of ours. After breaking this curse, she felt a release. Others have commented that they too have felt a release from this curse.

Let's Make A Slave - The Origin and Development

of a Social Being Called The Negro

This book written by William Lynch outlined the methods that he had used to control the slaves he owned. These methods placed many curses on the Black Race, even keeping them in bondage today. He also told the people to have their white servants and their overseers to distrust all Blacks.

Quote by Willie Lynch

In my bag here, I have a fool proof method for controlling your Black slaves. I guarantee everyone of you that, if installed correctly, it will control the salves for at least three hundred years.


William Lynch was a white slave owner, who reportedly made a speech on the banks of the James River in 1712. In this speech, Lynch spoke of having methods to control slaves. These methods could have only come from Satan himself. Lynch used fear, distrust, envy and beatings. He even went as far as murdering the males in front of the women and children in order to control the minds of the slaves.

He went on to say that the slave, after receiving this indoctrination, would carry on the practice. It would become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe even thousands. He told them that by killing the protective male image, it would throw the females into a frozen psychological state of independency. This would result in her raising her offspring into reverse positions.

The female offspring would be taught to be like herself, independent and negotiable. The male offspring would be raised to be mentally dependent and weak. He said that the owners were to cause the young men, old men and the females to distrust each other. However, make the slaves trust and depend on the owners and their families.


The term lynching is said to have come from this man. He apparently would lynch slaves as a means to control other slaves. There is still some vigilante action in the world today taken primarily against the Black Race by the White Race. There is a fear of the Black Race of being lynched by White People.

The term lynching can also be applied without hanging. It can be used for unjust treatment of the Black Race in their personal lives, their ministry lives and in their business lives. They are essentially "lynched" out of what is rightfully theirs.

Our Ministry

Our ministry started in the African American churches. We minister to African Americans in church and in our home. God gave us a burden to help set my brothers and sisters free. This is a partial lesson about how to minister to the Black Race that has bondage that originates in Africa.


Lord Jesus Christ, I forgive Willie Lynch and all those involved in slave trade and slave use throughout time whether in the Black or White Race. I forgive those who treat the Black Race as slaves today. I forgive all who want to lynch me personally, ministerially and business-wise today. I pray that you would forgive and bless them with spiritual blessings, especially salvation.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I break the curse of Willie Lynch off of me and my bloodline going back to 1712 and earlier. I now break all curses placed on me by those involved in slavery and those who treat me like a slave. I command the demons restore to me and my family everything that they have stolen from us. I command this in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, Lord and Master. Amen.


I now command every demon whose legal right has been taken away by this prayer to manifest and leave me. I command the spirits of drug addiction, fear, distrust, envy, murder, control, physical abuse, frozen psychic, demonic independence, mental weakness, lynching spirit, vigilante spirit and related spirits to go. I do this by the power and blood of Jesus Christ, and the authority invested in me by being a Christian. Amen


Demonbuster Website - Stan and Elizabeth, , are deliverance ministers that have a website. The website has the Deliverance Manual and their deliverance ministry on the Internet. You can search the website with demonbuster.com (http://www.demonbuster.com). You can download any part of the material. This is a good source of material on deliverance and millions of people have accessed it.



These are characteristics of African Americans. Do you recognize these characteristics?


Black Men: You can't trust black women. Black women are mean, spiteful, and they use you. Women are only good for having babies and cooking. You have to slap a woman around every now and then. You have to love them and leave them. Black Women: all black men are dogs. Women must take charge and never let a man control them. I can't live without this man. He beats me, but he's a good man. Black Youth: My parents don't deserve obedience.

Morality and Character

Black Men: It's all right to have more than one woman. Drugs and alcohol are not that bad. The only thing that is important is what you do for yourself.

Black Women: You've got to sleep with a man in order to get him.

Black Youth: Everybody else is doing it and so can I. I will do whatever I want. I will hurt others before I hurt myself. I have to do whatever to look cool to my friends and I have to have sex to be accepted by my homeys.


Black Men: I am God. The Bible is the white man's religion. Islam is the black man's religion and the Masons are a good thing.

Black Women: Following my horoscope is all right to engage in and to use to find a mate. Eastern Star is a good thing. Islam is the black man's religion. The church is full of hypocrites. Christianity is a crutch for weak black folks. The Masons are a good thing. I go to church, but I need some stuff from the occult shop too.

Black Youth: There is no God.


I forgive all black men, black women and black youth for the way they have treated me. Forgive me for the way I have treated them. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


I command the spirits of distrust, meanness, spitefulness, physical abuse, unfaithfulness, control, disobedience, adultery, fornication, drug addiction, alcoholism, murder, hate, horoscopes, Eastern Star, Islam, hypocrisy, and Masonry to manifest and leave me in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Prayers are attached after References.


Control Spirits

Control By The Church, Control Spirits Of The Bishop Or Preacher, Spirits In Preachers Using Voodoo In Their Ministry To Control People, Loosing Those Who You Worked Voodoo On In The Past, Evil Soul Ties With The Bishop Or Preacher.

False Spirits

False Praise, False Worship, False Holy Dance, False Shouting Spirits, False Dancing In The Spirit, False Voodoo Tongues, False Prophecy, False Baptism Of Fire, False Visions And Dreams, False Voices Calling Themselves God, False Preaching Spirits.

Witchcraft and Voodoo Spirits

Voodoo Spirits, Voodoo Dancing, Jerking Spirits, Shaking Spirits, Quivering Spirits, Spirits That Cause The Body To Twitch, Rocking Backward And Forward Spirits During Preaching And Worship, Spirits That Make The Eyes Roll Back In The Head During Praise, Burning In The Stomach Called The Holy Ghost, Fire Walking Spirits, Veil Over The Eyes Spirit, Spirits Of Divination


(Ministering Deliverance Within The Context

Of The African American Experience)


Sins / Curses / Demons

Deuteronomy 27 and 28

Leviticus 26:40

Various Demons

evil soul ties, sins of ancestors; false self-respect, power, dignity and confidence; word curses, desire for ungodly power and control, lack of family commitment or commitment to relationships, failure to thrive, forced submissiveness, loss of sons, blind justice, unworthiness, son of Belial, lack of peace,

drive by killings, prison bars, slave labor, prejudice, racism, divorce, misplaced and misguided desires, drug sales, poor responsibility and accountability, emotional hurricane, deep sorrow, souls for sale, false prosperity, lack of trust, betrayal, invisibility, pretty children,

gold dust, tradition, gambling spirit, divorce, broken marriages, families in rebellion, intimidation, unsaved children and teenagers, loneliness, rejection from the main steam culture, rejection from our spouses,

wicked thoughts, stealing other's reputations, coveting, slander, gossip, maliciousness, unholy affections. hurt, sorrow, racist, ungodliness, oppression, temper outburst, refusal behaviors, disgust, failure, beating, lynching,

abandonment, loneliness, self-destruction, multiple personalities, double mindedness, schizophrenia, disassociation, pride (Leviathan, strength in his neck), lack of ability to give or receive love, animal spirits, aggression, hollowness, hunger, abduction, kidnap, unbelief, unproductiveness, rage, self-serving spirits, deception,

ugly spirit, arrogance, vain imaginations, fits of rage, acrimony, unpleasantness, sullenness, animosity, hostility, provocation, vexation, grief, sorrow, upheaval, insurgence, mutiny, revolution, contentiousness, disputing, stubborn-headed, rebellious attitude against God, defiance, accepts no correction, provoking rejection, stiff-nakedness,

overthrowing, destructive, convulsive, resistive, interfering, friction withstanding, repulsiveness, aggression, daring, scornfulness, confusion, division, ridicule, tension, hurt, insults, frustration, disgust, insecurity, difficulty learning, discord, selfishness, doubt, inability to achieve, fake sickness, hypochondriacs, domination


rape, birthing illegitimate children, teen pregnancy, prostitution, men sharing, women sharing, low morals, lust not love, barrenness, bastard, flirting, sexual sin, abortions, sexual abuse of children, perversion, homosexuality, seduction, fornication, abuse and rape of women, power in the penis (Behemoth, strength in his loins), sexual promiscuity, adultery, fornication, incest, lust, sodomy, pornography, lesbianism, sex toys, oral sex, anal sex, bestiality


infirmity, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, lupus, cancer, stroke, hardening of arteries, mental illness, worry, pandemonium, anxiety, pharmakeia


death, destruction, Abaddon, Apollyon, suicide, abortion, murder and other crimes, death sentence, early death


false doctrine, abuse of scripture; false prophesy, wealth or prosperity; spiritual status, false prestige, preacher's whoop / squall, smooth talking, power of persuasion, domination, manipulation and control, straddling the fence, charmer, spiritual ambitious, lack of accountability, compromise, cover-up, attitude of superiority, verbal and physical abuse, spiritual weakness, vain arguments, profane fictions, abuse of titles,

silly myths, irreverent babble, godless chatter, demonic intercessory prayers, Rastafarianism, village shrine rituals, worship and open relationship with the dead, Orisa Worship (Yoruba), Voodoo (Vodun), ancestor reverence and worship, Religion (magic and healing), spiritualism, witchcraft, nature worship, incense burning, psychic prayers, spirit possession, abuse by men of the cloth, idolatry, Islam, church splits


addictions (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, gambling, excessive spending), self-destruction through use of substances to hide pain, obesity (overweight, love for food, gluttony, overeating, I'm Fat spirit)


slavery, spirits of fear, distrust, envy, murder, control, physical abuse, frozen psychic, demonic independence, mental weakness, lynching spirit, vigilante spirit and related spirits.

Black Interaction

spirits of distrust, meanness, spitefulness, physical abuse, unfaithfulness, control, disobedience, adultery, fornication, drug addiction, alcoholism, murder, hate, horoscopes, Eastern Star, Islam, hypocrisy and Masonry.


roots, Dr. Buzzard, oils (potions, powders, incense), dream books, numerology and other forms of divination, black, white and candle magic, dreams, incantation, superstition, occult, Herbal Medicine, divination, sorcery, mediumship, necromancy, kinship and royal rituals, ancestral intervention, reincarnation


down playing or hatred of African features (hair, nose, mouth, skin color), black hatred, hatred for Whites, darkie, blackie, Black pride, African pride, unlawful transfer of property belonging to Blacks, lack of inheritance, poverty

Demonic Tongues

Tongue of strange woman and of the serpent, viper's, flattering, smooth, slandering, deceitful, sharp, proud, lying, false, backbiting, stammering, crafty, confused, striving, devises mischief, full of adder's poison, froward, naughty, perverse, evil fire, double, full of trouble, sin, mischief and iniquity


matriarchal hierarchy due to absence of men in spirit and/or body, matriarchal headed homes, absent fathers, improper family structure, improper male / female relationships, improper alignment, Jezebel and Ahab spirits


I recommend that you obtain these books:

Breaking the Curse off Black America by Willie F. Wooten, Lumen-us Publications, Richton Park, IL

Ministering Deliverance Within The Context Of The African American Experience and Imagination: Who Can Know The Subtle Deceit? and Little Boy / Little Girl - The Lust for Approval Spirit by Mary L. Thomas-Oliver, A Message of Hope Ministries, Brooksville, FL

Breaking Strong Holds in the African-American Family - Strategies for Spiritual Warfare by Clarence Walker, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI.