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(Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion and Unforgiveness)



1. Testimony About How GOD Taught Us Deliverance

2. (First) REJECTION (Opposite is Love)

1. Man's Rejection

2. Man's Symptoms Of Rejection

3. Man's Inter-Personal Effects Of Rejection

4. Earline's Testimony About Rejection

3. (Second) BITTERNESS (Opposite is Forgiveness)

1. Roots

2. Earline's Testimony About The Curse Of The Bastard

4. (Third) REBELLION (Opposite is Obedience)

1. Earline's Testimony About Ancestral Background

5. (Most Important) UNFORGIVENESS

(Opposite is Forgiveness)

1. Spiritual Bondage

2. Law of Forgiveness: Key Chapter - Matt. 18:21-35

3. Kingdom of Heaven Is Likened To

4. The Value Of Money

5. The Value of Your Salvation

6. Earline's Testimony About Heart Condition

1. Earline's Comments

2. Gene's Comments

7. Consequence of Unforgiveness

8. Pattern for Being Delivered and Healed


1. Basic Deliverance

1. Prayer

2. List of Demons

1. Basic Deliverance

2. Rejection

3. Bitterness

4. Rebellion

5. Schizophrenia

2. Fifty-Three Common Demon Groupings

1. Prayer



This is the most important lesson that I can teach you. Be sure and understand the very important principle of forgiveness / unforgiveness which is the basis of deliverance.

The Three R's of deliverance are Rejection, Root of Bitterness and Rebellion. This is the most important grouping - like reading, riting and rithmetic.

These three families, The Three R's, of demons are the root causes of most of our problems as Christians. We must work to cleanse our lives of rejection, bitterness and rebellion so that we are not controlled in any way by these emotions and reactions.

Unforgiveness is very detrimental to our lives. We must forgive everyone who has done anything to us - actual or imagined. Hate, vengeance, envy and strife have no part in our lives.

The order of becoming demonized is as follows: familiar spirits from the sins of the ancestors, spirit of conception in lust, spirits of rejection in the womb, traumatic birth, unprotected child before the age of accountability and sins after becoming accountable to GOD. The order of basic deliverance demonization is as follows: Rejection, Bitterness (Unforgiveness), Rebellion and other demon families such as Sexual Sins. People began to get demonized from the sins of the ancestors, then basic demonization and finally advanced demonization.

I have ministered to thousands of Christians in deliverance: lay persons, five-fold ministry and deliverance ministers across the BODY OF CHRIST. Christians are very demonized, not demon possessed.

Whatever your age, I would say that you have spent that time plus nine months getting demonized. It is going to take time to get free of demons. The rate of freedom is a function of how you work at it. Deliverance is a way of life, not a grand event. You can get saved, BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT and divinely healed instantaneously. But you will be working out your deliverance throughout your life time.

I try to take everyone through the basic deliverance. Many times the Christians will begin to get delivered from the family of Rejection. Rejection generally starts with the parents rejecting the child. It is very important how the parents treat the child!

Testimony About How GOD Taught Us Deliverance

After Byron, our only son died, our marriage was breaking up and Marie, our daughter, was in rejection and rebellion because she felt that we did not love her. We were trying to recover from Byron's death. We fasted, prayed and sought the LORD for about two years for GOD to help us in our terrible situation.

One night, Earline told me that she threw her Bible across the family room into the corner and told GOD that she was going to quit Christianity if He didn't do something for our family. The LORD then appeared to Earline in a series of visions. A window shade came down and He told Earline to get me to pray deliverance. She argued with GOD; she didn't want me to pray or anyone else. Many people had prayed for us with no results. The window shade came down the second time and GOD repeated the command. Earline argued with GOD again. The window shade came down a third time; GOD laughed at Earline and told her, "Didn't I tell you to get Gene to pray deliverance?" She came back to the bedroom where I was in bed, but not asleep, and told me what GOD had said.

I made my arguments too about not knowing about deliverance and why not get our pastor to do it. Finally, I gave in and not knowing what to do, I prayed in English and then in Tongues, The Heavenly Language. Then THE HOLY SPIRIT began to call out names of demons through my voice which then came out of us. Marie was in the next bedroom but she also received deliverance. The next day she was a smiling teenager. Deliverance saved our marriage and family, and began our ministry.

While I was praying in THE HOLY SPIRIT with my eyes closed, Earline said that she clasped her hands together into a fist to hit me in the side of the head. When the demon of Rebellion came out, she realized that deliverance was real and didn't hit me. THANK GOD!

THE HOLY SPIRIT personally taught us basic deliverance, the demonic families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion. Almighty God taught us this lesson in the middle of the night in our bed about thirty years ago.

We did not learn from reading a book or listening to someone teach us. We did not receive any books or teaching by man until about six months after our supernatural deliverance by GOD. Then we heard Frank and Ida Mae Hammond teach about deliverance and discuss the book, Pigs In The Parlor. The churches we went to did not teach deliverance which was about a third of JESUS CHRIST's ministry here on earth.

(First) REJECTION (Opposite is Love)

Rejection includes fear of rejection and self-rejection.

Except for the sins of the ancestors, rejection is generally where the demons first attack someone. Because of the parents, this can be in the womb.

Matt. 5:3 (rejected feel poorly in their spirit)

Matt. 5:43-44 (love your enemies)

II Cor. 5:14-15 (should not live unto themselves)

Eph. 6:4 (fathers provoke not your children to wrath)

Rejection is defined as reject, refuse, repudiate, decline, deny, rebuff, repel, renounce, discard, throw away, exclude, eliminate and jettison.

Have you had these feelings before? Rejection is very common among Christians.

Man's Rejection

(Family Deliverance Manual)

Rejection of God and the truth, over-protection, wrong sex, broken home, guilt complex, treacherous comparison, envy, conditional love, worthlessness, Jezebel influence, depression, internal temper tantrum, emotional insulation, controlled by emotions, thinks with feeling, introspection, guilt, lack of responsibility, worries, doubts, fear, unbelief, anxiety, fear of failure prevents attempting, braggart, criticism, obstinacy, loner, perfectionism, compliance, defiance, shyness, self-deprecating, discipline, condemnation and hatred.

Man's Symptoms Of Rejection

(Family Deliverance Manual)

Body is tense, high blood pressure, grinding teeth, goes to the refrigerator for relaxation, feels that one does not fit in, not a part, looks for happiness in things, wounded spirit, drive to lead, to have own way rather than serve, clash easily with other people close to you, easily offended, moralist, needs to receive credit, considers self bold and unafraid, intolerant of neurotic people, impatient of slow movers, trouble submitting, argumentative, quick tempered, angry person, suspicious, over-achiever and timidity.

Man's Inter-Personal Effects Of Rejection

(Family Deliverance Manual)

Wishing you were never born, feelings of inferiority, inability to express feelings, depression, emotional insulation, subjectively, perfectionism, lack of self-discipline, irresponsibility, handicaps, conditional love, self-condemnation, inability to express feelings.

Earline's Testimony About Rejection

Rejection is the basic cause of abuse. All types of rejection work to destroy the mental and emotional health of an individual.

I had often wondered about certain problems I had: (1) an inordinate desire to please, (2) inability to say no to things I didn't want to do, (3) always setting goals, working hard to accomplish them and then stopping short of success, (4) always feeling I had to do things better than anyone else, and (5) trying to make everything around me and about me look better than I thought it was.

I cut off part of my finger in an accident loading a horse into a trailer. It was the first time I had need of a hospital in many years. I was put to sleep and my finger was sewn into my palm. The next day I was supposed to be quiet and take it easy.

For five years, I had been trying to help my mom get resettled after my dad's death. At times she would tell me what she wanted me to do and I would start to do it. Right in the middle of my doing it, she would suddenly, without telling me, change her mind and have one of my brothers doing an entirely different thing.

Two years ago I took her to Maine to see my brother. Back in Chattanooga she accused me of wanting and trying to kill her. This really puzzled me because I thought we got along very well.

After the operation, I was being still on the sofa praying. I asked God Why can't I help mom? Why does she think I want to kill her?

I had a vision. (Have you had visions?) I was standing in the room I had as a child. I was high near the ceiling. I was witnessing a terrible thing. A woman was beating, not whipping, a child. I went down to see who this was and to stop it; I saw it was my mom. I went beside the bed, bent down and looked; the child was me.

Thinking I was hallucinating because of the drugs from the operation the day before, I quickly decided to get up and get busy. One-handed work was hard to find, so I swept the carport.

My brother called me or I called him. Since I sounded a little funny, he asked what was wrong. I told him next time they could sew me up awake. Then I related this story to him. He was silent, then he asked me if I remembered that day.

He said he had told my dad that if my mom didn't stop beating me for no reason, he would kill her. The only words said in the scene were by my dad; he said to my mom that he would kill her if he ever heard of this happening again. I was not a small child. I was ten or twelve years old when the beatings stopped.

For some reason, I simply cannot remember this today. He thought her fear that I wanted to kill her came from the guilt for what she did to me.

About eight to nine years before this incident, Gene and I had fasted and prayed for me for two years. When I got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, there was only initial joy. Immediately, I began to have more fears than before, my emotions were out of control and I couldn't think clearly. God does not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, calm, well-balanced mind, discipline and self control.

Neither of us knew about deliverance from demons, so God had to teach us. After a long time of praying one night, Gene began to call out Rejection, Rebellion, Bitterness, etc. I was very different after this.

I had to learn how to stay free by studying the Bible. No one in our town believed a Christian could have a demon, so we had to rely on God and His Word.

I was doing very well until the scene passed before my eyes and I learned of my early life. Immediately, I began to have times of panic for no apparent reason. I was hostile. I noticed a panic when those who had authority over me were present. I would become fearful if a policeman came near me, and when the pastor or principal came into my school room. I felt I had to challenge Gene's decisions.

We prayed and felt that I needed more deliverance. Gene was led to call out the same things as before. We realized at this point that we were working on my subconscious mind.

(Second) BITTERNESS (Opposite is Forgiveness)

Bitterness includes resentment, hatred, unforgiveness, violence, temper, anger, retaliation and murder.

Generally, after a person becomes rejected, they become bitter.

Acts 8:22-24 (in gall of bitterness and in bond of iniquity)

Rom. 3:13-14 (mouth is full of cursing and bitterness)

Eph. 4:31-32 (bitterness---forgiving one another)

Heb. 12:14-16 (peace---root of bitterness defiles)

Bitterness is defined as bitterly curse, rebellious, sharp, acrid, grief, embitter, poisonous, violently, provoke, vex, grieve, sorrow, bitter herb, calamity, bile, venom, angry, chafed, most bitterly, rebel and provoke.

Have you had these feelings before? Bitterness is very common among Christians.


(Family Deliverance Manual)

Anger, jealousy, irritating behavior, habits, irritability, loathing, mad, madness, malice, murder, offending, idle, pouting, provoking to wrath, pugnacious, quarrelsome, rage, destructive, enraged, rebellion, repugnance, repulsive, resentment, retaliation, revenge, rough, sassy, sassiness, savage, seething, self-abuse, accusation, blame, condemnation, guilt, criticism, destruction, infliction, punishment, torture, sharp tongue, spite, strife, strong will, struggle, suicide wish, suicide, tempter tantrum, tortured, troubled, torn relations, adolescent, vehement, vicious, violence, warring, wild child, unforgiveness, ugliness, unbridled tongue, uncontrollable child, unforgiveness, unruly child and uncooperative adult.

Earline's Testimony About The Curse Of The Bastard

Great grandfather marries great grandmother in church. All seems well; they have three children. Great grandfather dies. Great grandmother discovers she can not get his railroad pension because she is his fifth wife. My grandfather becomes very bitter and a little paranoid. My mom is paranoid and schizophrenic (like father - like daughter). She abused me physically.

Here are some of the problems created for me by this bastard curse. Never feeling at home in any church for long. Never feeling good about myself. Being ashamed for people to look at me even though I didn't know what I wanted to hide, overriding fear, striving excessively to succeed and stopping short of realizing the goal, fear of failure, fear of authority, resisting authority, fighting verbally and physically, demonic pressure to sexual activities, and not much joy in natural or spiritual life.

(Raise your hand if you were born out of wedlock (marriage). Raise your hand if you conceived a child out of wedlock. Raise your hand if your child conceived a child out of wedlock. Notice the continuation of the curse of the bastard.)

(Third) REBELLION (Opposite is Obedience)

Rebellion includes self-will, stubbornness, disobedience and anti-submissiveness.

Generally after a person has become bitter, they rebel.

1 Sam. 15:23 (for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry)

Heb. 2:2 (disobedience received a just reward)

Heb. 13:17 (obey and submit yourselves)

2 Pet. 2:10 (presumptuous are they, self-willed)

Disobedience means to disobey, transgress, violate, disregard, defy, infringe, shirk, resist, mutiny, rebel and revolt.

Have you had these feelings before? Rebellion is very common among Christians.

Earline's Testimony About Ancestral Background

The following testimony will help you understand how the soul (mind, will and emotions) works. It will also show you how Satan attacks the physical body with demons by curses.

I have an Indian - English - German - French background. There are curses on each of these people. Indians worshipped demons; some English and Europeans were Druids - they worshipped Satan.

In innocence, my father participated in some occult practices: wart removal and water witching. From my father came curses of Masons and Indians. Physical problems came as a result of curses on Indian worship: inactive thyroid, female disorders and heart disease.

My father removed the warts from my brother by mountain medicine (witchcraft). This occult practice was something in the order of tying strings, going out under the drip of the eave and burying the strings. The occult practice removed the warts but he got spinal meningitis. Apparently, a demon of spinal meningitis was swapped for a demon of warts.

Satan doesn't give anything away for free; there is a greater price to pay. Spinal meningitis killed him. He went to Heaven and saw two siblings which had died early in life; God sent him back to earth. I had to nurse him back to health.

My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic with an Indian - English background. Her emotional illness caused me to need a lot of deliverance from emotional problems.

(Most Important) UNFORGIVENESS (Opposite is Forgiveness)

Spiritual Bondage

Generally a person's demons can not be cast out if he has unforgiveness in his heart!

Law of Forgiveness: Key Chapter - Matt. 18:21-35

1. Forgive your fellowman 70 x 7 = 490 times.

2. Actually, you should forgive your fellowman an unlimited number of times. How would you like it if GOD only forgave you 490 times?

3. God sends demons to torment these with unforgiveness. Tormentors are Satan and his demons. Prison is being in jail with Satan as Warden and his demons as guards.

Kingdom of Heaven Is Likened To

This is a parable. God (is The King), the Rich Man (is You); and the Poor Man (is anyone you have not forgiven).

The Value Of Money

Talent = 750 oz. of silver; Pence = 1/8 oz. of silver.

10,000 talents x 750 = 7,500,000 oz. = $52,800,000.

100 Pence x 1/8 = 12-1/2 oz. = $44.00.

The Value of Your Salvation

Your salvation is worth $52,800,000.

Your unforgiveness is worth $44.00.

This is a ratio of 600,000 to 1.

God forgave you 600,000 times as much as you are willing to forgive others.

This is the crucifixion of the flesh until you come to your senses and forgive your fellowman and then ask God to forgive you!

Earline's Testimony About Heart Condition

Earline's Comments

I had a heart condition which was unusual. It never occurred with regularity or under any specific condition.

God gave me a vision of a shaman or witch doctor at an elevated funeral pyre which was burning dead bodies. He was chanting and waving, and saying on the descendents and descendents. This was supposed to be a blessing, but in actuality was a curse, because Indians worship demons. This was a curse that came down on my family causing heart problems.

Gene's Comments

This is a sign of demonic symptoms of disease brought about by a curse. It doesn't follow the medical guidelines. All they can say is that it is inherited.

Earline's Comments

While taking a tread mill test, I experienced tremendous pain in the chest, arms and neck. I was examined by a heart specialist in Minneapolis who told me that my heart was good but he had written death by heart attack on many people's certificates like myself.

Gene's Comments

These were people who didn't really have anything wrong with their hearts physically but had a spiritual root to the disease. The prayer of faith will not heal a disease that has a spiritual root that must be dealt with as sin to be confessed. Then the curse can be broken and the person prayed for to be healed.

God is beginning to show the Christian world spiritual roots of various diseases. Pastor Henry Wright of Molena, Georgia is a pioneer in this area. Also Art Mathias who is in Anchorage, Alaska.

Earline's Comments

A year or so after my dad's death, I found my heart acting up again. Sometimes one to five years would elapse between seizures. I began to ask God to show me why my brothers, dad, dad's brothers and his dad had heart problems.

God showed me Exodus 20 and Ezekiel 18. He told me to repent for my ancestors and myself for the sin of idol worship in Leviticus 26:40-41. The curse of idol worship follows the blood line down to the descendants. I did these things and have been free from these attacks for over twenty years. I was only the second generation from previous generations of Indians that sinned before God.

Gene's Comments

You have to forgive your ancestors and ask for forgiveness for yourself. Earline took her older brother, Clyde, through breaking the curse and he is still alive after a heart attack.

Exodus 20 lists the Ten Commandments which are still applicable today. The scriptures about worshipping other gods are verses 3, 4 and 5. This outlines the curse for idol worship which lasts three or four generations according to God's purposes. (Does anybody know why God curses some sins for three generations and some sins for four generations?)

Ezekiel 18 shows the equity of God's dealings with us. The sin of idol worship is defined as eating upon the mountains (in the groves), lifting up the eyes to the idols (worship), and not walking in God's statutes and judgements (disobedience).

This was a revelation of the sins of the ancestors that God gave Earline through prayer about why her family was plagued by heart attack and death by heart attack. This was primarily the men that were attacked but even Earline, a woman, was attacked. The revelation was the effect of the sins of the ancestors in her family coming through the Indians to cause heart problems and early death. The sin was disobeying the Ten Commandments of having no other gods before you, which is idol worship, that the Indians committed. Up to that time, we had never heard about the sins of the ancestors.

Earline had Cherokee Indian ancestry coming through her father and mother. We were raised in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee which was not far from Cherokee, North Carolina which had a demonic draw upon Earline. We were drawn to make a pilgrimage to the Smokey Mountains every year although we did not make it every year. In the fall, Earline would long to go to the mountains. After Earline was delivered from Indian spirits, she did not have that draw to go to the Smokey Mountains.

When you are a person of mixed races, you inherit the curses coming down through the different races, languages, customs, religions and nationalities. If you have Indian ancestry and are Caucasian, you receive the curses from the Indians and the Caucasians.

The curse would come from those ancestors that had sinned. This means that you can be cursed for ten generations (2046 ancestors) from both sides of your family.

Which of your ancestors didn't sin or that you know didn't sin? It is a good assumption that you have the curse of incest and the curse of the bastard on you. It could come from any of 2046 ancestors back to the tenth generation that sinned assuming it has not been properly broken. You will see the sin repeating itself generation after generation such as bastard after bastard.

We worked with one Indian woman who was a Christian. She had a hard time getting free of Indian curses and demons brought upon her by her ancestral lineage and sexual abuse. She was cursed by being an Indian and by incest which is very hard on a woman being abused by her blood relatives.

Consequence of Unforgiveness

The consequence of unforgiveness is the most important lesson that God has taught us about deliverance. The opposite is the importance of forgiveness.

Cancer, arthritis and certain other diseases can come in through the sin of unforgiveness. If you know a Christian with cancer and arthritis, see if they have unforgiveness. They cannot be healed if the demons have a right to be there.

Pattern for Being Delivered and Healed

Forgive ancestors, descendents and others, ask God for forgiveness, and forgive self. Cast out unforgiveness and bitterness. Cast out cancer and arthritis. Anoint with oil and pray for healing. Try this pattern on all diseases: first deliverance then healing.


1. Basic Deliverance

1. Prayer

2. List of Demons

1. Basic Deliverance

2. Rejection

3. Bitterness

4. Rebellion

5. Schizophrenia

2. Fifty-Three Common Demon Groupings

1. Prayer


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