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(Rejection, Bitterness, Rebellion and Unforgiveness)




1. List of Scripture

2. General

3. Characteristics Of Rejection

4. Earline's Comments

1. Rejection Opens Door To a Multitude Of Curses

2. Rejection Leading To Sexual Perversions

5. The Roots of Rejection

6. Rejection, Witchcraft Control and Ugliness

7. Schizophrenia

8. References


1. List of Scripture

2. General

3. Dealing with Bitterness

4. References


1. List of Scripture

2. General

3. Study of Rebellion

1. How To Study

2. Disobedience to God Scripture

3. Helpful Scripture and Bible Stories of Rebellion

4. Nelson's Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament

5. Eve Rebels (The Original Rebellion of Man)

6. Absalom Rebels

7. Jezebel Rebels

8. Ahab Rebels

1. Worshiping Idols Is Worst Rebellion Against God

9. Perfect Family

10.Classic Examples of Rebellion

11.Ahab-Jezebel Rebellious Influence in World Today

12. You and People Around You

13. Summary

14. References


1. List of Scripture

2. General

3. Analysis of Matthew 5:44

4. Forgiveness

5. References


1. Basic Deliverance

1. Prayer

2. List of Demons

1. Basic Deliverance

2. Rejection

3. Bitterness

4. Rebellion

5. Schizophrenia

2. Fifty-Three Common Demon Groupings

1. Prayer



Matt. 5:3 (Rejected are "poor in spirit") Do you feel poorly?

Matt. 5:43-44 (Love your enemies) Would solve a lot of your problems!

Rom. 12:3 (Not to think of himself more highly) Would not get rejected!

I Cor. 10:12-13 (Take heed lest he fall) Pride - Ego - Vanity

II Cor. 5:14-15 (Not live unto themselves) Be generous and think of others!

Eph. 6:4 (Fathers do not provoke children) Not the mothers! Phil. 4:8 (Think on these things)

James 1:5-8 (Double-minded man) Will not receive anything from God!

I Peter 4:12 (Fiery trial) We go through many trials!


Rejection includes fear of rejection and self-rejection in this common demon family. I am going to spend more time on rejection because it is generally the door opener to demon oppression.

Except for the sins of the ancestors, rejection is generally where the demons first attack someone and because of the parents, this can be in the womb. Rejection is one of the biggest problems of the human race!

Rejection is defined as reject, refuse, repudiate, decline, deny, rebuff, repel, renounce, discard, throw away, exclude, eliminate and jettison.

Have you had these feelings before? Rejection is very common among Christians. Love is the opposite of Rejection. The Love of God and God loving through us is a very powerful force which we don't fully understand.

Characteristics Of Rejection

(The Power Of Love Overcoming Rejection)

Hunger for power. Causes you to seek power in job, family or ministry in order to be accepted and look good to others and Jesus. Has religious ambition. Over achiever, perfectionist. Strives for recognition through accomplishments. Wants to be in control. You do not want to be vulnerable to being rejected. Has a roller coaster ride in Christian walk. One day up and one day down. Self justification. Feels like you are being rejected if someone criticizes you or you make a mistake. Cannot see the truth of God's Word. There is a cloud over your mind that says God does not love me anyway which causes you not to receive the revelations of truth. Causes you to commit adultery or fornicate. You are looking for love from anyone or anything because you are starving for the true love of Jesus. Cannot accept the love of Jesus or anyone else fully. You can just let others get so personal in fear of being hurt again, including Jesus. Can't seem to forgive yourself or others from past hurts, mistakes or sin. Causes you to have a spirit of unbelief and doubt towards the truth; it also lets the spirit of hatred and bitterness come in with it. You can not see rejection working in you. Your mind is seared over to the truth. Causes you to speak negative things about yourself. Because you can not see or receive the full love of Jesus and you do not love yourself. Causes anger, strife and murder to come in. You do not have peace because of fear of being rejected so you act out in anger and even rage at times because you are subconscioulsy mad at God. Causes you to receive a Jezebel spirit or a spirit of control. The spirit of rejection will bring in a spirit of control to work with it because it is afraid if it is not in control of everything it will not prevail or it will be rejected.


Rejection Opens Door To A Multitude Of Curses

Looking up rejection in the Bible, I have found that God has not rejected a single person who has not persisted in rejecting God. See I Sam. 8:7; 10:19; 15:23, 26; 16:1; II Kings 17:15, 29; Isa. 53:2; Jer. 6:19; 7:29-30; etc. These scriptures reassure us that if we heed God's call to us, He will not reject us.

We have not found a single person who has escaped the problem of rejection. Even if we are not rejected, rejection works very well when demons can convince us that we are rejected. Rejection is one the best ideas the Devil ever had and it works so well he uses it against all people. Even Jesus did not escape rejection. Isa. 53:3, He was despised and rejected and forsaken by man, ... He was despised, and we did not appreciate His worth or have any esteem for Him. Jesus was totally rejected of men. The Devil did not stop using rejection on Jesus even when He was on the cross. Jesus's response was, Father, forgive them for they don't know what they do.

The Devil used rejection on Eve when he told her she would be like God. Was not that question in response to what Eve was probably thinking? If she had not been thinking this, she would not have taken the bait.

What does rejection do to you? It makes you open to all kinds of seduction because you do not feel complete nor settled. It may be a respectable seduction like food, work, play, prestige, money or non-respectable like street drugs, abnormal sexual activities, murder, abortion, witchcraft, etc. The person is always trying to find something to fix that spot so they will fell all right.

Rejection is behind over working, lying, greed, denying a problem exists or our ability to control it, deception, etc. The work of the Holy Spirit within us is to bring us into proper self-control, peace and joy (Gal. 5:22-26).

Rejection Leading To Sexual Perversions

Sexual perversions represent an extreme attempt to overcome rejection. Sexual experiences, real or imaginary, can never satisfy the need for genuine love. They are the Devil's substitutes for real love and leave a person ridden with frustration and guilt. Sex is not love!

The person who has a deep sense of rejection feels insecure and inferior. Since the person has been rejected or fears rejection he is driven to pamper self ... to push self. He is thereby trying to overcome feelings of rejection. One who feels rejected wants to feel important.


As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. 0 my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths" (Isaiah 3:12). Children rule the parents and wife rules the husband; this is a matriarchal society!

The curse of destruction of the family priesthood (which is centered in the father and usually is the result of inherited family curses) paves the way for the spirit of Rejection in a child. Father is the priest and head of the home!

Frustrated by his lack of leadership and her inability to respect him as a man, the woman (who herself may have inherited curses of dominance) begins to take over and direct the home by the Jezebel spirit. Men go after wine, women and song - such as adult toys, outdoors, sports, etc. to escape the wife!

The child is caught up in the conflict between the parents and becomes its chief victim. Children are the main victims of divorce!

The spirits in the mother will coerce the male child, forbidding him to assert his masculinity or to engage in activities which would develop him as a man. This pattern develops homosexual men!

The progression of destruction in the life of a female child is much the same as that of the boy, except that she will consciously or unconsciously absorb and manifest the same attitudes and spirits which drive her mother. Watch how your children have your same bad habits!

There is a definite pattern to the entrance of Rejection, which in turn opens the door for Rebellion:

1. Curse of destruction of the family priesthood (centered in father).

2. Curses and spirits of withdrawal of the father and dominance by the mother.

3. Spirit of improper discipline (usually works through the mother (either overpermissive or too harsh) may associate with the curse of rebellion against discipline on the child's part.

4. Spirit of lying to escape punishment.

5. Curse and spirits of guilt.

6. Curse and spirits of distrust (resulting from guilt).

7. Curse and spirits involving lack of communication between parents and child.

8. Curse and spirits of rejection ("My parents don't love me" or "I can't even talk to them etc.").


The hellish "ping pong" game played with hapless victims by the spirits of Rejection and Rebellion has been spelled out by the Hammonds. Everyone should read Pigs in the Parlor by Frank Hammond, with particular attention to the chapter on Schizophrenia. The demons of Rejection and Rebellion whipsaw the people back and forth between these opposite emotions!

Rejection is such a common malady that it is found everywhere to some degree or another.

Discovery of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy usually results in anger, upset and dismay in the parents of their child.

The curse of Rejection from the Womb has opened the door for many tormenting spirits in scores of people with whom we have dealt. Did you know that you can be rejected by your parents while you are in the womb?

Over and over people have reported life-long trouble by seemingly groundless but crippling rejection and various kinds of fears.

In some individuals, such spirits only produce discomfort and uneasiness.

A knowledge of the binding and casting out of evil spirits, and loosing the spirits of God (to counter and cancel the evil ones) is essential (Matt. 18:18; Mark 16:17-18).

There is a demonic entity called Witchcraft Control and he is able to bind other spirits in a person, particularly those involving habits such as smoking, drinking and sexual lapses. In order for the victim to be freed completely, witchcraft curses must be broken from his family (back to ten generations on both sides) or from any other quarter. Legal holds and legal grounds must be taken from the enemy in the name of Jesus.

We have observed that people with heavy rejection spirits (usually including Rejection from the Womb) sometimes are rather homely and plain. A demon called Ugliness is found in many persons.

Perhaps you have noticed that people very often look ten to twenty years younger in their casket than when alive. Many times in deliverance, we see people change before us. They look younger, softer and more relaxed. Women, would you like to be more beautiful? Then, get your demons cast out!


Schizophrenia is a very common problem. Some authorities in the field of mental illness estimate there may be as many schizophrenics as one out of eight persons in the United States. Schizophrenics account for half the population in psychiatric hospitals. Of course there are varying degrees of schizophrenia. Some cases are acute while others are quite mild. Many schizophrenics have never been treated professionally. Schizophrenia has remained a very baffling problem to mental health professionals. The cause and cure has remained shrouded in uncertainty.

The disturbance and disintegration of personality known as schizophrenia or dementia praecox is frequently encountered by the deliverance minister. I would estimate that as many as one fourth of those who come to us for deliverance are found to have the schizophrenic pattern. The Lord has graciously given to Frank and Ida Mae Hammond a special revelation on the problem which enables us to deal with such cases more effectively.

The core of the schizophrenic is Rejection and Rebellion.

Schizophrenia always begins with Rejection! It commonly begins in childhood or infancy and sometimes while the child is yet in his mother's womb. There are many causes for rejection. Perhaps the child was not wanted. It may have been the wrong sex desired by one or both parents. The conditions in the home may have been unsettled. There are many "doors" that lead to rejection. Did you want your children and were they the right sex? How about your parents?

For example, suppose the schizophrenic nature is in the mother. The demons will pick out one or more of her children to feed down through. The schizophrenic mother feels rejection. She is the one who is primarily responsible for feeding love into the family. The rejection within herself creates problems in her relationships with the child. The child is opened for rejection by the mother's instability.

Now, one can have a rejection spirit and not be schizophrenic. In other words, it is in the matter of forming a personality. You can have a rejection spirit and still manage to form your own personality and be secure in yourself.

Rejection is the control demon in one of the personalities set up within the schizophrenic. Rejection depicts a withdrawn type personality. (It is a feeling within - it is agony within - it is a starvation of love - it is insecurity - it is inferiority - it is fantasy - it is unreality - it is on the inside - "I don't share in this."). Do you feel loved? Can you love others? Do you try to avoid contact with other people?

Sexual perversions represent an extreme attempt to overcome rejection. Sexual experiences, real or imaginary, can never satisfy the need for genuine love. They are the Devil's substitutes for real love and leave a person ridden with frustration and guilt. Sex is not love; did you know that? How many one-night stands have you had in seeking love?

The person who has a deep sense of rejection feels insecure and inferior. Do you feel inferior?

Since the person has been rejected or fears rejection, he is driven to pamper self...to push self. He is thereby trying to overcome feelings of rejection. One who feels rejected wants to feel important!


The Power Of Love Overcoming Rejection by James and Janell Lyle, It' Easy With Jesus Printing, Jacksonville, IL

Battling The Hosts Of Hell and Demolishing The Host Of Hell by Win Worley, Hegewisch Baptist Church, Lansing, IL

Pigs In The Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Impact Books Inc., 332 Leffingwell Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122

Roget's Thesaurus


List of Scripture

Deut. 29:18-20 (Root of Gall " Wormwood) Break this curse.

I Sam. 1:10 (Bitterness of Soul)

I Sam. 15:32 (Bitterness of Death)

II Sam. 2:26 (Bitterness in the latter end)

Ps. 10:7 (Cursing, Deceit, Oppression, Mischief, Iniquity)

Pr. 14:10 (Bitterness to Heart)

Pr. 17:25 (Bitterness of Mother)

Ezek. 27:31 (Bitter Wailing)

Zec. 12:10 (Bitterness for only son) (Loss of Byron, our only son)

Acts 8:22-24 (Gall of Bitterness, Bond of Iniquity)

Rom. 3:13-14 (Cursing and Bitterness)

Eph. 4:31-32 (Bitterness, Wrath, Anger, Clamor)

Col. 3:8-9 (Anger, Wrath, Malice, Slander, Lies)

Heb. 12:14-16 (Root of Bitterness) Break this curse.


Bitterness includes Resentment, Hatred, Unforgiveness, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation and Murder in a common demon family.

Generally, after a person becomes rejected, they become bitter and unforgiving. The opposite of bitterness is forgiveness.

Bitterness is defined as bitterly curse, rebellious, sharp, acrid, grief, embitter, poisonous, violently, provoke, vex, grieve, sorrow, bitter herb, calamity, bile, venom, angry, chafed, most bitterly, rebel and provoke.

Have you had these feelings before? Unforgiveness, which is a form of bitterness, is very common among Christians.

Gall is defined as poison or bile. Bound is defined as control and uniting. Root is defined as root and thought. Wormwood is defined as cursed.

Dealing with Bitterness (Excerpts)

Bitterness is a hurt that will not heal, a wound in the spirit (Prov. 18:14). It comes into a life because of a failure to appropriate God's grace (Heb. 12:15); by refusing to forgive others (Matt. 6:14-15; 7:1-2; 18:21-35); or refusing to thank God for all things (Eph. 5:20; Phil. 4:6). Forgiveness is the most important thing that God has taught us about deliverance!

However, each time we remember the things which happened, we are suddenly flooded with hurt and/or anger again. This indicates unhealed bitterness. This is called a spirit of memory recall.

Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord (Heb. 10:30). It is too heavy for us to carry and besides it belongs to God. Earline had a problem with getting even until God delivered her.

Forgive eagerly (Matt. 18:12), remembering that unforgiveness is torture (Matt. 18:34-35).

We must remember that God loves us (Rom. 8:32-34), and not look at what others say, what we think or even at the situation itself.

We must go to the God of comfort (II Cor. 1:3) for His Holy Spirit is our Comforter (John 14:16) and He earnestly desires to comfort us (Psalm 103:13).

When we go to God, we will find peace that passes understanding which will keep (guard, garrison) our hearts and minds (emotions and thoughts) (Phil. 4:4-9). God's peace guards our mind!

Focus on God and give Him thanks (Eph. 5:20; Rom. 8:28) rejoicing because your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life (Luke 10:20; Phil. 4:4) and ask for grace, comfort and peace (Matt.7:7-11). Say, Lord Jesus give me grace, comfort and peace. Amen.

Focusing on God and letting Him be our judge is absolutely necessary.

Proverbs 29:25 contrasts the fear of man with trust in God. Perfect love for God casts out fear because we trust in Him! Say, Lord Jesus forgive me for fear of man. Amen.

To receive comfort and heal the bitterness in your spirit, you must die to works of righteousness (trying to earn God's love and favor) by drowning in the ocean of God's love and grace, rejoicing that He has chosen you.


Conquering The Hosts Of Hell, Dealing With Bitterness


List of Scripture

I Sam. 15:23 (for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry) Are you practicing witchcraft or idolatry?

Heb. 2:2 (disobedience received a just reward) You will be punished.

Heb. 13:17 (submit yourselves) (Anti-submissiveness) Pastors should not try to control their flock; the flock should submit to the pastor.

2 Peter 2:10 (Presumptuous are they, self-willed)


Rebellion includes Self-Will, Stubbornness, Disobedience and Anti-Submissiveness in this common demon family.

Synonyms for Rebellion are Treason, Self-Will, Obduracy, Stubbornness, Disobedience, Denunciation, and Anti - submissiveness. Antonyms for Rebellion are Willfulness, Obedience and Submissiveness.

Generally, after a person has become bitter, they rebel.

Disobedience means to disobey, transgress, violate, disregard, defy, infringe, shirk, resist, mutiny, rebel and revolt.

Have you had these feelings before? Rebellion is very common among Christians. Obedience is the opposite of Rebellion.

The word Rebellion occurs infrequently in the Bible. Therefore, we must use other words as rebellious and to rebel. The next best word to describe Rebellion is Disobedience or the opposite of Obedience.

Study of Rebellion

How To Study

The best way to study rebellion is as disobedience to God and from the opposite view of the need to be obedient to God. There are many instances of disobedience to God and the corresponding punishment in the Bible for the sin.

Disobedience to God Scripture

Lev. 26:14-46 (A curse to those that break the commandments) There is a curse for each disobedience.

Numbers 14:11-24 (People murmur - God threatens them) Are you murmuring?

Numbers 32:8-13 (Moses reproves the Reubenites and Gadites - rebels.)

Deut. 18:19 (God will require it of you the people if you rebel.)

Deut. 28:15-68 (The curse for disobedience)

Helpful Scripture and Bible Stories of Rebellion

Genesis Ch. 3 The Fall of Man

II Samuel Ch. 13 Absalom Avenges Tamar

II Samuel Ch. 15 Absalom's Conspiracy

I Kings Ch. 16-22 Ahab/Jezebel Rebellion

Isa. 3:12 Children Oppress, Women Rule (Ahab/Jezebel Complex) A picture of our society: women will not follow and men will not lead!

Isa. Ch. 14 Satan's Fall

Eze. Ch. 28 Satan's Rebellion

Malachi 4:5-6 Smite the Earth with a Curse

II Thes. 2:9-12 Strong Delusion, Believing Lies

James 3:13-18 Earthly, Unspiritual, Devilish Wisdom

Nelson's Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament

The words to rebel, rebellion and rebellious are defined by the following phrases: Be contentious, make angry, contend with, dispute with, stubborn headed, opposition to someone motivated by pride, stubborn and rebellious, speech and actions are against the Lord, rebellious attitude against God, disobey, act of defying the command of God, rebellious and defiled, listens to no voice, accepts no correction, make bitter, provoke, reject, not recognize, rebellion and stiff neck, double rebellion and rebellious house.

Rebellion can also be defined as revolt, overthrow, mutiny, breakup, destruction, spasm, convulsion, resistance, interference, friction, withstand, repulse and disobedient.

Rebellious can also be defined as revolutionary, defiance, aggressiveness, dare and scorn.

Eve Rebels (The Original Rebellion of Man)

We can trace our curses back to Adam and Eve. Adam also rebelled against God. This is the Jezebel / Ahab Complex. There are many ingredients in Eve's rebellion:

1. She was seduced by conversation and greed for power and knowledge.

2. The price of seduction was experiencing a knowledge of good and evil.

3. The action of rebellion resulted in shame, attempting to correct the mistake or cover it up, fear, withdrawing from God's presence, loss of esteemed position, pain in childbirth, hard work and toil, and birth of rebellious children.

Absalom Rebels

Absalom's sister, Tamar, was raped by his half-brother, Amnon (II Sam. 13).

Hate entered Absalom's heart because of his sister being raped. He plotted and planned for two years to murder Amnon.

Absalom again falls prey to resentment and burns Joab's field because he would not go to David for him. By trying to force David to see him, he is acting out rebellion.

He came to repentance but didn't really repent; it was surface repentance only.

After he had his audience with David, he quickly got busy with his plans for rebellion.

Absalom got favor with the people by acting as if he loved them and claiming great concern for their welfare. After he had seduced them, he declared himself King.

Some demons that probably were in Absalom were hate, anger, resentment, deceit, trickery, witchcraft, betrayal, pride, pompousness, false love, backstabbing, lying, arrogance, unrighteous judgement and self-serving.

Jezebel Rebels

She killed God's prophets which is rebellion against God. She exhibited hate, retaliation and threatenings.

She turns from role of woman and wife to trying to upstage the King, her husband. She belittled him, connived behind his back, and plotted murder and control of people. Some women/men today use seemingly pure religious motives to control others such as soulish prophecy - telling others what to do!

Another motive behind her rebellion was that she wanted worship and admiration. Jezebel is true sorcery. Rebellious Jezebelic males/females will ask questions aimed at causing the other person to doubt his worth, ability, decisions, etc. She ended up being thrown out a window, run over by chariots and eaten by dogs. Did she go to Hell; what do you think?

Ahab Rebels

Worshiping Idols Is Worst Rebellion Against God

This is called spiritual adultery. The major rebellion was against God in Baal worship. He went after idols. Abortion is worship of the god of sex, Satan, and is similar to Baal worship!

Ahab exhibited characteristics of complete confusion, disobedience, resentfulness, sullenness, greed, accomplice to Jezebel, believed lying spirit, refused to believe God, and begat rebellious children.

Perfect Family

Eph. 5:22 " 25; 6:1 " 4: Families repeat after me:

1. Husbands love your wives.

2. Wives submit to your husbands.

3. Children obey your parents.

4. Fathers do not provoke your children.

Classic Examples of Rebellion

1. Nation of Israel - rebelled many times. Study the rise and fall of Israel!

2. Satan and Fallen Angels - original rebellion.

3. Queen Jezebel - rebellious woman.

4. King Ahab - rebellious man

Ahab-Jezebel Rebellious Influence in World Today

1. Divorce - one parent families. Men don't want responsibility - just sex!

2. Felinism - pictures bungling father and clever mother. Watch TV brain washing.

3. Sex - no restrictions. There is no free sex; only curses of God in the future.

4. Young people - confused, rebellious.

5. Drugs - Sex - Music.

6. Society with emotional problems.

7. Effeminate, emotional, weak spiritual and weak physical men.

8. Women's false strength - put to test usually fails.

9. Children - fear, insecurity, frustration, difficulty learning, potential corruption, discord, growth in occult and cults, selfishness, doubt, inability to achieve, hypochondriacs and church splits.

You and People Around You

Such qualities as these have unnatural power to seduce you, even overwhelm you. It is not charisma but seduction, and it creates bondage. You may have a friend whom you at times have a great desire to be free of, and the next moment feel guilt or condemnation for desiring your freedom. Consider why you are attracted to your friend.

Look out for mothers/dads who try to dominate married children's lives, and men/women who cannot delegate authority but try to mind every detail.

Women/men shouldn't try to force mate into a religious experience but win him/her by quiet and joyful submission to the Christian life fulfilling your role as God established it.


A study of the Bible shows clearly that God hates rebellion and that He will punish the people for their sins.

The people are blessed when they obey the Bible and they are cursed when they disobey the Bible commandments. There is a curse for every violation of Bible!

Rebellion is against God. For example, when a wife rebels against her husband, she is not just rebelling against him but against God who put the husband in authority over the wife. Finally, rebellion can be very costly while obedience can be very rewarding. The Bible applies equally to an individual, family, church, community, nation, etc.


Nelson's Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament


List of Scripture

Psa. 85:2 (Forgiven iniquity and covered sin - God)

Psa. 86:5 (Ready to forgive and plenteous in mercy - God)

Psa. 103:3 " 12 (Forgiveth all " removed as far as east from west - God)

Isa. 1:18 (Sins shall be as white as snow - God)

Isa. 43:25 (Blotteth out and will not remember - God)

Matt. 5:44 (Forgive your enemies.)

Matt. 6:14-15 (Forgive men or not be forgiven by God - man)

Matt. 18:21-35 (Law of Forgiveness - man)

Mark 11:25-26 (Forgive men or not be forgiven by God - man)

Luke 17:3-4 (Rebuke man and forgive seven times a day - man)

Eph. 4:32 (King, tenderhearted, forgiving as God does - man)

Col. 2:13 (Forgiven you all trespasses - God)

Col. 3:12-13 (Mercies, kindness, humbleness, meekness, long-suffering, forbearing and forgiving one another - man)

Heb. 8:12 (Merciful to unrighteous and remember not sins - God)

Heb. 10:17 (Remember not sins and iniquities - God)

I John 1:9 (Confessing, forgiveness, cleansing from unrighteousness)


Generally a person's demons cannot be cast out if he has unforgiveness in his heart. The opposite of unforgiveness is forgiveness.

Matt. 18:21-35 (Law of Forgiveness - Key Chapter); God sends demons to torment these with unforgiveness. Forgive your fellowman 70 x 7 = 490 times.

Kingdom of Heaven (is likened to): God (is The King), the Rich Man (is You); and the Poor Man (is anyone you have not forgiven).

1. Talent = 750 oz. of silver; Pence = 1/8 oz. of silver.

2. 10,000 talents x 750 = 7,500,000 oz. = $52,800,000 ($600,000).

3. 100 Pence x 1/8 = 2 1/2 oz. = $44.00 ($1.00).

4. Forgave 600,000 times as much.

5. Tormentors are Satan and his demons.

6. Prison is being in jail with Satan as warden and his demons as guards.

This is the crucifixion of the flesh until you come to your senses, forgive your fellowman and then ask God to forgive you! The consequence of unforgiveness is the most important lesson that God has taught us about deliverance!

Cancer and arthritis can come in through the sin of unforgiveness. If you know a Christian with these diseases, see if they have unforgiveness. They cannot be healed if the demons have a right to be there.

Pattern for being delivered and healed: forgive others, ask God for forgiveness, and forgive self. Cast out unforgiveness and bitterness. Cast out cancer and arthritis. Anoint with oil and pray for healing: first deliverance then healing.

Analysis of Matthew 5:44

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. Forgive your enemies; there are no excuses! Whites forgive blacks; blacks forgive whites.

1. Love your enemies. We do not have to love Satan! Love in a social or moral sense: beloved. Enemy is an adversary: foe.

2. Bless them that curse you. Speak well of: thank or invoke a benediction upon. Curse is to execrate: to doom.

3. Do good to them that hate you. Do good honestly: full well. Hate is to detest: especially to persecute.

4. Pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you. Pray earnestly for: supplicate. Despitefully is to insult: slander and falsely accuse. Persecute is to pursue: to suffer.

Forgiveness (Excerpts)

Forgiveness is hard to give because it hurts to extend it to undeserving and hard-hearted ones. To release a wrong-doer instead of exacting a just penalty requires that we reach out in love, rejecting the temptation to hold bitterness and resentment. This is contrary to our natural inclinations, thus the old adage,To err is human, to forgive divine.

Forgiveness is not forgetting the wrong done; some hurts are so deep that this would be impossible. We can forget the anger and hurt we felt, but the act is branded in our minds. Forgiveness takes place when the victim accepts the loss and/or injury done him and deliberately cancels the debt owed him by the offending person. This is an act of your will and God will honor it.

Anger must be dealt with openly and honestly, not denied or ignored. Either it must be vented in retaliation or the injured party must accept his own anger, bear the burden of it, and confess it in prayer to release himself and to set the other party free. Revenge always hurts the revenger far more than the one at whom it is leveled!

In other words , our pattern must be the grievous and substitutionary death of Christ. He willingly received the hurt and evil of the entire human race in His own body on the tree (I Peter 2:21-24) to pay the debt for our guilt. He now offers what He has wrought as a free gift to undeserving and guilty persons so they can be free (Rom. 6:23; John 10:28-30).

As nothing else will, forgiveness takes us into the mysteries of grace where God forgives unconditionally on the basis of the substitutionary payment by another (Mark 11:25-26).

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit's work in a life is the quality of meekness. It is a quality which is nurtured and abetted by practicing forgiveness.

This highly prized quality will cause us to be able to accept God's dealings with us as good, without disputing or resisting them. Meekness will also cause us to be able to bear one another's burden's cheerfully and for Jesus' sake, enabling us to enter into the mystery of Christ's sufferings.

Because unforgiveness, and the resentment and bitterness it generates is so deadly, it is not optional, but necessary that it be dealt with. Cancer and arthritis spirits definitely root into this fertile ground. To be bitter and unforgiving costs far more than it is worth.

Husbands forgive your wives. Wives forgive your husbands. Children forgive your parents. In Jesus' Name, I forgive my wife or husband and my parents. Amen.


Conquering The Hosts Of Hell, Forgiveness



1. Prayer

2. List of Demons for Basic Deliverance

1. Basic Deliverance

2. Rejection

3. Bitterness

4. Rebellion


1. Prayer