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1. The Handbook For Spiritual Warfare

2. The Christian In Complete Armour

3. Spiritual Warfare




1. Prayer


1. Militant And Victorious

2. Keys Of The Kingdom

3. Binding And Loosing Ministry


1. Spiritual Warfare

2. Threats to the Life of Faith

3. Problems in the Life of the Church


1. General

2. Cults, False Religious Organizations And Movements

3. Roman Catholic Church


1. General

2. Witchcraft Practiced By Christians

3. Charismatic Witchcraft

4. Psychic Prayer


1. Prayers

1. Religious Errors

2. Sins In The Churches



1. General

2. African American

3. Top Emotional Effects Of Abortion

4. Critical Social Issues

5. Curse of Death


1. Murmuring About Leadership

2. Miriam And Aaron

3. Korah, Dathan And Abiram

4. Body Ministry

5. Jealousy And Envy

6. Following Leadership


Witch's Brew in the Pew and Pulpit

1. Foreword

2. What Is Witchcraft?

3. Twenty-Four Characteristics Of Witchcraft




1. Kingdom Outreach Christian Center

2. Preface

3. Communications

4. Names

5. How To Conduct Ourselves Against The Kingdom Of Evil

6. Prayer



Satan is known as the Angel of Light, Deceiver, Father Of Lies, Liar and other names which signify ability to deceive. The Satan The Thief came to steal, kill and destroy. His main target is The Church which he has greatly deceived (John 10:10). The deception started at the beginning of mankind. There have been a lot of books written about deception in The Church.

Probably the greatest deception is the lack of belief in THE HOLY BIBLE as being the inspired WORD OF GOD. Many Christians pick and choose what part of THE HOLY BIBLE to believe and practice.

Another great deception is that the Nine Gifts (I Cor. 12:8-10), Nine Fruits (Gal. 5:22-23) and Five Signs of THE HOLY SPIRIT (Mark 16:15-20) stopped with the disciples of JESUS CHRIST. The Church desperately needs these to move in THE POWER OF GOD to defeat Satan.

Most Christian leaders are ignorant of witchcraft, occult, Satan worship and associated demonic practices. Some are intentionally trying to lead naive Christians into these practices, have hidden agendas and are angels of light.


Many years ago, I was concerned about my knowledge of THE BIBLE. I was in a small prayer meeting seeking THE LORD after Byron died. GOD told me to accept THE BIBLE in simple childlike faith, put it into practice and watch it work. I was an engineer trained to think logically. I accepted what THE HOLY SPIRIT told me and have seen signs, wonders and miracles performed by GOD. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the KINGDOM OF GOD as a little child, he shall not enter therein (Mark 10:15). This means you will not go to Heaven.

I believe we should use the King James Bible, Authorized Version of 1611. This is the most powerful version to memorize or use for ministry, especially deliverance. I also use The Amplified Bible, which was Earline's favorite, for amplification of the verse.


The Handbook For Spiritual Warfare

A spiritual-warfare biblical universe exists in a state of cosmic-earthly conflict. THE KINGDOM OF GOD and the kingdom of evil supernaturalism are engaged in fierce conflict one against the other. Spiritual warfare exists in Heaven and rages on earth. GOD and His angelic kingdom confront Satan and his demonic kingdom. The children of GOD contend with the children of Satan.

The Christian In Complete Armour

This is a war between the Saint and Satan. It is so bloody a war that the cruelest war which was ever fought by men will be found but sport and child's play compared to this war. Everyone suffers in this world but the non-Christian suffers for eternity.

It is a spiritual and physical war that you shall read of in THE BIBLE and news. It is not just a history of what was fought many ages past and is now over, but of what is now going on. The tragedy is presently acting out and not at the furthest end of the world. The battle ground this war is fought on is everyone's own soul and body. There are no non-combatants in this war. The whole world is engaged in the war, either for GOD against Satan, or for Satan against GOD.

Satan is the grand Enemy of GOD and His People. He has his Policies, Power, Seat of Empire, Wickedness and Chief Design against the Saints. The Christian is furnished with Spiritual Arms for the Battle, helped on with his Armour and taught the use of his Weapons.

Spiritual Warfare

There is a KINGDOM OF GOD and a Kingdom of Satan. These two kingdoms are engaged in mortal warfare. The war is coming to its climax in our day as this age comes to a close.

Satan has a very-highly structured and well-organized kingdom with descending orders of authority responsible for different territories. Headquarters is in the heavenly regions. It is not divided and has not been overthrown.

The final picture of GOD's people in Ephesians is that of an army. This army is committed to fight a war that is global and affects every part of this globe. Even the word global does not do justice to the scope of this conflict. It embraces not only the earth but the heavens. The adjective which correctly describes this conflict is universal. It includes the entire created universe.

The conflict involves all Christians - not some special groups like missionaries, pastors or evangelists. The Scripture clearly describes the nature of this conflict. We are involved in a war for which we need the appropriate armor. Our adversary is the Devil. It is clear that we are engaged in a titanic conflict which staggers the mind to consider.


Probably the biggest deception is when Satan talked The Church out of deliverance. Two doctrines of demons: deliverance was done only at the time of JESUS CHRIST and a Christian can not have a demon. This allowed Satan and his evil empire to remain in secrecy. He is able to do whatever he can to ignorant Christians and they can not fight back. Look at the casualties in Christianity: individuals, churches and organizations.


Satan is the great deceiver of humanity and The Church. He has taught them to omit THE POWER OF GOD which most churches deny. Christians will be defeated until they use THE POWER OF GOD. There are some Christians in the churches today under mind-control, including those in Christian leadership. They have taken over our pulpits.

Solomon, one of the greatest men of faith, backslid and became one of the greatest Satanists of history. If THE BODY OF CHRIST is to attain fullness, we need to weed out the hidden terrible cancer that is consuming The Body from within. Our minds are under constant assault and manipulation by those who control things. This effect has caused vast numbers of spiritual deaths by religious deceptions of mind control and brainwashing, such as reincarnation and spiritism, using white, grey and black propaganda. Satanic programming has seriously damaged the reputation of Christians.



Please forgive us and our ancestors for demonic influences including spiritism, parapsychology, martial arts, occultism, oppression, psychic phenomena, deception, satanic ritual abuse, ancestral demons and seizures; the occult causing departure from the faith, open apostasy, doctrinal corruption, perversion of the truth, babel of the cults, Christian disunity, corrupt conduct and practice, indulging in defiling lust, ritualistic formalism, unbelief in GOD, suicide and insanity; and ungodly life-styles causing sexual promiscuity, racism, addiction to drugs, eating disorders, theological heresy and demonic meditation. I ask these things in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST: LORD, MASTER AND SAVIOR.


(The Church In The New Testament)

Militant And Victorious

The Church is to be militant against the Gates of Hades and victorious over the Kingdom of Darkness (Gen. 3:15; Matt. 16:15-20). A Church at warfare and enmity with the Serpent, the Devil, storming the forts of darkness (Eph. 3:9-10). The conflict with the gates of the enemies (Gen. 22:17). The Church to be victorious in battle, conquering and to conquer (Gen. 24:60). THE ARMOUR OF GOD needed for battle (Eph. 6:10-20). The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through GOD (II Cor. 10:1-5). The warfare is spiritual with principalities and powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and wicked spirits (Gen. 28:17; Psa. 9:13; Isa. 26:2, 38:10; Matt. 7:13; John 18:36-37; Acts 12:10; Rev. 12:10-11).

Keys Of The Kingdom

I will give thee the Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven (Matt. 16:19): Knowledge (Luke 11:52), David (Isa. 22:21-22; Rev. 3:7), Death and Hades (Rev. 1:18), Bottomless Pit - Abyss (Rev. 9:1; 20:1) and the Book Of Acts. The one that holds the keys holds the authority of the Kingdom.

Binding And Loosing Ministry

The Church is to have power to bind those who oppose. Principalities, powers and wicked spirits have to be bound. First bind the strong man, then spoil his house (Matt. 12:29; 13:30). The Church is called to loose Satan's captives. Whatsoever ye bind shall be bound. Whatsoever is already bound in Heaven shall be bound in earth. Whatsoever ye loose shall be loosed. Whatsoever is loosed already in Heaven shall be loosed on earth (Matt. 16:19).


(Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary

of Old " New Testament Words)

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a constant feature of the life of faith. GOD has equipped believers with the spiritual armor and weapons necessary to quench the fiery darts of the enemy. We bind and wrestle with the enemy; put on the breastplate, helmet, shield and sword; gird our loins; and are in a great conflict in the war.

Threats to the Life of Faith

There are many physical and spiritual dangers to the life of faith which believers are to beware of. Wealth, while not condemned in Scripture, does have its dangers. There are many temptations to wander from the truth and to become discouraged. Believers are warned not to go beyond their faith, waver, be afraid and keep themselves from being unequally yoked with unbelievers. They are exhorted in Scripture to avoid disputes and jealousy, and things which lead to an unfruitful faithless existence.

These threats include sinful behavior and speech: idolatry, deception, doubting, spiritual error, seduction, bitterness, faintheartedness, double-mindedness and love of money.

Problems in the Life of the Church

Many forces threaten the Church both from within and without. Internal wranglings, factions and schisms cause division. The immorality of the love feasts in the early church needed correction. Paul also had to address disorderly behavior and issues concerning women in the church, and to bring correction to those striving for preeminence. Imposters, false prophets and false teachers also seek to infiltrate the Church to bewitch believers by introducing error and heresy, and by their heretical teaching to divert others from the truth and into sects.

Additional threats to The Church include religion, science, superstitious attitudes, spiritual gangrene, fraud, contention, lying, shame, subversion and thievery.



When we grasp it, we see how the mind-control programming was a microcosm of what has been done to the world's religions and political entities.

There is programming in the Charismatic / Pentecostal movement. The programming is seen in victims connected to the Charismatic movement.

There is control over the pulpits of America with pulpits silent on the real story about what is overtaking America.

Solomon was a great man of God who became the leading occult leader of his day. Solomon is credited with writing a long list of important secret Satanic books.

Cults, False Religious Organizations And Movements

There are over 250 religious bodies in the United States alone, some of which must be classified as false religious cults. The satanic origin of such groups as the Voodoo cults, the Spiritualists, or the Cult of Satan is, of course, quite obvious. The false religious cults and movements should be considered as belonging under the classification of occult since they (along with the occult subjects) are derived from the same source - Satan.

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Church denies the finished work of JESUS' sacrifice on Calvary, salvation by faith alone, the unique MEDIATORSHIP OF JESUS and the sufficiency of THE BIBLE as our source of Divine Truth. Wearing of hair shirts, barbed-wire corsets and self-flagellation (whipping) were regularly practiced within Catholic monasteries and nunneries until at least the 1960's. (A Catholic can be a Christian but the vast majority are just religious. When you ask a Catholic if they are a Christian, many will say that I am a Catholic.)

What does the Roman church have in common with modern Paganism?

1. Teach salvation through ritual acts and good works.

2. Have a god and goddess (Mary) figure in their pantheon.

3. Have a slain and risen god who dies and is reborn in a seasonal cycle of ritual dramas.

4. Have magic or thaumaturgy (transubstantiation in the mass) as central elements in their theology.

5. Make extensive use of incense, statues, candles and ceremonial robes in their devotions.

6. Believe in a kind of second chance after death (purgatory).

7. Believe the rituals of the living can affect the dead.

8. Believe in rituals of pain and mortification for purification.



Unknown witchcraft is commonly practiced in the Christian world by laymen and leaders. This is called charismatic witchcraft. A pastor or leader who tries to control his flock or group is practicing witchcraft. He or she may feel that they know what is best for their people. They try to force it to happen. They may or may not know what is best for others but they have no right to force their will on others!

The best example is GOD, He will not force His Will on us. He gives you the right to go to Heaven or Hell, follow or not follow THE BIBLE and HOLY SPIRIT, and live good, bad or indifferent lives.

We have worked with people who have been controlled by dictatorial pastors and leaders. This control can be very strong. The pastor has formed soul ties with those who have yielded to his control rather than the direction of GOD in their lives. It is necessary to forgive the pastor, break soul ties and cast out demons.

If you have left a church or organization that truly does not follow JESUS CHRIST, then you need to renounce that church or organization, forgive them, break soul ties and cast out demons. The Catholic Church is a good example of an organization that tries to control their people completely. Many charismatic leaders fall into this trap of trying to control people and their money in order to build their small or large kingdoms.

We went to a church where the pastor let THE HOLY SPIRIT have His way in the services. There was tremendous freedom there and you could hardly wait to get to church to see what GOD was going to do. Then the pastor decided that it was his church and would be run the way he wanted it to be. After that, the freedom left and it was like any other charismatic church.

Witchcraft Practiced By Christians

Witchcraft is defined as the power or practices of witches, sorcery, black magic, enchantment, irresistible influence, fascination, and bewitching attraction or charm. Enchantment is defined as the act of casting a spell over, the use of magic to charm, the state of being under the influence of a magic spell or charm, a magic spell or charm, and something that charms or delights greatly. Consider the words fascination, charm, captivation and allurement. Witchcraft is simply trying to control others for your own benefit no matter how worthy the cause may be.

GOD anoints and provides for his ministers to do his work here on earth. The people look to the ministers to help them live according to THE BIBLE. This gives the ministers power over the people that can be used for good or evil. Silly women look up to the pastors as someone on a pedestal and frequently end up having sex with the weak pastors. Silly men want the admiration of the pastors and try to please the prideful pastors to gain favor. In the positions of the fivefold ministry, it is easy to fleece the flock.

The protestant church is infiltrated with witchcraft in the fact that ESP, Transcendental Meditation and hypnosis are used commonly now for relaxing. What about other practices that are witchcraft used for entertaining or to draw crowds?

Charismatic Witchcraft

Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or anyone within THE CHURCH. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others. Charismatic witches are Jezebels. Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. We have no right to control others! GOD gave us a free will and even He will not try to control us!

Psychic Prayer

A psychic prayer is any prayer that does not line up with THE WORD OF GOD. If you pray contrary to THE BIBLE, then you are praying not to GOD but to Satan. GOD then gives Satan the legal right to loose demons on the people that you prayed for as well as yourself. Psychic prayers are a good way to curse others and be cursed in return.


(Exploring Biblical Theology)

(From Here To Eternity)


Religious Errors: We bind the forces of evil and loose ourselves from the grip of evil: false apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, shepherds, hypocrites, quibblers, fence sitters, cowards, compromisers, critics, blind guides, dumb dogs, hirelings, false gifts and signs including Apostate Protestantism, World Council of Churches, mental science, liberal theology, false Theories, Views, Systems, Isms and other false doctrines, cults, sects and religions that do not accept THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT, and THE HOLY BIBLE.

Sins In The Churches: Please forgive our churches, leadership and followers, for their many sins: irreligious expression, immorality, decadence, materialism, idolatry, frivolity, foreign elements in worship, teaching and prophecy for hire, creeping pride, self-absorption, greed, hedonism, tolerance, pluralism, polytheistic, having many gods, religiously mixed multitude, throng of idolaters, worship of money, occult, witchcraft, abandoning and rejecting GOD, throwing out GOD's Word, people ignorant of GOD's WRATH and THE BIBLE, lust, deceit, moral depravity, fear, worry, anxiety, demonic possession, spiritism, occultism, false cults, doctrines of demons, false religion, deplorable lack of holiness, diminished FEAR OF GOD, gospel of tolerance, decline of Christian evangelism, carnality, variance, strife, seditions, heresies, sectarianism, persecutions, bitterness, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger, slander, practically helpless and defenseless without THE POWER OF GOD, ordaining practicing homosexuals, drama, comedy and political correctness. I ask these things in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST: LORD, MASTER AND SAVIOR.


The responsibility is to teach and demonstrate to the world GOD'S STANDARDS of morality about sex before, during and after marriage. It is apparent that the world has affected The Church more than The Church has affected the world. The sexual statistics of church attenders is about the same as people in the world. The Church is afraid to teach THE LAWS OF GOD to the congregation and what happens when these laws are broken. They are afraid to minister in these areas and to practice deliverance. The result is what we see happening today in the area of sex: a degeneration of morals of the people of the world.



America has 1 abortion for 3 live births, 1 out of 14 evangelical women. Satan is losing about 50,000,000 babies a year that will go to Heaven, but look at the mental, physical, spiritual and material damage that he is doing to the human race! Can you imagine the damage done to Christians and The Church caused by abortions? Not only are the women affected but the men involved also.

African American

More Afro American babies have been killed by abortion during the past 27 years (13,000,000) than the total number of Afro American deaths for all other causes combined. Abortion services have been deliberately targeted towards Afro Americans. A disproportionate number of the nation's abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods. 35% of abortions in the United States are performed on Afro American women, while they represent only 12% of the female population. The abortion rate among married Afro American women is 4.4 times greater than it is among married white women.

Top Emotional Effects Of Abortion

Emotional deadening, increased rage, fear and loneliness, loss of self-confidence, sexual dysfunction, nightmares, suicidal feelings, drugs and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and suicide. There are physical, emotional and spiritual consequences such as hurt, guilt, anger, anxiety, depression, pain, flashbacks, relationships, reactions, fear, bitterness, pressure, grief, confusion and shame. Risks include heavy bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, allergic reaction to drugs, tearing of the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, perforation of the uterus, damage to internal organs, breast cancer and death.

Critical Social Issues

Teen Pregnancy, Venereal Disease, Sexuality, Chastity, Morality, Abortion, Teen Suicide, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Curse of Death

THE LORD showed Earline that women who have had an abortion and those that were accomplishes, have brought a curse of death upon themselves. They committed murder or encouraged it. Taking innocent blood is the same as murder; study Cain and Abel (Gen. 4:1-15). This is one reason that you see so many women and men murdered, killed or maimed. They have given Satan a right to attack them.


Murmuring About Leadership

The following is a sequence of events in the Book of Numbers that illustrate the effects of gossip and murmuring about leadership:

1. The people lust for flesh. Quails are given in wrath.

2. The names of the spies and their evil report.

3. The people murmur and Moses intercedeth for them.

4. The murmurers deprived of entering into the land.

5. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

6. The people murmur and Aaron's rod flouisheth.

7. The people murmur for want of water and are bitten by fiery serpents.

8. Israel committeth whoredom and idolatry.

9. Moses, being told of his death, sueth for a successor because of his conduct about striking the rock for water.

Miriam And Aaron

See Num. 12:1, 4, 5, 10 " 15 for the rebellion of Miriam and Aaron against Moses.

Korah, Dathan And Abiram

See Num. 15:3, 13, 32-33 " 35 for the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram against Moses and Aaron.

Body Ministry

Every Christian is a minister, has a ministry and has gifts received from THE HOLY SPIRIT for use in THE BODY OF CHRIST. THE HOLY BIBLE does not teach the separation of clergy and laity where the clergy does all of the work. The saints are to do the work of the ministry and edify Christ.

Jealousy And Envy

Pastors should not have jealousy and envy for other Christian leaders or members in their congregation who GOD is raising up to be in the five-fold ministry.

Following Leadership

There should be good communications between the pastor, leadership and congregation. The Christians need to be in agreement and harmony with each other.


Witch's Brew in the Pew and Pulpit


1. This is about how to keep from being manipulated and how not to manipulate in the pulpit, pew and congregation.

2. It works every way: pulpit to pew, pew to pulpit and pew to pew.

What Is Witchcraft?

1. Witchcraft Defined:

1. Witchcraft means to whisper a spell, speak a curse or practice magic.

2. Witchcraft can be separated into two divisions: white and black.

3. White witchcraft refers to the delusion some witches are under as they believe they are using Satan's power to affect mankind for good.

4. Black witches understand that their sorceries, spells and incantations are intended to bring evil on the objects of their bewitchments.

2. Identifying Witchcraft In The Church: Excessive Control, Manipulation, Threats, Violations of Rules, and Refusal to Submit to Authority.

3. Witchcraft always challenges governmental authority.

4. Witchcraft is the unlawful art of imposing one's will over another.

5. The root of witchcraft is rebellion against spiritual authority.

Twenty-Four Characteristics Of Witchcraft

1. Works through rebellion against authority and refuses to submit to GOD's designated authority over the earth.

2. Not only fosters disobedience to authority in others, but also seeks after gifts instead of the Giver.

3. Finds fault in pastors, church leaders and church policies in order to cause some to take up offenses among the brethren.

4. Agrees with disenchanted church members instead of defending church authority.

5. Questions, undermines and, finally, judges authority.

6. Suggests misappropriation of church funds.

7. Can work through women, through wives' manipulation of husbands, or through marital relations or social favors.

8. Rebels against the parental authority.

9. Promotes a mixed spirit in the church.

10. Defends family members above authority.

11. Tries to use money to control what is preached from the pulpit.

12. Retaliates through punishment.

13.Gives ultimatums to authority.

14. Tries to destroy the anointing through sex violations.

15.Uses the supernatural to infiltrate spirits into the church.

16. Uses artifacts and plants them on property for purposes of having powerful spirits fight against specific goals.

17.Gets properties and finances tied up.

18. Violates balance with severe mood swings.

19. Gives directional prophecy without submitting to the governmental authority of the local church.

20.Uses prophecy to control, manipulate or impose its will on other people.

21. Tries to make people more loyal to race, gender and causes than to the WORD OF GOD.

22. Constantly looks for discrimination in the church to talk among the saints and cause division.

23.Instigates action for someone else to go ahead and say or do things on their behalf and, then hides in the background as though totally innocent.

24.Plants bad seeds through insinuations.


1. The Devil is always trying to uproot and substitute!

2. You will never go further in GOD until you see yourself the way GOD sees you.


Power of Satan

Depths of Satan

Cracks in Your Armor

Brotherhood of Darkness

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

They Know Not What They Do

Spiritual Warfare General (partial)

Witchcraft Related Subjects (partial)


Kingdom Outreach Christian Center

Kingdom Outreach Christian Center is probably the church closest to the way I think about Christianity and spiritual warfare. We are in a fierce battle against the forces of evil. We will do what we can to destroy Satan and he will do what he can to destroy us. Your church is involved in high-level warfare and you will be attacked at any point of weakness. You have to fight as a Christian will every weapon of your warfare. If you will agree and stand with each other, you will be powerful.

I recommend that the ministers enter into spiritual warfare each day using selected form prayers as well as special prayers shown to you by THE HOLY SPIRIT. I recommend Spiritual Warfare General to get you started. I believe there will be tremendous power in your church if you do this. I do it by myself and I send this lesson around the world to teach others how to do spiritual warfare. I use this lesson almost daily.


I try, with the help of GOD, to live a holy life without sin. I would not tell you that I never sin. It is probably impossible to live a life like JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH who was totally sinless for his entire lifetime. THE HOLY BIBLE instructs us to live a holy life patterned after THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

If we minimize sin in our lives and live as holy a life as we can in this sinful world, we will close the cracks in our spiritual armor. If your armor is intact, then Satan and his demons will not be able to penetrate your armor. If there is a crack, then the demons will be able to get through your armor.

The fact that we do deliverance and cast out demons does not give Satan a right to get through our armor. I don't feel like I have a problem with demonic backlash or retaliation against me for performing deliverance.

I realize that Satan will try to use the world, even other Christians, to attack me. I consider that as a normal part of the spiritual warfare that we are engaged in.

Satan will always be able to tempt you until you die. However, you don't have to give in to the temptation. You can resist every temptation by coming against it with THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. You cannot entertain the thought because it will lead you gradually to perform the act.

In The Church, sin against our brothers and sisters will open the door for you to be attacked. You must love your Christian family as you love yourself. If you don't, you open the door for attack. This can affect your health and wealth. You may be tormented mentally and spiritually.


You have to be men and women of GOD and, be able to have frank conversations with each other without getting your feelings hurt and leaving the church. You have to crucify your pride, ego and vanity whether it is fleshly or spiritual. Pride is an abomination to GOD because you are taking credit for what GOD has done in your life.


It is good to think of your function and not your title. You play down your title which is a source of pride. GOD is no respecter of persons and we should not be either. We are all equal at the foot of the CROSS. People ask me, What should I call you? in business and ministry. I tell them just call me Gene. I wear a lot of different hats in business and ministry. The glory, honor, praise and credit for our success belongs to the FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.

How To Conduct Ourselves Against The Kingdom Of Evil?

1. We can not fight physically against demons because they can easily overpower us.

2. We can fight mentally and spiritually; our main weapon is spiritual.

3. We can fight as individual Christians and as churches.

4. You can use Spiritual Warfare General and whatever special prayers THE HOLY SPIRIT gives you on a daily basis. Demons can not stop your prayers and spiritual warfare because JESUS CHRIST is greater than Satan.

5. Revelation, or the end times, is ordained by GOD. We can not stop His Time Table but we can war until we die.

6. In deliverance, we can bring people out of the occult, witchcraft and Satan worship. This requires teaching, ministry and counseling on a continuing basis by The Church. Deliverance is a way of life.

7. It is very difficult to bring a total mind-controlled slave into freedom. They are programmed to commit suicide. You have to deal with many personalities as well as demons.

8. The purpose behind Satan's plan is to bring the Antichrist into power and take over the world for evil. It is the elimination of Christianity and Jewishism, and the control of the world's resources by the elite.

9. It starts with the individual getting the results of sin out of their lives. Then they fast and pray, and seek GOD for what they should do about warfare. They enter into spiritual warfare for themselves, families, churches, Christianity and the world.

10. You have to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves in your conduct in the world. In the spirit world, you can be fierce warriors for CHRIST.

11. Direct confrontation would be the use of the world's media such as the Internet. An indirect confrontation would be in the churches.

12.As a church, you teach the whole WORD OF GOD internally. Externally, your message to the churches is apostolic order and deliverance.

13.We are in this world, but we are not of this world. You have to make a living in the world's system and you can not directly attack it at the risk of losing your job.

14. We have a website, demonbuster.com, which is worldwide.

15. You have to clean your house and possessions of demonic objects. Clean your body, the temple of THE HOLY SPIRIT, of demons.

16. Time is short and we may be seeing the end times. There is no guarantee of your future life. We live moment by moment.

17.GOD is our only protection. He may decide to let us be martyred for His Glory. Then we will end up in Heaven.

18.There is nothing to fear, but you must trust in GOD. Nothing can happen to us unless GOD allows it.


Forgive those that have hurt you. Ask forgiveness of GOD, of the church corporately, and of others.

Please forgive me for any problems that I have caused or been a part of in The Church. I am truly sorry because I am fighting against THE BODY OF CHRIST and GOD. I pray that you will help me to be the Christian you want me to be. I ask these things in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST: LORD, MASTER AND SAVIOR. I now command every spirit of fighting against the church to leave me that has no legal right to be within me.


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