Matthew 7:22 - Many will say to Me on that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name and DRIVEN OUT DEMONS in Your name and done many mighty works in Your name?

Matthew 7:23 - And then I will say to them openly (publicly), I never knew you; depart from Me, you who act wickedly [disregarding My commands].

TESTIMONY OR ADVERTISING - I've heard some great testimonies in a proper setting. When people are paraded across stage, and sometimes told to jump up and down or run back and forth, is it to give a testimony of healing, or is it advertising for that particular ministry? Did JESUS parade the people around he healed? Did the disciples? JESUS even told some not to tell anyone about their miracle. Does a person need a sign to build their own faith for a healing? JESUS said in Matthew 12:39 that if you are looking for a sign you will not get it. Of all the "parades" I've seen in the past 20 years, I have never seen one giving testimony about the DEMONS that were cast out.


"...In recent years there has been a revival of interest in the subject of spiritual warfare in general. Many who refused to consider or study anything relating to satan and his dark kingdom began to face unexplainable occurrences in their own lives, homes, churches, and communities, that forced them to investigate the topic. Overnight many "experts" appeared on the scene, mostly people that believed in spiritual warfare (so called), but who thought it wasn't necessary to come to grips with the enemy in a face-to-face confrontation. Many who supposedly believe in spiritual warfare are ardently opposed to DELIVERANCE, especially as it pertains to Christians. They still vehemently affirm that Christians cannot be infested by demons, in spite of convincing evidence (both Scriptural and experiential) to the contrary.

And yet we must all rejoice because leaders and pastors of many different denominational background and doctrinal persuasions are beginning to take an interest in this profound subject. Even evangelical or fundamentalist ministers are joining the ranks of those who believe, teach and practice DELIVERANCE, though their methods might radically differ from ours. Perhaps old-line Pentecostals are still the most obstinate and intransigent, but even in their circles a thawing seems to be taking place. As we approach the end of this century and dispensation, thousands more in America and around the world are going to be forced to take a closer look at DELIVERANCE, especially in view of the rapid spread of humanism and its bosom buddy, spiritualism.

One of the things that has troubled me most, as I travel and minister all over the American continent, is the lack of understanding, cooperation and unity amongst so-called "DELIVERANCE MINISTERS". The jealousy and rivalry are frightening. Some (perhaps out of a lack of godly fear) have taken upon themselves the responsibility of lambasting, exposing and stigmatizing other DELIVERANCE workers, just because they do things differently. What a sad situation!

One would think that born-again, Spirit-filled, DELIVERANCE-orientated ministers, who claim to have greater insight into the working of satan and the spirit world, would do everything in their power to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:3). Yet we so easily play into the enemy's hands, by attacking our brethren for insignificant reasons (such as, whether we should converse with demons or not). There are so few of us around who are willing to engage in aggressive warfare in behalf of those who are bound and afflicted that we ought to back and encourage each other. We get enough flak already from the world and from the nominal church and we certainly don't need the abuse that comes from well-meaning but mistaken fellow-ministers. Can't we discern that satan is seeking to divide us so that he can easily drag us down in defeat? Don't you think it is time to forget (or at least minimize) our petty differences and join forces to rout and destroy the common enemy, satan himself? If we isolate ourselves, deceived by a "better-than-thou" attitude, we will be the next victims of a devastating attack upon our health, family and church. Who will we turn to then if we have severed all ties with other experienced DELIVERANCE workers who would be the only ones able to help us in such a terrible predicament?

Some of you might be wondering if after 30 years of combat we are still involved in DELIVERANCE. As much or more than ever before! Just recently I held DELIVERANCE seminars in countries as diverse as Curacao, Costa Rica and Mexico. Attendance everywhere was even greater than the organizers expected. Hundreds sat transfixed hour after hour studying subjects that would prepare them for DELIVERANCE, and also qualify them for DELIVERANCE ministry. Although I much prefer personal ministry (because I think it is more effective and lasting), yet we had several public sessions when DELIVERANCE was ministered openly. In more than one occasion "all hell broke loose". Scores fell to the ground, writhing, screaming, foaming at the mouth. Those who had practiced witchcraft or had become objects of a curse, spell or hex, were the first to manifest, sometimes violently. Through the power of the spoken Word they were restrained and gloriously liberated. The results were astounding and the testimonies glowing. How can one help but believe in DELIVERANCE when you see the marvelous transformation that takes place when men and women, boys and girls, are set free by the mighty power of Jesus Christ?

As you know by long experience, satan retaliates, or at least tries to. Through the years we have become the targets of his most vicious attacks. Every imaginable area of our lives (finances, health, reputation, morals, relationships, etc.) has come under his direct and unremitting attack. He has used every tactic and device imaginable to try to discourage and defeat us. But he has not succeeded--and never will! We are more determined than ever before to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (which includes salvation, healing and DELIVERANCE), by word and deed. Pray for us that we will be useful vessels, even in these latter years of our lives, to "preach DELIVERANCE to the captives" and to "set at liberty them that are bruised" (Luke 4:18)."

( Note: Just recently, another ministry told me about all the squabbling that has gone on in past years and current between mostly the larger DELIVERANCE ministries. It sounds like the mafia out there. Even the mafia tries once in a while to sit down with their "enemies". When there is an earthquake, they say that the power that is released is unreal. Can you imagine the power that could be released in a meeting hall with as many DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES that could fit into the place? Search your soul about some of the things that have come out of your mouth. If another DELIVERANCE MINISTRY has a problem that you personally know about, it is your duty to bring it to his or her attention. If they don't straighten up, take a second witness with you. You don't have to agree with them, but you do have to forgive them. How about it?)


The battle rages--as hot and intense as ever--but what a comfort to know that the victory was already won. JESUS Christ, through His death and resurrection;, destroyed the enemy and today we can claim (and proclaim) that triumph in behalf of those who are bound and oppressed by the enemy. Thanks for sharing with us some of your experiences in the DELIVERANCE field. It is a blessing to know that others are out there facing and defeating satan and his cohorts. No doubt at times we all become weary and faint, but through the power and strength of the Holy Spirit we must carry on. There doesn't seem to too many that are willing to get involved in this field of endeavor. It is a unique calling, which demands a lifelong commitment on our part. Those who dare "throw in the towel" usually end up disappointed, bitter, and angry (even with God) over the things they have had to suffer. We should not be surprised when we confront adversities. A warrior must be willing to endure the onslaughts of the enemy to the very end of his (her) life.

DELIVERANCE is the ministry satan hates the most. I can still vividly recall an experience I had some 28 years ago while ministering to a teenage boy that had made a pact with the devil. The enemy had complete control of his life. When he was brought to us, tied to a stretcher, he was totally out of his mind. A battle ensued, one of the fiercest I have ever faced, lasting at least 30 days. satan himself (and not one of his henchmen that are allowed to use his name) manifested in and through him. The enemy used every "trick of the trade" to try to deceive, discourage, defeat and cause me to give up.

When this didn't work, he began to use flattery. He offered to favor me and help me become the best known evangelist in Latin American history, under only one condition: that I give up DELIVERANCE. He promised to fill stadiums with huge crowds. He offered to convince thousands to come forward in my meetings to "accept Christ" (tantamount to "easy believism"). When I flatly turned him down, in a rage he threatened to destroy my family, my ministry, and my reputation--and he certainly has tried to, even to this day! This experience, at the outset of my ministry, made me realize as never before the importance of DELIVERANCE not only to satan but, even more, to the heart of God.

We certainly need to stand together in the unity of the Spirit, not permitting that people with an evil intent should be allowed to sow discord within our ranks. We must reject all innuendos and false accusations, believing the best about our fellow-ministers, and especially those that are engaged in DELIVERANCE on a consistent basis. If we believe the devil's lies about one another (and then help spread them), we are doing a disservice to the Body of Christ and, in the process, hindering the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit in these End-Times.

Once again, I stop to bless you in all your endeavors. May the Spirit of God work in and through you without any limitations, conforming you to the image of His Beloved Son and preparing you for His glorious appearing.

(NOTE FROM - This is not the first DELIVERANCE Minister I have heard of the devil trying to make them a huge success with a big following, even miracles -- IF only they would stop doing DELIVERANCE. It makes me wonder why you don't hear large ministries teaching and practicing DELIVERANCE. Also, note again the teenage boy who had lost all control -- it was demons, and he wasn't set free in five minutes, but in 30 days.]


In a recent DELIVERANCE session, demons were speaking loud and clear through a man who had been ordained and has done some mission work in other countries.

The following was spoken: "RETALIATION" said, "I'm tied to SELF-JUSTIFICATION and SELF RIGHTEOUS", so I came against all three demons and the man was wonderfully DELIVERED.

"MURDER" spoke and said "DEATH is my friend", so I cast out DEATH and MURDER.

"VIOLENCE" said "my time isn't yet, I'm waiting to explode in him", but VIOLENCE came out without a struggle in the name of JESUS and by His Blood

"SELF-PITY" said "He's a poor soul, poor soul, his mother said he was" - so we broke curses through his mother's spoken word and sent back to source - satan. He was instantly free- We also prayed for his mother to come into the Kingdom.

"LONELINESS" said, "We're smarter than the rest of them, we love to get the men of God, we've gotten many, many of them" - then this demon said, "send help satan, we're losing this one".

All demons, about twenty more, cried and begged to stay, and said I (the DELIVERANCE Minister) was ruining everything."


"This has been our busiest year since we were called to evangelize. In all these places we have also seen an increase in the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There is a great hunger in the hearts of the people in whatever country we have traveled for more of God. They are hungry to know more.. to be set free.. to be healed.. and to want to be a part of the kingdom of God. Let me share some goodies with you.

I was amazed to learn from a prison minister in Arizona that a life termer was teaching the inmates about DELIVERANCE. I sent him all my books and tapes on casting out demons, and the prisoners are being set free.

When we were in Colombia this last time, the Lord healed two deaf and dumb, a 70 year old blind woman, many who had ear problems, and several who had cataracts. We also heard many testimonies about some who received prayers the first time we were there. A young girl who was barren gave birth, a man who was dying of a blood disorder was healed. Liver cancer was healed and verified by her doctor.. and many more.. praise God."