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1. Praise, Honor And Worship

2. General

1. For

2. Against

3. How To Pray


1. Agreement With Others

2. Works Of God's Hands

3. Hounds Of Heaven

4. Lust For Money

5. God Is Not Mocked - He Laughs!

6. Covenant With God

7. The Power Of The Blood

8. Guardian And Warrior Angels

9. Doorways

10.Psalms: God's Pronouncements

11. Psalm 109

12. Territorial Warfare

13. Tactics To Win The War Against Satan

1. Forgive Us For

2. We Ask For

14.Returning Curses


1. For Christianity

2. For Apostate Church


1. Violent Weather

2. Hurricanes






We come together in unity of THE HOLY SPIRIT with other Christians around the world against terrorism. We ask for the protection of THE BLOOD AND NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. We pray according to The Holy Bible and Psalm 91 which is very powerful.


Praise, Honor And Worship

BLESSING, GLORY, WISDOM, THANKSGIVING, HONOR, POWER, AND MIGHT, BE UNTO OUR GOD FOR EVER AND EVER. WE PRAISE, EXALT AND WORSHIP THE FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. We thank You for Your Divine Deliverance And Supernatural Work. We thank You for Your Love Towards Us even when we were in sin. We believe that JESUS CHRIST is the Great Conqueror of the devils of darkness.

Praise You that THE HOLY SPIRIT is bringing conviction to our loved ones of sin, and revealing JESUS CHRIST'S SACRIFICE to them. THANK YOU FATHER that You are dispatching warring angels to war for their souls. Praise You for sending workers in the fields across their pathway. We rejoice in their salvation, and believe that You are moving on their behalf.


For: National Repentance, Revival, Those in Authority, Good Government, Sanctity of Life, Marriage, Family, Education, Church, Israel, End-Time Restoration, National Security, Supremacy of CHRIST, Racial Reconciliation, Religious Freedom, Widows, Orphans and Peace. Maintaining Christian orthodoxy; restoring biblical world view; public display and observance of The Ten Commandments; fulfillment of Great Commandment and Commission; preserving traditional marriage; thwarting same-sex marriage and adoption; and exposure of gangs, terrorists cells and networks, and THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD.

Against: Abortion, Terrorism, Secular Humanism, New Age, Occult, Immigration, Poverty, HIV and AIDS, Slavery, Sex and Drug Trafficking, War, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Pornography, Sex Addiction, Child Abuse, Murder and Crime. Homelessness and hunger in America; economic downturn; national debt and corporate corruption; loss of U.S. sovereignty, and everything of The Kingdom Of Satan.

How To Pray

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Pray in The Fear of THE LORD. Battle evil forces of darkness. There is a void of prayer training in most seminaries.

We pray for the leaders of our country to be providentially guided in their decisions. Our needs: salvation of family members, finances, healing and other needs. Needs of others and prayer requests that have come in. Work of local churches (your church) and Chapel on the Campus. Ministries training laborers for the harvest. Prayer groups, world revival and Israel. GOD's people to be ready for JESUS CHRIST'S SECOND COMING (II Cor. 11:2).

Innocent blood has covered America and we surely deserve your judgement. Shake America and show our nation what you think about sins. Shake the churches and show Christians how they have failed America and You. We pray for everyone connected to this nation that they will turn from sin and come back to GOD. Show our churches how they are responsible for the spiritual state of the nation; Christians - the spiritual state of the world.

We pray that GOD will be THE LORD of America, expose evil to the world, unravel the interlocking of evil groups, bring confusion in their midst, defeat their plans and loose the heavenly powers against our enemies who want to destroy America. We command the powers of Satan to fight against themselves.

We pray that Christians would agree with each other, enter into spiritual warfare and expose evil to the world. We pray that Americans will put their hope in GOD, and for our government and victims of terrorism.

We pray that everyone will see that their lives are threatened by Islam that does not tolerate anyone who does not believe in Allah. Show the world that Allah is not GOD. Islamic teaching from the Koran of violence results in terrible deeds, brutal dehumanizing treatment of women, persecution and elimination of non-Muslims, millions killed, thousands enslaved, no freedom of religion and the press, crimes charged against Christians, and conversion from Islam to Christianity ends in death.


Agreement With Others

I am humbly grateful for those who have prayed for me, and I stand with them in prayer for their needs. I pray for Christians and those who do not know JESUS CHRIST AS LORD, MASTER AND SAVIOR.

Works Of God's Hands

Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: THE LORD reward him according to his works (2 Tim. 4:14). THE LORD reward our enemies according to their works. We pray for deliverance and healing from the works of our enemies.

Hounds Of Heaven

FATHER, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, we pray that you send The Hounds Of Heaven to sniff out, capture, bring back, recover and unveil what the enemy has stolen from us. We request that our property and missing persons be returned to us in good state and with no damage.

Lust For Money

We pray for those whose God Is Money and Worship Satan that are headed for Hell. We pray for their salvation and that GOD would cause them to see what they are doing to themselves. We pray that GOD will expose their actions to the world. We ask GOD for spiritual warfare against the forces of evil that control these people.

God Is Not Mocked - He Laughs!

I pray that you laugh at and mock your enemies, have them in derision and cause them to reap what they sow. We ask GOD to give us the heathen for our inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for our possessions. We pray that the godly bands will not be broken and the godly cords cast away.

Covenant With God

We ask for personal relationships with GOD. We ask GOD to go before us and flow through us. We ask GOD to spiritually cleanse ourselves and what He has given us.

The Power Of The Blood

We cover us with THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, JESUS CHRIST. We agree with THE COVENANT OF THE BLOOD. We sing songs about THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. We apply THE BLOOD, THE CROSS, THE COVENANT and THE WORD OF GOD which destroys death and power of the enemy.

We repent of any sin. With THE STRIPES OF JESUS CHRIST, we are healed (Isa. 53:4-5; 1 Pet. 2:24). THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST was shed for our atonement and physical healing. THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST is driving out our sickness, disease and weakness. We pray, meditate and praise THE LORD JESUS CHRIST for salvation, healing and wholeness.

Guardian And Warrior Angels

We ask GOD to put a hedge around us, seal our property and possessions with angels, and send angels to be stationed on our properties to guard us. We call for THE ANGEL OF THE LORD to fight for us. We ask GOD to send guardian and warrior angels, and twelve legions of angels as reinforcement for spiritual and physical warfare on our behalf. We ask for warrior angels to protect us and fight for us. We ask the angels to remove the ropes, shackles, chains, bonds and bands from those being ministered to. See Psa. 34:7 " 91:11-13; Heb. 1:14.

We ask GOD to send angels ahead of us to prepare the way, for the angels to go with us wherever we go, and leave angels where we have ministered to continue the works. We ask the angels to read Scripture to the demons until they leave. We ask GOD to send His Anger, Wrath, Indignation And Trouble on those who would destroy Christianity. We ask GOD to send angels with boxes to separately seal each demon in, chain and gag the demons, read Scripture to the demons and fill the boxes with THE GLORY OF GOD.


Forgive us for defiling THE TEMPLE OF GOD, and demonic imaginations and visualizations (witchcraft). We confess sins and iniquities (sins, wickedness and evil deeds) of our fathers and nation. We forgive those who have sinfully affected us. We ask GOD to close demonic doorways. We ask GOD to cleanse by THE POWER AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

Psalms: God's Pronouncements

We forgive the Catholic Church, and other religions, organizations and people for cursing Christians with anath'e'ma. We break and reverse the great curses, damnation and destruction placed on us and our descendants.

Psalm 109

Hold not thy peace, O GOD my praise: For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause. For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.

Territorial Warfare

WE ASK GOD FOR THE HEATHEN FOR OUR INHERITANCE, AND THE UTTERMOST PARTS OF THE EARTH FOR OUR POSSESSION. WE ASK AND RECEIVE; SEEK AND FIND; KNOCK AND IT WILL BE OPENED. We stand in the gap. We ask GOD for families, ministries, churches, parishes, counties, cities, states, nations and the world that The Gospel would be proclaimed and bear fruit. We ask GOD to restrain the territorial darkness that would prevent The Gospel. We ask GOD to persecute them for their ungodly acts.

Tactics To Win The War Against Satan

Forgive us for: failure to align ourselves with GOD's WILL, known sin and rebellion, emotional stress and trauma, submissions to an ungodly cover, inherited curses, worldly art and music, ownership of unclean objects; failure to cleanse property and places, and tithe; unforgiveness, idolatry, and a lack of separation from the things of the world. We agree to cleanse our beings, possessions and homes of unclean objects. We ask for forgiveness, confess contact with the occult and sins of the fathers, and renounce evil.

We ask for: THE FRUITS, GIFTS, SIGNS, ANOINTING and LEADERSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST and THE POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD to minister to the people. We stand behind the protection: THE HEDGE OF GOD (Job 1 " 2) and our shield of faith (Eph. 6:16).

Returning Curses

We forgive, repent and renounce involvement in Inheritance, Unclean and Unholy Things, Territorial Rights Violations, Performance Of Demonic Rituals, Distinct Situations And Actions, and General. We forgive and repent for our nationalities, ancestors, ourselves, descendents, mates and others for cursing us. We break the curses placed on us from these sources.

I pray that GOD will destroy the weapons of His enemies. I pray that GOD will use His Weapons against our enemies.


For Christianity

We pray for GOD's Good and against Satan's Evil. We pray for Jehovah's Religion and against Lucifer's False Religion. We pray for Christianity and against The New World Order which is Antichrist. We pray for the coming of JESUS CHRIST, The True Messiah, and against Satan, The False Messiah.

For Apostate Church

We pray for the Apostate Church that you would awake them and show them THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD. We pray that you would bring deliverance into The Church. We pray for signs, wonders and miracles brought by THE POWER AND ANOINTING OF GOD. We pray for Christians everywhere to enter into spiritual warfare.

We bind fallen angels and demons, and loose ourselves from them. We call for spiritual warfare to set the captives free. We bind forces of evil, and loose forces of good that we have the power and authority to do so.


Violent Weather: We fast, pray and have faith in GOD. We have the right to use THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST because we are Christians. This gives us the authority to command the weather caused by evil forces. We bind satanic power of evil weather. We loose THE POWER OF GOD to bring restoration from violent weather.

We bind and take authority over territorial spirits in the second heaven ruling over demonic weather and hurricanes. We ask the warring angels to destroy the winds, waves and violent weather.

We ask for supernatural protection of GOD's people, that there would be no injuries or deaths, nor any damage to their homes or property. We pray for protection of Christians as judgement comes upon America and the world.

Hurricanes: We pray a shield of JESUS between the water and the winds, so the spirits of Poseidon, Leviathan, Neptune and Hercules can not rise up out of the waters, and give strength and acceleration to the spirits of storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, destructive winds and killer winds. We dispatch Michael and the warring angels into the storm and capture all of the demon spirits to destroy the storm.

We bind the god of the hurricane (name of hurricane). We speak confusion into the mind of the hurricane. We command the hurricane to weaken. We reverse the curses of witchcraft affecting violent weather.


My son pray My Word, Ex. 22:18, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Gen. 6:3a And THE LORD said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man. We release Your Word to do its work according to Your Will and as You direct by YOUR SPIRIT.


We forgive America FOR THE SINS COMMITTED ESPECIALLY THE SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD, AND AGREEMENT AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO OTHER NATIONS TO SHED INNOCENT BLOOD. We are cursed by sins of America. We break national curses and that have come upon us and our descendents.


We ask that You shake and awake The World, America and Christianity before Satan takes over in The Tribulation. ALMIGHTY GOD, nothing happens without your permission because You are in complete control. We ask that Christians pray to GOD and enter into spiritual warfare daily against Satan's Kingdom Of Evil. We agree with THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD and ask that You have mercy on Christians.

We ask that you bring judgement on The World, America and THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST so that they will repent of their sins. The four sore acts of judgement include the sword, famine, pestilence and noisome beasts (war, starvation, disease and ferocious animals). We ask that You have mercy and grace on true Christians (the elect and remnant) in the midst of judgement. ALMIGHTY GOD, we deserve and accept Your Judgement which is perfect.

Pray specifically for what you are facing. Satan, God Of This World, can only do what You allow him to do. We ask that You send warring angels, ministering angels, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE SEVEN FOLD SPIRIT OF GOD to do battle with supernatural troubles, calamities and disasters not of GOD.


We pray for persecuted and martyred Christian brothers and sisters around the world, The Persecuted Church, those who pray for The Persecuted Church, agencies that support the Persecuted Church and those who persecute The Church. We pray for Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese, Animism, Atheism, tribal religions, and non-Christian religions that persecute Christians. We pray for THE BODY OF CHRIST as we suffer more persecution. We pray for strength in persecution so that we will not deny JESUS CHRIST.

We pray for those who suffer persecution, widows and orphans of martyred, and families of those who are: intimidated, raped, harassed, tortured, pressured to renounce their faith, discriminated against; denied health care, education and jobs; starved, murdered, hearts broken, stripped of human dignity, poor, refugees and marginalized, imprisoned, kidnapped, degraded, ostracized, abandoned, mutilated, oppressed, malnutrition, conflict, chronic instability, slavery, debt bondage, serfdom; forced child prostitution, soldiers, exploitation and labor; pornography, making and selling drugs, genital mutilation, abortion, fatigue, HIV, AIDS, sickness and disease, confiscation, sex trade, competitive control, girls valued less than boys, prejudice, lust, hate, hopelessness, brutality, violence, witchcraft, curses; abused sexually, physically, emotionally and violently, and evil ancient traditions.

We pray for everyone associated with: American Civil Liberties Union, Freedom From Religious Foundation, National Organization For Women, Americans United For Separation Of church And State, Planned Parenthood, People For The American Way, NARAL, Pro-choice America, National Abortion Federation, Feminist Majority Foundation, and their allies to come into THE SAVING KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST.