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1. Gene's Comments










1. Gene's Comments



This is the testimony of my family: Earline, my wife; Marie, my daughter; and Byron, my son. We were married in 1955 by Dr. Lee Roberson, who had a practice of not marrying anyone who was not a Christian. Little did we realize then what a difference it makes for both spouses to be Christians and for God to control your family. We give God the credit for our successful marriage of 25 years.

We were average Christians who never had really done anything very bad or very good. Although I had held most of the positions in the church, there was not much love in my heart for others. Nor did we see much love in the many churches we attended as I moved around the United States following the engineering profession. Worship services were more of a formality.

Earline had a number of miscarriages. Thyroid and parathyroid were completely removed as a teenager. The doctors said that we could not have any children. Earline began praying, and in 1960 God rewarded us with a beautiful baby boy we named Byron. Two years later, God gave us a beautiful baby girl we named Marie. They were all the children we could have because of Earline's health.

We went to traditional churches. They did not teach us about the miracle-working God. We did not see the miracles of God for twenty years. After several medical checkups culminating in a $500 one in 1973, it was conclusively proven that Earline had no thyroid or parathyroid. According to the doctors, she could not be alive, but was doing fine at 40 years of age. We later recognized that our children were medical miracles.

We had a near perfect family for 12 1/2 years, then tragedy struck. Byron climbed a tree and touched a 4000-volt power line and fell 50 feet. We really began to see God at work in our lives. I would like for Earline to tell what happened. We still don't understand why it had to happen or what all God has done for us.

On May 22, 1973 my world came to a crushing halt! As the children played, two neighbors came over to join me for tea. The children came in for cookies and went out again. Byron stood by my chair, his arm on my shoulder, gave me a little hug and said some day he would climb a tree to the very top. Turned, on the run, and said, "You're a nice mom", went out the door and climbed a tall cottonwood.

Soon, one of the children said that Byron had fallen out of the tree. One look at Byron and I knew only God could help him. Marie and I began to pray as never before. Nothing in my life had prepared me for this moment. No faith in God rose to meet this crisis.

On the way to the hospital, we became sure that God didn't love us or He would never have let this happen. Having nothing else to cling to, we clung to God anyway (Ps. 50:15).

At the hospital, I accused God of not living, not caring, not being. He so lovingly said, "I love you, Gene and Marie more than you love each other, more than you love yourselves. I love Byron more than you do". I couldn't believe Him. I told God, if He didn't do something to prove He loved us and that Byron was in Heaven, I would kill them and myself. I told Him if Byron was not in Heaven I didn't want any part of it either.

With all this fussing at God, I could only feel love coming to me. He said "All things are His including the tree, the power line and all the earth" (Ps. 50:10-12).

I heard myself telling Satan to remove death from Byron in the name of Jesus. Byron lived on as a miracle. I didn't know this was possible (rebuking Satan in Jesus' name).

After Gene arrived, I told all God had said. We could not believe that God really was talking. We didn't know He talked today.

As we prayed together, God assured us of His love and His everlasting knowledge. He knew Byron's future and asked if we did or would be responsible for it. A real belief and reliance in God's words sprang up in us and we were able to give Byron into the hands of this loving God. At that moment, he died.

One glance at the doctor's face and we knew before he spoke "death". I had been in the hospital with an extremely rapid heart beat. Now I could hardly see and my heart had gone mad - beating wildly. As I stood, God acted. Something very wonderful began at the top of my head, eyes were suddenly clear, heart suddenly regular. I was so calm I was startled. Peace had come over me so that I could hardly bear it. I didn't understand "peace that passes understanding" (Phil. 4:7). Now I knew this peace and understood Jesus more.

People came to console us. All we could do was tell them about this Jesus we had just experienced and all He had done for us. We had no need for the pills that were offered. We had just met the God of power and were sure we could rely on Him for all things. God had become greater than our loss and fears. He is real, He is alive, He has power, He loves us.

We saw visions, had dreams and interpretations of dreams, and had words of knowledge and words of wisdom. We didn't know where these things came from. In John 16:13 we found the answer. Later on we met people who could explain the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We received this Baptism, a prayer language, a new joy in reading the Bible and understanding. Isaiah 16:14 is a promise which God has richly kept.

Once it seemed that Byron visited me - whether in a dream or vision I'm not sure. I asked about his death; he said it was terribly cold but now everything was fine. I asked if he had seen Jesus; he said Jesus was nearly always with the children but was not there - and then Byron left.

God came to Marie in a terrible dream that showed Byron coming out the casket, sitting in a wheel chair and talking out of the side of his mouth. God gave me the interpretation. If we had not let God's perfect will be done, Byron would have been a living vegetable. We would have regretted praying for him to live.

God did many kindnesses for us to show that He was alive and loved us. Before we knew about raising our hands and praising God, He held our hands and walked with us. God spoke audibly to Earline several times. Byron had only been dead a short time when God told us that we must share what He had done for us with others. God told us when Byron accepted Christ and that Proverbs 20:11 changed him from death to life.

Jesus Christ was Savior but not Lord and Master for 20 years. We dedicated ourselves totally to God in 1973 and things began to happen. We had never tithed. We started tithing 10% after deductions and God cut my salary to 10 times the tithe. After we searched the Bible and found out that we owe God a tenth of gross income, then God found me another job. He had cut my salary $2,000 a year but he gave back $5,000 a year after my heart was right.

God has given our family divine health for the past seven years. The first major miracle was to heal Earline's back. She had been losing calcium for five years and was becoming a cripple. In addition to healing her back, God lengthened her leg 1/2". Then God healed Earline of her allergies. She went to a world renowned doctor, Dr. Browning, who found that she had 175 allergies and he said that she could never be cured. One night when she was about to take her shot, God spoke and said she didn't need her shots. She has not taken a shot since and is completely healed. When I saw God heal Earline, I decided by faith to stop taking my shots; God faithfully healed me from my allergies. Marie has been healed of many minor ailments by prayer such as a broken tail bone and ear ache. We could spend many days telling about people that we have seen God heal.

One Sunday afternoon, Marie decided to get her horse, King Fox, and go riding. When we got back to the stables, Marie had fallen off King Fox and broken her arm. This shocked Earline and I but we had the presence of the Holy Spirit so we prayed for Marie.

We didn't know whether to take her to the hospital or to the doctor or to depend upon God for healing. As we rode back home, the Lord quickened Psalm 37:23 to my mind, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord". I asked God to order our steps.

Marie sat in the car, she could feel the dislocated broken bones. We called our family doctor, Dr. Lee. He was out and his backup was out too.

I went to my study to get the anointing oil. As I came out, Earline said, "Go get your oil and pray for Marie". God had given us a "Word of Wisdom" (I Corinthians 12:8). We were familiar with James 5:14 and 15 about anointing with oil and praying the prayer of faith. I then anointed Marie's forehead, held her hand of the broken arm, and we prayed again. Her arm tingled and she could feel the bones moving within the arm.

We then took her to Doctor's Memorial Hospital where she was x-rayed and attended by Dr. Kilroy, a bone specialist who showed us the x-ray. We could see a complete break through the shoulder socket; the bone was perfectly set. He said that it was unusual to see that type of break and not have to set the bone.

Earline and Marie prayed that she would be completely healed in three weeks. The doctor took an x-ray to prove she was not healed. PRAISE THE LORD, she was healed, the cast was taken off, and she rode King Fox three weeks after the arm was broken! Any doctor will tell you that it takes six to eight weeks to heal an ordinary break and longer for complicated breaks.

Jeremiah 32:27 says, "Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me." God is only limited by our faith. Since then, I have learned of three other cases where God set the bones. To God be the glory, honor and praise for everything that was done.

We were baptized in the Holy Spirit at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International meeting in Baton Rouge. We have received the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. Spiritually God has filled our cups to overflowing with His love and grace. Materially God has met all of our needs out of His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus.

The first year after the Baptism we went to as many meetings as we could attend to learn and be blessed. Then God began to deal with us about helping others. Now, we minister to whoever God puts in our path. We pray for the sick and those needing deliverance. We have seen the sick healed and God grow out arms and legs as much as 2". We have seen demons cast out and the dead raised (Matthew 10:78).


After Byron's death, the world seemed unreal. I wanted to leave this world and I asked God to kill us. This was an improper prayer and it was a selfish action on my part. Losing Byron was like losing an arm or a leg. We searched the Bible to see if we could commit suicide, go to heaven and be with Byron, and also to be out of our misery. The Bible says that you have no right to commit suicide and you may end up in Hell. We prayed that the plane would crash in the Atlanta Airport. There were one-hundred tornadoes in Atlanta that day and the plane shook on its take-off. My grief really was for my loss and for myself. God told us that Byron was in Heaven. I would sit and hold Byron's picture and cry; I did this many times. I felt like I had to grieve over Byron's death or I was not showing proper love for him. I would drive to work praying and crying. I cry often now but they are tears of joy. I have found that there is nothing wrong with a man crying in the sight of God.

I did not want to work but God told me that I must support my family. I tried to go to the mission field but nobody wanted me; they only wanted me to go to the seminary. God told me to continue to be an engineer and to start helping others who were in need.

After Byron's death we really started seeking God. Jesus was our Savior but He became our Lord and Master also.

Byron's death caused us to reach out and help others who were experiencing death in their families. God has helped restore our lives as we have helped others. Now we have a ministry of helping others centered around deliverance.

It took four years to write our testimony "From Death Into Real Life" and to overcome our grief. I handled my grief by the following steps: I quit looking back at Byron's death, I ministered to the needs of my family, and I went on with what the Lord wanted me to do.


There are days you never forget . Some are joyful, happy, fun days and others are terrifying, horrible days. May 22, 1973 was one of those terrifying days.

It started off as a lovely day. Spring in Minnesota is a beautiful, delicate time of year. It begins in lovely pastels and flows into stronger hues. This day was so lovely in its beginning. The children are off to school. I spend some time reading my Bible and praying for the members of my family. Then it's time for the housework. I've been busy all day and in a hurry to finish so that I'm free by the time the children come home from school.

Here they are at the door eager to get in and tell all about the day's events. Byron hits the back steps on the run with the usual "Hi Mom!" Marie is not far behind. They have some snacks, change clothes, and run out to play.

Our pastor's wife and children, and a neighbor come by. I make tea for the adults and the children go off to play. Byron comes in, hugs me where I sit, tells me "I'm a good Mom," and sneaks a cookie out of my saucer. Tells me as he rushes out the door that, "Someday I'm going to climb to the top of a tree". He's gone but I hear me saying, "Don't climb the tree at the top of the hill". He doesn't hear.

The talk among adults begins again, pastor's wife leaves, and neighbor stays. The door slams and the pastor's son says "Byron fell out of the tree". I rush up the hill to where he lays. One look and I know there is no hope except in God. We begin artificial respiration but there's no response. I hurry to call the rescue unit. They are here in no time. The route to the hospital is cleared; we're there in a matter of minutes. All the way Marie and I pray begging God to help him, to heal him.

Now he's in the emergency room; they are trying so hard to help him. We're in the waiting room praying; praying as we have never prayed before. They've called Gene; I'm praying for him. His children are the light and joy of his life, and now only God can restore his son. Oh God, please help him!

During this wait, I hear myself thinking, "Where in God's Word can I find help?" By a miracle He has given this child, how can He let him die? How can I let him die? I hear my voice asking God, "How can you say you love him and us if you will not hear and heal?" And God said, "I love him more than you do". I tell God I don't understand it. I reason with Him that Jesus didn't have children here so how can He understand? All He says is, "I love you, Gene and Marie more than you do. I know the present, past and future of all things". Not once did I feel He did not love me or them but I truly could not understand.

Gene is here now; a moment I've desired and dreaded. He is told everything; I tell him what God has said. We still cannot say "Lord we trust you, have your way here".

As in a distance, I hear myself tell the Devil to remove death from this child; that in Jesus' name he cannot have him. And Byron lives on in a coma.

As time passes, God's love and assurance penetrates us; at least we are able to say, "He is yours". At this moment God removed his spirit. We never had been able to dedicate our children to God. Somehow we were afraid of God. He had not become a God of love and power to us but He is becoming so now.

Now I am letting all my fear out to God. I tell Him, "If this child dies, I will kill myself, Gene and Marie because I know with certainty that I cannot help it". Even knowing what the Bible says about suicide and murder, I know I cannot help myself.

Byron had never been down the church isle nor had he joined the church. When he was a baby, he was loving and a joy to behold. All of his life he excelled in all things: school, sports, etc. Instead of growing away from his family, he seemed to grow closer.

In the year before his death, he was happiest when we did things as a family. At night he would study or pretend to until Gene finished his work in the study and came down to the den. He had a favorite chair. He would get up and walk around the room and his dad would sit in Byron's favorite chair Byron jumps in his dad's lap and sits there during the news. He's 12 years old and we're wondering when he will start to rebel.

I'm remembering how Byron, Marie and Gene play together, and now one will not be present anymore. The pain is so great that I tell God, "If Byron does not make it into Heaven, I don't want any part of your Heaven". I tell Him that He must do something for me so I will know where Byron is and that God himself really exists and has a personal love for each of us because if He does not I don't need Him or want Him.

For 2 ears before Byron's death, I had begun to feel there must be more to being a Christian than I saw in myself or in any other Christian I ever knew. If there was no more than what I had and had seen in others, it was not enough.

One Sunday I issued God an ultimatum; He had three Sundays to do something to prove His existence. Now I couldn't see that He performed at all that first week nor the second week. At last the third week came and I was truly expecting something to happen. I didn't know what but something--nothing happened. I quit church that day spiritually.

Friends had started a Bible study group. They were going to skip around and study different books of the Bible. I told them, "No, I'd quit". Their shocked faces amazed and amused me. They didn't seem to have anymore of God in their lives than I did. I retorted that, "If I ever read again in that Book, I'll start with Genesis, and go all the way through the Book. If I found no more than I had before, I'd burn the Book and think of it no more".

Well, they started in Genesis and found some very interesting things. Like that group in the desert that was at least as big a group as all the people in Houston (where we lived at that time) plus all the surrounding area. Now Houston had 2 million people there.

That set me off. I had just been hearing how much water we used in Houston including food, clothing, etc. I was in amazement at how God cared for the people. I got my Bible and I read, "Did your clothes get threadbare or your shoes wear out?" I then am truly amazed because I do already know about the manna and quail. Well, I didn't stop going to church but I did begin to look at the Bible differently. I learned a lot about the Bible and believed in God more.

But here I am living by Baptist standards and by then my child may be on his way to Hell; only God knows and I must know. I asked God for a sign or I told Him that I would die and my family also.

The doctor comes in now. One look at his face and I know his words will be "death". As I try to get up, I realize my heart is beating so hard I cannot see. As I stand up and grab for his jacket to hold on to, something begins to happen. I can see and besides there is a sweet, sweet peace coming over my head. It's down to my shoulders and now my heart instantly begins to beat properly. The sweet peace continues until I am strengthened even to my feet.

At the moment the doctor says he is gone, that sweet peace begins to flow down over me--assurance unshakeable that comes from God. Byron is with Him, God exists, Hallelujah! He loves us, will strengthen us, will be with us, and preserve us. No one has ever been able to shake this answer in my mind or spirit.

As we go in to tell Byron good-bye, our hearts realize that he is already with God--what can I say to his body? I love him so much I cannot cry. I want to scream it cannot be so. I want to grab him up and run away where no one can take him from me but that sweet, sweet peace comes. I cannot shake it--I want to--I don't want to. We are told we must leave. It is like ripping us into shreds but we know we must go.

There are things we must take care of. As the problems appear, we pray that God shows us what to do. Where do we bury Byron? Our home then was in Minnesota but we didn't believe we would stay there long. We could not bear to leave him there. God gives me a vision of a place I had not seen since I was about five years old; didn't know where it is or even if it exists. Mother tells me it is where my grandparents on my dad's side are buried. It's a family plot in Tennessee. As questions come up, God gives the answers.

As we are going through the church services, I am numb. I can only feel pain and that sweet, sweet peace. All the children from his school come to the funeral. Gene has asked the pastor to tell the children of God's love and Jesus' provision for salvation. God anoints the pastor and it is a truly inspired service. It is over; I still am numb and in great pain but that sweet peace refuses to leave.

We fly to Tennessee to complete the service of burial; now it's over. Still I cannot sleep; I pray and wait. I cannot see how I can go on living. I'm always asking God just to give me strength in body, soul and spirit for the next job and after that the next.

I am very pained because we had planned for Byron to have a jet ride; now he is but he cannot see or enjoy it. The pain is too great to cry--only moans come out. Marie reminds me that his spirit has already flown higher than jets.

I don't want to go home to Minneapolis but I know I must. I'm the type that if I run from pain or unpleasantness, I will continue running. This is why I have to guard against anything which gives artificial help like drink, drugs, people, etc.

We drive to Atlanta to the airport. Atlanta has over one hundred tornadoes that day--some big, some small. The plane sits on the ground for hours. At take-off it labors and shakes until we are beginning to wonder if it will make it. I'm thinking that maybe God will answer my prayer and help us to get to Heaven together: all three of us right now. So I don't pray for the plane or even the other people because my pain is too great.

Later on I ask God to reveal to me when and how Byron was saved. He flashed an incident across my memory. Byron had read Proverbs 20:11 one day in Sunday school. The lesson was not interesting so he read on in his Bible. On arriving home (then I'm suffering from allergy) he was glowing and he told me this verse. From then on his life was changed.

I am sharing these events in my life with you so that you may know of the love of God for your personally. He has asked all saved people to tell others of this great love which welcomes all people regardless of condition to the Savior who loved us so much that he died on the cross to redeem us to Himself.

In a few nights I'm praying and asking God if I might see Byron in a dream or vision if it wasn't against His rules. As I was sleeping this night I heard a loud sound like a knife falling on concrete. I think I'm awake; even now I'm not sure. I feel this presence at the head of my bed. I cry out, "what are you?" Byron says, "It's me, Mom". I immediately asked Him, "How is everything with you?" He says, "It's fine, so very fine". Then I asked him if Jesus is there. This had been an important question on my mind and only Jesus could answer it. He said, "Jesus was not there just then but was there most of the time". I asked, "How was death?" He said "It was so cold and terrible when the accident happened", but hastened with much joy to add that "everything is wonderful and fine now".

A few days later I am so close to the brink of despair or insanity. I asked God why He let this happen to us. I know a family with several children they do not want. The children are pitiful in every way. "God why didn't you take one of them?" He only answered, "I began to prepare your family for this time 2 years ago. I drew you back, Gene back, and Marie was saved. I love and prepare my children for all things." But why he died, God did not say.

We knew nothing of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, yet they were operating in our lives then. I had dreams, Marie had a vision, and Gene had the interpretation.

There were many times I would reach points of no return knowing that easing into insanity was next and that was welcome. I'd just scream "Jesus" until it became a whisper, and peace and strength would return. There is more power in that name than any man has yet understood.

It is now four years later. We have found out much more about the God of love and power. About 1 years to 2 years after Byron's death, we were still earnestly seeking God. We had discovered that God heals and baptizes in the Holy Spirit. Now we know He loves us, cares for us, and protects us.

I received a healing in my back in 1975. Later on in that year God told me that I need not take any more allergy shots. I had 175 severe allergy problems and had been treated over five years by doctors. I didn't take any more shots. Now in 1986 I am still healed--Praise The Lord!


I grieved over Byron's death and worried over my family. I became a dominating Jezebel, trying to fix everything for everyone except myself. This action tended to make everything worse, even creating more problems. I prayed and fasted a lot to get God to straighten them out, but forgot to ask for wisdom and understanding to straighten myself out. I did not follow I Peter 5:7-11. I would cast my cares upon Him but because there was no quick-fix, I took them all back and did not follow on to believe v.9, that after a while He would finish the work He planned in us. We would be established, secure, settled and strengthened

I had been taught about good confessions. I confessed, until I was worn out, that the problems would be taken care of by God. Things got worse rather than better. I did not take scriptural care of my part of the problem. I was ignorant of the Bible's instruction so God could not act. I did not qualify due to ignorance and disobedience (Hosea 4:6). I began to say to God, "If I must go through this, please teach me all that I need to learn. I don't want to go through this over and over."

Grief is a normal reaction to loss or pain . It is not normal grief when two, five or ten years later, it is as great or greater then when it happened. Grief becomes rebellion when it controls our action to the point we do not obey God.

In John 10:10 we find out who wants to kill, steal and destroy us. The Devil never lets up when you have trouble; that's when he pounces the hardest through his demons.



Job's Test

When Earline had kidney failure, the LORD impressed me to read the Book of Job in the hospital to Earline. We didn't realize that GOD was telling us that we were going to be put through a major test, especially Earline. We were at the height of our ministry but we did not spiritually discern what was happening. After Earline's death, GOD told Marie, our daughter, that He had put Earline through a seven-year Job's test for rewards in Heaven. Earline had suffered for seven years from kidney failure, kidney transplant and related problems from not having a naturally-functioning kidney. She also had a broken hip, two broken arms and a broken elbow. It seemed like she had one problem after another which never ended. It seemed many times that prayer or deliverance did not work. Now we can look back and see that GOD was allowing these things to happen to test Earline's faith.

Hospital Experience

We were told that Earline would be able to recover from fluid in the lungs. Marie and I started fasting for Earline after she had a near-death experience in the hospital. We had turned Earline over to GOD. We wanted His Perfect Will to be done. We told GOD that we would serve Him even if He did not heal Earline. Earline would not have wanted to be in a wheelchair. There were two times in the hospital that Earline seemed to indicate that she wanted to go and be with the LORD.

Many people came to comfort the family and to pray for us and Earline. Earline was anointed with oil, and healing and deliverance were prayed for her. There were other people around the nation and on the Internet that were praying for Earline. There was sufficient prayer power to heal Earline or to raise her from the dead.

The presence of GOD was wonderful in the hospital and the power of GOD was there to heal. We were having a prayer circle in the waiting room. GOD sovereignly chose to heal Marie's neck. She had injured her neck ten years ago when she fell off a horse and hit a post. Spiritually you felt good due to the presence of the LORD. Physically you were crying for Earline as you watched your loved one die.

After death, we spent a day at home praying for Earline to be raised from the dead. Earline's spirit was with us until we finished praying.

Sometime after the burial, we had a family prayer meeting. GOD healed Marie of TMJ, a jaw problem, which had been bothering her for some time. He then healed Nat, my grandson, of allergies. GOD was showing us that He still healed people. He could have healed Earline or raised her from the dead, but He chose to take her to be with Him.

We kept waiting for Earline to sit-up in bed or sit-up in the casket. It seemed like our faith was high for GOD to heal and to raise Earline from the dead. We had a wonderful funeral celebrating Earline's homecoming. It was like no other funeral that I know about. The burial in the family cemetery plot was good with a gentle alter call made by Clyde, Earline's brother. Many good things have come out of Earline's death. There was reconciliation in the Moody and Chauncey families from previous hurts.

The Perfect Number Seven

The number seven was prominent in Earline's death. From kidney failure to Earline's death was seven years. Earline had seven different kinds of doctors trying to keep her alive. Earline was buried seven days after her mother was buried. Marie and I fasted seven days to Earline's death. Everything seems to indicate that it was GOD's PERFECT WILL for Earline to be taken to be with Him.

The Future

The LORD has told me to spend more time with my family, and to continue the ministry and the business. He said that He has a lot for me to do. I have chosen to be a spiritual eunuch, THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, and devote my time to THE LORD.



I am going to pass out our more complete family testimony. On the front is listed a website for our ministry and other ministries. You can look these up on the Internet to access our Deliverance Manual , Spiritual Warfare Manual, How To Do Deliverance Manual, Sexual Deliverance Manual, Witchcraft Deliverance Manual, Curses Deliverance Manual and Healing Deliverance Manual, and other information.

I want to honor Earline for her ministry and the persecution that she received primarily from Christians about deliverance. Yea, and all that will live godly in JESUS CHRIST shall suffer persecution (II Tim. 3:12).

Testimony About How GOD Taught Us Deliverance

After Byron, our only son died, our marriage was breaking up and Marie, our daughter, was in rejection and rebellion because she felt that we did not love her. We were all trying to recover from Byron's death. We fasted, prayed and sought the LORD for about two years for GOD to help us in our terrible situation.

One night, Earline told me that she threw her BIBLE across the family room into the corner and told GOD that she was going to quit Christianity if He didn't do something for our family. The LORD then appeared to Earline in a series of visions. A window shade came down and He told Earline to get me to pray deliverance. She argued with GOD; she didn't want me to pray or anyone else. Many people had prayed for us with no results. The window shade came down the second time and GOD repeated the command. Earline argued with GOD again. The window shade came down a third time; GOD laughed at Earline and told her, "Didn't I tell you to get Gene to pray deliverance?" She came back to the bedroom where I was in bed, but not asleep, and told me what GOD had said.

I made my arguments too about not knowing about deliverance and why not get our pastor to do it. Finally, I gave in and prayed in English and then in Tongues, The Heavenly Language. Then THE HOLY SPIRIT began to call out names of demons through my voice which then came out of us. Marie was in the next bedroom but she also received deliverance. The next day she was a smiling teenager. Deliverance saved our marriage and family, and began our ministry.

THE HOLY SPIRIT personally taught us basic deliverance, the families of Rejection, Bitterness and Rebellion, in the middle of the night in the middle of our bed. We did not learn from reading a book or listening to someone teach us. We did not receive any books or teaching by man until about six months after our supernatural deliverance by GOD. Then we heard Frank and Ida Mae Hammond teach about deliverance and discuss the book, Pigs In The Parlor. The churches we went to did not teach deliverance which was about a third of JESUS CHRIST's ministry here on earth.

People wanted to know what had happened to us; we were different. Then GOD began to send people to us for help. We knew very little about deliverance and GOD began to teach us as we helped others. That started us in a deliverance ministry about twenty-five years ago.

Earline gave her deliverance testimony in public. Women would look at her and say "She had a demon!" This was hard on her to be ridiculed in public. People began to talk about us in charismatic Christian circles. We were made fun of from the pulpit by pastors.

Persecution is harder on the woman than it is on the man. Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour to the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered (I Peter 3:7).

After Byron died in Minneapolis, we really started trying to follow GOD. We moved to Baton Rouge and went to many Christian meetings in our area to be fed spiritually.

We gave our testimony in public and became popular. After GOD taught us deliverance, we went from being two of the most popular Christians to two of the most unpopular Christians. We were no longer sought to give our testimony but were shunned. We were pioneers for the LORD to bring deliverance to the Greater Baton Rouge Area in our time.

It was very hard on Earline what people said about her. She decided that she would not say anything about deliverance to stop the talk. GOD spoke to her and said that if she denied her deliverance that she would lose it. She decided not to deny her deliverance but to speak about it as GOD directed.

Marie decided not to follow deliverance because of the persecution that we received. After Marie and Nathan were married, GOD brought her back into deliverance and then her family into deliverance.

What Satan fights hard against is the question, "Can a Christian have a demon?" The answer is yes, absolutely. Christians have many demons. Deliverance is growing around the world as the Church rediscovers what the early Christians practiced regularly.

At first, the LORD used deliverance to save our marriage and family. Then we began to help people in our home. Then we began to have meetings in homes, motels and churches. Then we started to go to Lake Hamilton Bible Camp for a month out of the year. We would spend about two months out of the year in the ministry. We did this until Earline had kidney failure.

After Byron had been with the LORD for about four years, we wrote our family testimony. Then the LORD led us to start writing the Deliverance Manual which took about twenty years to write. It took about a year of my life and a year of Earline's life to complete.

Out of our teachings came audio tapes, video tapes and booklets. These were sent around the world. We see the tip of the spiritual iceberg here on earth about what GOD is doing in our lives. I feel confident that GOD, through us, has helped thousands of people around the world. Earline has an equal share of the ministry and will get her rewards in Heaven.


All the credit, honor and glory goes to GOD. We glorify THE FATHER GOD, JESUS CHRIST THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. Finally, we honor Earline for her ministry, the persecution that she received, and the many people that GOD has used her to help. Her ministry will live on through her writings and teachings, and continue to help people around the world.



1. Pray and bind spirits over spirit, soul and body.

2. Read Matt. 10:7-8; Mark 16:17-18; II Tim. 2:19-22.

3. Testimony of ten years in deliverance.

4. Jesus: Savior, Baptizer, Healer, Deliverer and Prosperer.

Pigs In The Parlor

1. Every Christian should have a copy.

2. Read cover.

3. Seven Ways to Determine the Need for Deliverance, Seven Steps to Deliverance and Seven Steps for Retaining Deliverance.

4. The deliverance prayer (salvation and deliverance).

5. 53 Common Demon Groupings

6. Three R's: Root of Bitterness, Rejection and Rebellion

7. Schizophrenic - Paranoid: Satan's Master Plan

Faith Tabernacle

1. Wednesday - Basic deliverance.

2. Thursday " Friday - Schizophrenic Personality: Inward and Outward Signs

3. Saturday - Coming out party (demon manifestations).

4. Sunday - How to stay delivered.

Can A Christian Have A Demon?

Human: Spirit - Soul - Body

Temple: Holy of Holies - Inner Temple - Outer Temple

Spirits: Holy Spirit - Unholy Spirits

Control: Possession - Oppression by Demons

Realms: Mental - Physical - Spiritual - Material

All Christians

1. Demons come out of Spirit-filled Christians.

2. All Christians need deliverance: II Tim. 2:19-22.

3. We must also cleanse our houses of anything displeasing to God.

Our Family

1. Earline delivered Marie in Mexico.

2. Earline and I had problems for 1 1/2 years.

3. "I Like To Eat Spirit" - Lost 70 pounds.




1. Leaving spiritual leadership up to Earline about how to raise our children.

2. Breakdown of communications between Earline, Marie and me as I pursued spiritual goals but neglected my family.

3. Fear of getting hurt by others especially by my family and Earline's family.

4. God of Jobs at one time when I put my job first, family second and God last. Now it is reversed: God first, family second and job last.

5. Leaving spiritual things of God to wife occurred partially such as receiving the Baptism. I suggested that Earline receive it first.

6. I came from a poor family and had a materialistic drive until Byron died.

7. We had many misunderstandings as Ahab husband and Jezebel wife.

8. I did not believe in having an argument with my wife. So, I would go into my room, study engineering, and not talk to Earline.

9. We even came close to separation and divorce at our low point about twenty-five years ago after Byron died.

10. I was somewhat unemotional and could not show love the way I should.

11.The greatest blessing was that God kept us from whole-heartedly pursuing fame and fortune before Byron died.

12. Earline said I acted like an Ahab but did not give in anytime!

13. Do you have divine order in your home? Are you Ahab men and Jezebel women?



In July of 1975 I came into deliverance. Do you know it is truly possible to have peace in your mind? For most of my life, I was your average daughter, wife, mother and woman. In my mind there was never any real peace, only a sort of make-believe peace. I was not particularly moody, not often angry and not often depressed.

Life for me after I married was a continual move - new places - new people - new houses, all of which I enjoyed. Our homes were among the best and most beautiful around. Decorating them was a lot of joy for me. Taking my children to new places and introducing them to new experiences was exciting. We toured all of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The greatest fun was watching the children enjoy all the new and unusual things we came across. Life was very exciting.

On May 22, 1973 we were devastated. Our son died from an accident at play. Now all of these lovely homes, beautiful furniture, exciting places, fun people and fun times seemed like trash. At this time we came to know the love of Jesus and the power of God. Never would we be the same again.

After five months passed, we returned south from Minneapolis. In Baton Rouge at the Full Gospel Business Men meetings, we heard about divine healing and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit; I needed both. In time I was healed of my allergies, bad back, etc. and got the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Gene and I went to meetings, testified and prayed for people, and saw miracles of healing and Baptisms. For about six months things went fine but as time passed, some attitudes and hurts began to show up and I was very unhappy, moody, and depressed.

I spent hours telling Gene how badly he had treated me. I came to believe he had done things that he had not. If you look at my previous statement, you'll see I enjoyed moving. One time when I was ill, I didn't want to move. The rest of the time I enjoyed it. So, I let myself come to believe that he moved just to hurt me and to make life bad for me. I accused him of shutting Marie and me out of his life since Byron died. Gene never knew what to expect when he got home -- maybe a frying pan on the noodle. No amount of Bible reading, prayer or fasting helped for more than a week or two at the most.

I was trying to help Marie who was going through all kinds of adjustments to her brother's death but only made matters worse. She also became full of resentment and hurt, and was bitter and angry.

Gene, Marie and I fasted, prayed and talked. I was fasting and praying that God would fix Gene up. I was so blind I was sure that I was perfect - well almost.

After a year or so, I was sitting reading Psalm 91. I had always loved it but suddenly like a bucket of ice water it hit me. The Psalm was not true for me. I had no peace, and was always angry and moody. I (when you are persuaded by the Devil to look on others as the problem) was even beginning to wonder if God was just being bad to me.

I sat on the couch and began to pray: "God if you don't help me tonight I am going out of church, and into the world for good". I told God that Gene is worse off than me; he's all of my problems. God just stopped talking so I started praying again the same prayer. God said again, "Get Gene to pray deliverance for you". I asked about having our pastors do my deliverance. God didn't answer; it was like he pulled down a shade or veil. Being one of determination I started out again "God I must have help tonight; if I don't get it, I flat quit. He said, "Get Gene to pray deliverance for you". God was not harsh, neither was he condemning. He seemed to be pleased that I had finally asked for help and really meant it.

I called Gene; he didn't seem particularly impressed. He also suggested the same people and the same excuses. But the best one was "I don't know what deliverance is; I don't know how to do that".

After some discussion, we decided to go to the bedroom and get in the middle of the bed. We were sitting facing each other, Gene starts praying, and my mind starts wandering. He prayed a while in tongues and started saying strange things such as, "You come out of my wife in the name of Jesus". One thing I remember well was that at the beginning when each demon was named, I had a thought, "I don't have that".

As he called out Rejection, its hurts and kindred spirits, I was being shown by the Holy Spirit how these spirits had gained entrance into me, and how they had checked and bound me in all attempts to be myself. Rejection kept me just short of my goals in life. Mostly it kept me from doing what God said to do due to a fear that the other person would disagree or reject me and my idea. I always worked better and succeeded best in those things that I did alone.

Next came Bitterness; I never even considered myself bitter. But as he called out demons under this ruler, I saw hate, violence and anger. I had much trouble with temper. Not that I was always violent, on the contrary I was seldom angry to the observer. When I did get angry or lose my temper, my husband and children usually found some other more suitable place to be.

At the naming of Rebellion, I thought I surely don't have this spirit. As he called it out again, I balled up my fist, drew back to back-hand him, and was consumed with a fit of coughing and mucus.

As this was going on, I was shown how there is only one real rebellion, and it is pointed toward God. Even if we say, "My husband just does not accept God's way so I am going to---". In the end when it's traced back, it is rebellion to God for God gave directions about how to live with an unsaved mate. If it is against circumstances, God says, "This is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. In whatever circumstances, I am therewith to be content".

One of my rebellions was against circumstances. I had always had such lovely homes with rooms to spare, so that Gene always had an office, and I always had a sewing and craft room. When we came here, Gene bought a three bedroom house with only two baths. His reason was that I couldn't set up Byron's bedroom; I became bitter. I said, "Yes, but you still have your office; I don't have a room. You always get what you want." And I became more rebellious.

When I first moved here I didn't hate this house but little by little it crept up on me. At first it was just the things packed together. Then it grew until I hated the house twenty-four hours a day. Then my ingratitude reached other branches of my life. My wheels were the wheels of a camper truck. I didn't like the truck anymore. Next came Gene, and then living in this bug-infested hot climate with people who can't speak good English. Next the ungrateful person begins to blame others even if he sees it's as much his fault as the other persons. He lies to himself until in his eyes, at least, the other person is entirely at fault.

God showed me my attitude in light of His attitude letting me know that He could take even this house away; that He had provided it and I was ungrateful for His provision. Oh my, this really was sobering me up. After these three main ruler demons were cast out, I gave up if he called a demon out. I just agreed and became free of it.

I had a habit of getting my work done as fast as I could because I didn't like being in the house alone. So, I roved all over this town looking for plants and cloth to work on the house, but I never worked on it. I did a lot of visiting with other Christian women which is not necessary.

Since neither Gene nor I knew anything about this turn of events, I asked God to teach me so I wouldn't go backwards. I rather liked the changes in my mind and attitude.

I found Romans 12 contained my answer. In verse 2, I am told to renew my mind and attitudes with God's instructions. By doing this, I would prove for myself what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. In response to your obedience and surrender, God will help you change bad attitudes and habits.

Attitudes submitted to God's word will follow with actions of obedience.

In studying Eph. 5:25-32, I saw how my home was meant to show Christ's relationship with the Church. To my dismay, I saw it reflected my relationship with Christ. It was not a relationship to bring others to Christ.

I also saw how the Church is rebelling against Christ just as in our family members were in rebellion.

The morning after this experience I came down the hall to the kitchen and was greeted pleasantly by my daughter. Now, this was a surprise because she was not so pleasant at that time either. I noticed that she began to change. I asked God about this often and learned that my condition had put such a strain on her that she was being broken under it. I didn't tell her about my deliverance; I didn't know I should. She became a very obedient and joyful person. I began to enjoy Marie and not worry about her so much.


Rejection is the basic cause of abuse. All types of rejection work to destroy the mental and emotional health of an individual.

I had often wondered about certain problems I had: (1) an inordinate desire to please, (2) inability to say no to things I didn't want to do, (3) always setting goals, working hard to accomplish them and then stopping short of success, (4) always feeling I had to do things better than anyone else, and (5) trying to make everything around me and about me look better than I thought it was.

I cut off part of my finger in an accident loading a horse into a trailer. It was the first time I had need of a hospital in many years. I was put to sleep and my finger was sewn into my palm. The next day I was supposed to be quiet and take it easy.

For five years, I had been trying to help my mom get resettled after my dad's death. At times she would tell me what she wanted me to do and I would start to do it. Right in the middle of my doing it, she would suddenly, without telling me, change her mind and have one of my brothers doing an entirely different thing.

Two years ago I took her to Maine to see my brother. Back in Chattanooga she accused me of wanting and trying to kill her. This really puzzled me because I thought we got along very well.

After the operation, I was being still on the sofa praying. I asked God Why can't I help mom? Why does she think I want to kill her?

I had a vision. (Have you had visions?) I was standing in the room I had as a child. I was high near the ceiling. I was witnessing a terrible thing. A woman was beating, not whipping, a child. I went down to see who this was and to stop it; I saw it was my mom. I went beside the bed, bent down and looked; the child was me.

Thinking I was hallucinating because of the drugs from the operation the day before, I quickly decided to get up and get busy. One-handed work was hard to find, so I swept the carport.

My brother called me or I called him. Since I sounded a little funny, he asked what was wrong. I told him next time they could sew me up awake. Then I related this story to him. He was silent, then he asked me if I remembered that day.

He said he had told my dad that if my mom didn't stop beating me for no reason, he would kill her. The only words said in the scene were by my dad; he said to my mom that he would kill her if he ever heard of this happening again. I was not a small child. I was ten or twelve years old when the beatings stopped.

For some reason, I simply cannot remember this today. He thought her fear that I wanted to kill her came from the guilt for what she did to me.

About eight to nine years before this incident, Gene and I had fasted and prayed for me for two years. When I got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, there was only initial joy. Immediately, I began to have more fears than before, my emotions were out of control and I couldn't think clearly. God does not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, calm, well-balanced mind, discipline and self control.

Neither of us knew about deliverance from demons, so God had to teach us. After a long time of praying one night, Gene began to call out Rejection, Rebellion, Bitterness, etc. I was very different after this.

I had to learn how to stay free by studying the Bible. No one in our town believed a Christian could have a demon, so we had to rely on God and His Word.

I was doing very well until the scene passed before my eyes and I learned of my early life. Immediately, I began to have times of panic for no apparent reason. I was hostile. I noticed a panic when those who had authority over me were present. I would become fearful if a policeman came near me, and when the pastor or principal came into my school room. I felt I had to challenge Gene's decisions.

We prayed and felt that I needed more deliverance. Gene was led to call out the same things as before. We realized at this point that we were working on my subconscious mind.


The following testimony will help you understand how the soul (mind, will and emotions) works. It will also show you how Satan attacks the physical body with demons by curses.

I have an Indian - English - German - French background. There are curses on each of these people. Indians worshipped demons; some English and Europeans were Druids - they worshipped Satan.

In innocence, my father participated in some occult practices: wart removal and water witching. From my father came curses of Masons and Indians. Physical problems came as a result of curses on Indian worship: inactive thyroid, female disorders and heart disease.

My father removed the warts from my brother by mountain medicine (witchcraft). This occult practice was something in the order of tying strings, going out under the drip of the eave and burying the strings. The occult practice removed the warts but he got spinal meningitis. Apparently, a demon of spinal meningitis was swapped for a demon of warts.

Satan doesn't give anything away for free; there is a greater price to pay. Spinal meningitis killed him. He went to Heaven and saw two siblings which had died early in life; God sent him back to earth. I had to nurse him back to health.

My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic with an Indian - English background. Her emotional illness caused me to need a lot of deliverance from emotional problems.


Earline's Comments

I had a heart condition which was unusual. It never occurred with regularity or under any specific condition.

God gave me a vision of a shaman or witch doctor at an elevated funeral pyre which was burning dead bodies. He was chanting and waving, and saying on the descendents and descendents. This was supposed to be a blessing, but in actuality was a curse, because Indians worship demons. This was a curse that came down on my family causing heart problems.

Gene's Comments

This is a sign of demonic symptoms of disease brought about by a curse. It doesn't follow the medical guidelines. All they can say is that it is inherited.

Earline's Comments

While taking a tread mill test, I experienced tremendous pain in the chest, arms and neck. I was examined by a heart specialist in Minneapolis who told me that my heart was good but he had written death by heart attack on many people's certificates like myself.

Gene's Comments

These were people who didn't really have anything wrong with their hearts physically but had a spiritual root to the disease. The prayer of faith will not heal a disease that has a spiritual root that must be dealt with as sin to be confessed. Then the curse can be broken and the person prayed for to be healed.

God is beginning to show the Christian world spiritual roots of various diseases. Pastor Henry Wright of Molena, Georgia is a pioneer in this area. Also Art Mathias who is in Anchorage, Alaska.

Earline's Comments

A year or so after my dad's death, I found my heart acting up again. Sometimes one to five years would elapse between seizures. I began to ask God to show me why my brothers, dad, dad's brothers and his dad had heart problems.

God showed me Exodus 20 and Ezekiel 18. He told me to repent for my ancestors and myself for the sin of idol worship in Leviticus 26:40-41. The curse of idol worship follows the blood line down to the descendants. I did these things and have been free from these attacks for over twenty years. I was only the second generation from previous generations of Indians that sinned before God.

Gene's Comments

You have to forgive your ancestors and ask for forgiveness for yourself. Earline took her older brother, Clyde, through breaking the curse and he is still alive after a heart attack.

Exodus 20 lists the Ten Commandments which are still applicable today. The scriptures about worshipping other gods are verses 3, 4 and 5. This outlines the curse for idol worship which lasts three or four generations according to God's purposes. (Does anybody know why God curses some sins for three generations and some sins for four generations?)

Ezekiel 18 shows the equity of God's dealings with us. The sin of idol worship is defined as eating upon the mountains (in the groves), lifting up the eyes to the idols (worship), and not walking in God's statutes and judgements (disobedience).

This was a revelation of the sins of the ancestors that God gave Earline through prayer about why her family was plagued by heart attack and death by heart attack. This was primarily the men that were attacked but even Earline, a woman, was attacked. The revelation was the effect of the sins of the ancestors in her family coming through the Indians to cause heart problems and early death. The sin was disobeying the Ten Commandments of having no other gods before you, which is idol worship, that the Indians committed. Up to that time, we had never heard about the sins of the ancestors.

Earline had Cherokee Indian ancestry coming through her father and mother. We were raised in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee which was not far from Cherokee, North Carolina which had a demonic draw upon Earline. We were drawn to make a pilgrimage to the Smokey Mountains every year although we did not make it every year. In the fall, Earline would long to go to the mountains. After Earline was delivered from Indian spirits, she did not have that draw to go to the Smokey Mountains.

When you are a person of mixed races, you inherit the curses coming down through the different races, languages, customs, religions and nationalities. If you have Indian ancestry and are Caucasian, you receive the curses from the Indians and the Caucasians.

The curse would come from those ancestors that had sinned. This means that you can be cursed for ten generations (2046 ancestors) from both sides of your family.

Which of your ancestors didn't sin or that you know didn't sin? It is a good assumption that you have the curse of incest and the curse of the bastard on you. It could come from any of 2046 ancestors back to the tenth generation that sinned assuming it has not been properly broken. You will see the sin repeating itself generation after generation such as bastard after bastard.

We worked with one Indian woman who was a Christian. She had a hard time getting free of Indian curses and demons brought upon her by her ancestral lineage and sexual abuse. She was cursed by being an Indian and by incest which is very hard on a woman being abused by her blood relatives.


Great grandfather marries great grandmother in church. All seems well; they have three children. Great grandfather dies. Great grandmother discovers she can not get his railroad pension because she is his fifth wife. My grandfather becomes very bitter and a little paranoid. My mom is paranoid and schizophrenic (like father - like daughter). She abused me physically.

Here are some of the problems created for me by this bastard curse. Never feeling at home in any church for long. Never feeling good about myself. Being ashamed for people to look at me even though I didn't know what I wanted to hide, overriding fear, striving excessively to succeed and stopping short of realizing the goal, fear of failure, fear of authority, resisting authority, fighting verbally and physically, demonic pressure to sexual activities, and not much joy in natural or spiritual life.

(Raise your hand if you were born out of wedlock (marriage). Raise your hand if you conceived a child out of wedlock. Raise your hand if your child conceived a child out of wedlock. Notice the continuation of the curse of the bastard.)


1. I was sitting on the couch after eating a good breakfast. I had this urging to go and get more food, but I was not hungry. I asked The Lord why and He forced the demon within me to say, My name is I Like To Eat, go and get me some food.

2. After casting out the demon, I Like To Eat, I told God how I had tried dieting and I knew that was hopeless.

3. I was told Obedience is better than sacrifice, and I knew how to eat but was not doing it. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, not much meat and very little sweets is the basis of a proper diet.

4. Asked if I'd do what I was told, I assured God that I would. He said that food can be divided into two groups: God's and Devil's. Devil's foods include sweets to excess, junk food, and liquids which are mostly empty calories.

5. It's not bad manners not to eat sweets or any other food when you know your body has not used up the last meal. I was intelligent enough to know if I truly needed food.

6. Here are the rules in summary:

a. Eat fruits and vegetables; include leafy greens.

b. Do not eat much meat - three or four servings weekly.

c. Don't eat unless you truly need to.

d. Don't let others stuff you.

e. Seldom eat sweets.

f. Almost never eat junk food.

g. Remember those whose God is their belly.

h. Cook all foods simply.

i. Use little fat and cut fat from the meat.

Gene's Comments

1. Earline lost about seventy pounds and weighed less than she did when we got married and before she had two children. She weighed 100 to 110 pounds which was less than Marie, our teenage daughter, who had not had any children. It was like having a new wife!

2. Do you realize that the body has enough energy for you to fast for forty days? Marie fasted for forty days on water taking only vitamins, minerals and supplements.

3. You must take care of your spirit, soul and body. You can not neglect any part of your tripartite being and be in health. You can not neglect your body and expect God to take care of it or heal you every time that you pray. One of Earline's sayings is, If you don't brush your teeth, God will let them rot out of your mouth.

4. Healing and deliverance go hand in hand. You can get healed by anointing with oil and praying the prayer of faith, or by casting out demons of infirmities. The Lord told me to take a person through deliverance and then pray for healing. You have a double possibility of getting the person healed.

5. Sometimes the demon of infirmity manifests as it is being cast out and you know that there was an infirmity demon in the person. If the infirmity is there because of sin, you won't get healed by the prayer of faith, because the demon has a legal right to be there. You must take away the legal right and then cast out the demon.


The scriptural basis for giving a testimony is found in Rev. 12:11 where we overcome Satan by three things: the blood of Jesus, our testimony, and not loving our lives to the death. God told me that if I was unwilling to tell about my deliverance, I would lose it. And furthermore, if I was ashamed of Him and His provisions, He would be ashamed of me in Heaven.

In James 4:7 we are told how to make the Devil flee. We often quote part of the verse "resist the devil and he will flee from you". This gives us a false sense of security. The truth is you must first submit yourself to God. This is not a careless submission but true submission to God which requires us to read, study and obey the Bible. As we submit this way to God and then resist the Devil, he will indeed flee from us. God does not require us to know all the Biblical requirements before He will help us but we must be making every effort to obey all that we have learned, and be diligent about learning and applying more.

After all deliverances, some decisions must be made and never changed no matter how much pressure is applied to you from whatever source to change or go back to old sins. Here are some decisions which must be made: 1. Study God's Word and accept His principles as your own. 2. Discipline your life and accept responsibility for your actions and thoughts in the areas where you have been delivered. 3. Enter His presence with thanksgiving for all with which He has blessed you. 4. Joyfully obey God's direction even if you have to force yourself in the beginning.

The day after I received my main deliverance, I had an empty feeling and did not know what to do. My reaction was to ask God continually for direction.

We cannot do what God directs if we never apply His Word to our life. If we do not apply His Word to our thoughts and actions we are not truly subject to God. Therefore the Devil will not flee from us and we are only fooling ourselves if we think the demons will leave us alone. While we kid ourselves, the Devil and his demons eat our dinner and by the time we face the truth dinner is nearly over.

I learned that I didn't really know God's Word. I didn't know how to use God's Word or how to use my mind. I asked God to take my thoughts. He told me that He wouldn't touch my thoughts with a ten foot pole; that His thoughts were higher than mine and that I must control my thoughts bring them into submission to Jesus Christ (II Cor. 10:5).

I started marking everything that God said in the Bible in red. I found there is much said about the mind in Deuteronomy and throughout the Bible. Next I was impressed to underline every verse in the New Testament that told me something that I should do.

I soon realized that I really didn't know what I should think with my mind. It occurred to me that my mind is to be an instrument for my spirit's use and not the other way around. The hands, feet, eyes, ears and body obey, so why not make the mind obey? To make the mind obey, I needed to know what to make it do.

I had to learn how to tell the difference between God's and the Devil's thoughts. The battleground for the Christian is primarily for his soul, not body or spirit. The demons want to re-enter through your mind.

See Romans 6;16-18. Do you not know that if you continually surrender yourselves to any one to do his will, you are the slaves of him whom you obey, whether it be to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience which leads to righteousness - right doing and right standing with God. But thank God, though you were once slaves of sin you have become obedient with all your heart to the standard of teaching in which you were instructed and to which you were committed. And having been set free from sin, you have become the servants of righteousness - of conformity to the divine will in thought, purpose and action.

How do we yield ourselves to anyone (God or Devil)? Is it not in the mind? A human always plays with sinful thoughts, then he acts it out. It is not by accident we sin. A lot of people do not want to accept the responsibility for their sinfulness and want to blame it on someone else. The only trouble with this idea is that God will not be fooled by it neither will your enemy, the Devil.

Temptation - 1 Cor. 10:13 For no temptation - no trial regarded as enticing to sin (no matter how it comes or where it leads) - has overtaken you and lied hold on you that is not common to man - that is no temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance and that is not adjusted and adapted and and belonging to human experience, and such as man can bear. But God is faithful to His Word and to His compassionate nature and He (can be trusted) not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure, but with the temptation He will (always) provide a way out - the means to escape to a landing plane - that you may be capable and strong and powerful patiently to bear up under it.

This tells me temptation in common to mankind, therefore it is common for the Devil and the demons to use it. If they tempt us, we have not sinned. We have sinned when we enjoy and continue to invite the temptation, then yield and obey. the temptation. It also shows we were not watchful for the escape route and we did not take it.

Situations around you will not necessarily change immediately now that you have changed. Just as you practiced obedience to the demons' words, now practice obedience to God's Word.

This is my first encounter with the Devil after I was delivered. Before I was delivered, I would get very angry and depressed when I cleaned house. At that time, we had wall-to-wall furniture. The living room was really badly cluttered. Each piece of furniture had to be moved to vacuum around it. I was happy and didn't hate this house anymore.

As I was vacuuming the living room, I dropped a table on my toe and was having trouble getting the vacuum nozzle under the sofa. I raised up and let out a loud "I hate this---". God quickly warned me that "life and death is in the tongue, and they that love it will eat the fruit thereof" (Prov. 18:21). God also told me at this time that He had given it to my family. If I didn't have an attitude of gratitude about the house and furniture, He could easily remove them from me. I knew that I must not complete the sentence or I would be back where I started from. I repented and repeated until I believed it, "I love this house and I thank God for it".

Another of Satan's tactics is to use gradualism on us. He will give us a sin to look at and consider. He will cover it over with pretty lies (pretty young people smoking, never an old person dying of lung cancer). He will use rejection to trap you; he will never tell the true ending (where does illegal sex lead?). He knows that the more we see it, hear it and consider it, the more likely we are to give in to it. A good example of the use of gradualism is Humanism. Forty years ago it was very mildly given to people mainly by pastors and teachers. People considered it and accepted it because it was given by people they trusted. Not considering what was the basic theory behind it (worship of self - therefore idolatry), people allowed this theory to so invade them that now we cannot recognize it for what it is. Many of us say we are against it but we live by it instead of the Bible.

We do not recognize God's provisions for us. We think our life should have no problems or privations. We are not grateful to God for all. Deut. 28:47-48, Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joyfulness of heart and mind in gratitude for the abundance of all with which He had blessed you, therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord shall send against you, in hunger and thrust, in nakedness, and in want of all things; and He will put a yoke of iron upon you neck, until He hath destroyed you.

This verse presents some interesting ideas 1. Are you having problems because you are ungrateful to God? 2. Do you know which problems are from God to help you learn to endure to the end or which ones are brought on because of being ungrateful? 3. Which ones have you invited by yielding to temptations of the enemy? If you will know the answer to these questions, you will have to seek God. He has promised to give wisdom to all who ask for it not wavering (James 1:4-8). If you ask God for wisdom and He gives you wisdom, you must not waver following His wisdom. For example: if you have been one to look at dirty magazines, God's wisdom tells you this will lead you to want to do what you see; then you must stop it. You may need deliverance for the demons you have let in plus you must change your habits. No one can change your thought life by casting out your demons. Casting out your demons is one of God's escape routes. To deliverance must be added by the deliveree, discipline of mind and action.

The best attack against habit, and the attempts of demons to trick you and get back in that I found was 1. to tell them to leave in Jesus' name once and 2. immediately take control of your mind. I would do it this way: I would tell them Jesus has given me authority over you (Luke 10:19, Matt. 28:18-20), therefore I command you to leave me now. If I did not sense they were gone, I would say, "Since you are still here, I would like to read to you about what Jesus Christ has done for me." I would open the Bible to Matt. 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 22-24 and John 17-21 and read it aloud to them. Of course they did not want to hear of God's love and provision for me. The pressure they had placed on me and their thoughts were long gone but I would read on and bless myself in God's Word. Some times the pressure from the demons trying to get back in was strong enough that I would have to walk and read very loudly to them. I will still do this if I come under attack; it always works. After a time, you will be able to tell them the facts without reading it to them.

God also told me at this time that He had given it to my family. If I didn't have an attitude of gratitude about the house and furniture, He could easily remove them from me (Deut. 27:48).

My next attack was sent through people. When asked why I looked so much better and was losing weight, I would answer truthfully and say "I was delivered of demons and no, I was not dieting". If three people were present, you would get three distinct reactions. One would leave pronto, one would regard you as if you were radioactive, and one would grab your arm and want to know more.

Then you'd hear whispers - she had demons! They only talk about demons; do they worship them? They are fanatical; they believe there is a demon under every bush!

Next I was tempted to go back to some of my old habits of retaliation, etc. I must crucify the flesh - God said that vengeance belongs to Him (Rom. 12:19). I must not habitually sin or else I become the demon's house in that area again (I John 3:8-9).

Mental suggestions by the Devil must be put down. He will suggest a what if, could be or maybe. If this happens, what will you do (fear and more fear)? Unless you have facts to base your knowledge on, don't let the Devil play you along.

One of his tactics was to attack me about Marie: what if Marie can't adjust to her brother's death? Before deliverance, I would cringe in fear and worry. After deliverance, I learned to tell Satan that Marie can do all things through Christ who strengthens her; I can too!

You don't have to be perfect to give a word of encouragement, share an experience, help someone or even cast out a demon. If God demanded perfection, nothing would ever get done. I'm over fifty years old and I have yet to meet a perfect person.

You must have a total commitment to Jesus Christ. Rely totally on Him and His Word. Do these things and you will continue to get free and stay free. Don't be double minded: deciding and undeciding. Remember that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Giver very careful study to what you read in THE BIBLE and carefully compare it to the thing you need to make a decision on. When you have judged it by the Biblical instructions, then don't waver.

I found a verse to put my temptations in prospective (Heb. 12:4). Begin reading at verse one which contains instruction on keeping pure. It suggests we strip off and throw aside every encumbrance and sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race set before us. Looking away (from all that will distract) to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the source of our faith (giving the first incentive for our belief) and is also its Finisher, (bringing it to maturity and perfection). He, for the joy (of obtaining the prize) that was set before Him endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame,and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God. Just think of Him who endured from sinners such grievous opposition and bitter hostility against - reckon up and consider it all in comparison with your trials - so that you may not grow weary or exhausted, losing heart and relaxing and fainting in your minds. You have not yet struggled and fought agonizing against sin, nor have you yet resisted and withstood to the point of pouring out your (own) blood.

If we are able with every temptation to resist to the shedding of our blood maybe, then we might have an acceptable excuse for failing to resist the Devil and him having to flee.

God will not make you over; He will work with you and help you. See Mark 16:20. A miracle is taking place as you go obeying The Word in the areas you have received instruction and deliverance.

A study of Matt. Chapter 5 will help anyone see just where they are missing it with their attitudes. It will inspire you to clear your mind of a lot of incorrect ideas and to broaden your understanding of the truth.


Schizophrenia means split mind (schizein = to split and phren = mind). I had a lifetime of mental and emotional tension. I was unable to decide what to do and see it through. I had many fears that something bad was going to happen. All of my life I had great fears of bad things happening: fears of failing and fears of people. I was often tense for weeks and I did not know why.

This is the earliest memory I have of going to school. I was so afraid of all the people I could not go into the school but hid behind the well house until my brother, Clyde, came and took me into the first grade. I was disoriented that day; strange feelings and fears tormented me.

I have very few memories from childhood below the age of nine or ten years. Generally speaking I lived in two worlds; home and away from home. I became very good at forgetting everything bad (parents' fights and my own troubles) that happened at home the minute I walked out the door. I felt more freedom and ease away from home.

At high school and college I had trouble with certain subjects like algebra and chemistry. They had things too similar for me to distinguish between them.

Both of these subjects ended in frustration and low grades for me. In my marriage I had some problems of accepting my husband as one who would provide for me, take care of me, and continue to love me. I was always expecting the marriage to end badly. After six years of marriage, we had a delightful son and two years later we had a beautiful daughter.

Double mindedness wears the person out, and frustrates and confuses him. Deciding, then undeciding stagnates a person. For example, my mom was here for a while; she couldn't be content for desiring to go home. When at home, she was pressed to stay somewhere else besides her home. When away from home, great fears filled her about the house. She was miserable and made those around her miserable (James 1:5-8).


What are the effect of curses? I had a heart condition which was unusual. It never occurred with regularity nor under any specific condition.

While taking a tread mill test, I experienced tremendous pain in the chest, arms and neck. Having been examined by a "heart specialist" in Minneapolis, who told me that my heart was good but he had written "death by heart attack" on many people's certificates like myself. These were people who didn't really have anything wrong with their hearts.

A year or so after my dad's death I found my heart acting up again. Sometimes one to five years would elapse between seizures. I began to ask God to show me why my brothers, dad, dad's brothers and his dad all had heart problems.

He showed me Ezekiel 18 " Exodus 20. He told me to repent for my ancestors and myself for the sin of idol worship in Leviticus 26:40-41. The curse of idol worship follows the blood line. I did these things and have been free for over eleven years. I was only the second generation from previous generations that sinned before God.



Some years ago, I had a scene flash through my mind. At the time of this revelation, I was thinking I was really serving God. I was so concerned with lost children. Many efforts and thoughts went into attempting to help others. Now, I know that God wants us to help others.

But the Devil is so clever in convincing us that if we'll help others, God will take care of ours. I have had pastors use this statement on me to get me to work in their vineyards - howbeit it was not God's vineyard. I awoke from my deception almost too late.

In this scene I was standing before God's throne. I was so proud of my life and expecting Him to really be pleased with me. I was standing there with a very large group of children I had been instrumental in bringing to the Lord.

I began to sense that something was very, very wrong. God seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with me. I heard this question, "Where is Marie?" I began to look for her feeling sure she was in the group. Finally I found her. She was not in the group. As she came around the edge of the group and looked up to God, I saw Him point the other way. (Parents, are you doing the right things with your children?)

I cannot tell you all the emotions I felt. All my pride was replaced with shame and failure. I heard that Marie was the only person I had been given responsibility for. She was given to me to love and guide but I had shunned what I had been given and had looked for something else to do. I was to have been her greatest rooter and one of her most important teachers.

I began at that point to repent (change directions completely and go the other way) and seek knowledge from God as to how I should perform on His job. I'd like to tell you that the problem was solved and that we all lived happily ever after, but that was not the case.

What was to follow was years of heartache and mental pain, but one day I noticed that things were just slightly beginning to get in correct order. A time period of probably ten years was needed for us following the leadership of the Lord to undo the works of the Devil in this area.

I had seen a glimmer of light and I was not going to let it go. My hand was on the plow never to let go again. I looked up every verse in the Bible about mothers and daughters, and began to correct my thoughts and actions. I must come into obedience to God if I was to see any change in our relationship. I also realized that I could no longer blame my failure as a mom on anyone but me.

These are some of the spiritual forces at work in this case: ignorance, dissatisfaction, rejection, irreverence for God, lack of natural affection, shirking God given duties, selfishness, lazy, arrogant, greedy for acceptance, generational gap, abandonment, bitterness and rebellion.


One Sunday after going to church, we decided to get Marie's horse, King Fox, and go to the park. After enjoying an afternoon in the sun, we told Marie to ride back and stable the horse so that we could go to Sunday evening services. She rode thru the woods and we rode around the woods in our car.

When we got back to the stables, the horse was tied up and Marie was lying in a car. She had fallen off King Fox and broke her arm. Her face was white and her lips were blue. This shocked Earline and I, but we had the presence of The Holy Spirit, so we prayed for Marie; nothing happened outwardly.

After putting the horse in the stable and Marie in our car, we headed for home. We didn't know whether to take her to the hospital or to the doctor or to depend upon God for healing. As we rode back home, the Lord quickened this verse to my mind, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way (Psalm 37:23). I asked God to order our steps about what to do.

After we reached home, Marie sat in the car and felt the bones in her arm. She could feel the dislocated broken bones. We called our family doctor, but he was out and his backup was not to be found either, which was good because we sought The Lord about what to do, PRAISE GOD!

Earline said that one of us should be in the car with Marie. I said I would go and went back to my study to get the anointing oil. As I came out, Earline said, Go get your oil and pray for Marie. God had given us a Word of Wisdom, one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit (I Cor. 12:8).

We were familiar with anointing with oil and praying the prayer of faith. Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. (James 5:14-15). I then anointed Marie's forehead, held her hand of the broken arm, and we all prayed again. Her arm tingled and she could feel the bones moving within the arm, PRAISE THE LORD!

We then took her to the hospital where she was x-rayed and attended by a bone specialist. He was very talkative and showed us the x-ray. He could see a complete break thru the shoulder socket. The bone was perfectly set and a chipped bone was perfectly in place. We told him about praying for her arm and he said that it was unusual to see that type of break and not have to set the bone.

He put a cast just past Marie's elbow and said come back in three weeks. Earline and Marie prayed that she would be completely healed by then. He examined her and took another x-ray to prove she was not healed. PRAISE THE LORD, she was healed, the cast was taken off, and she rode King Fox three weeks after the arm was broken! Any doctor will tell you that it takes six to eight weeks to heal an ordinary break and longer for complicated breaks.

We had memorized a verse in church the Sunday before the accident, Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? (Jer. 32:27). The answer naturally is, No!

Since then I have heard of three other cases where God set the bones, I personally know two of the individuals.

The Lord taught us a number of lessons:

1. Anointing with oil is important to Him.

2. Pray The Blood Of Jesus over your family everyday.

3. He will heal injuries as well as sicknesses.

4. Be ready to pray at all times.

To God be the glory, honor, praise and credit for everything that was done!


Some friends of ours were ministers who went to Haiti. One time they brought us some carved figurines as a gift. These statutes caused us strife in the family. Our daughter, Marie, felt like there were eyes watching her as she walked across the room. The Lord finally got our attention and we destroyed the wood figures. The wood would not burn normally and finally I had to soak them in charcoal-lighter fluid. When they finally burned, a green flame came out and shot toward us. These dolls were probably made by Voodoo worshipers who blessed them so that they would be sold. After getting rid of the statutes, the strife left our family.


This is a vivid testimony of a pastor, his wife and their church about what happened when psychic prayers were prayed for them.

This situation came about because the pastor taught the people about unforgiveness and entered into deliverance. The families would not forgive each other for past offenses. Some of the congregation did not want deliverance, and fled from the teaching and ministering of it.

After the people left the church, they went to other churches and prayer groups. There, they prayed for the pastor that God would make him get back into line and give up deliverance. This is not a prayer to God but a prayer to Satan. Their prayers loosed demons on the pastor and his family.

They were trying to control the pastor and his wife's wills. These were Jezebels that wanted the church back like they had it before. They had controlled the church and the pastor whom they called "Our Little Boy".

The demons manifested and knocked the curtains off the wall of the pastor's house. One demon manifested and walked in front of our car as we were driving back home that night after this visit. The demon looked like a half man from the waist down. The purpose was to cause me to drive off the road and to kill us.

The Holy Spirit showed the pastor and his wife what had happened because of the psychic prayers. They forgave the people that had prayed against them (about eighty persons), broke the curses and soul ties, cast out the demons and sent them back to the senders, and prayed for the people to see what they were doing wrong.

Many things happened to the people that left and prayed against the church. They suffered from divorce, family problems, sickness and death. As you can see, it is dangerous to pray psychic prayers and fight against deliverance.

Gene's Comments

There are angels and demons around us. I can not see in the spirit world but I know that they are here. Can anyone see in the spirit world? If so, tell us what you see. You don't have to see demons to cast them out.