I want to encourage all people who Believe and ACT on this message to continue in DELIVERANCE. It is a very rewarding ministry, even with all the attacks of the enemy. You will lose all your friends except those in DELIVERANCE, and your family will just tolerate you as long as you are teaching DELIVERANCE. It is all worth it though. When a known good Christian comes up to you and says, "Stan, guess what? I didn't go out and buy all the new porno books!" after having the porno demon cast OUT, you just want to cry in joy. When you add DELIVERANCE to your Spiritual Warfare, you won't believe what you have been missing.

Although Mark 16:17 calls THOSE THAT BELIEVE to be DEMONBUSTERS, (that means you), for some reason God has called some to take a stand to be full time DEMONBUSTERS. If you have been trying self DELIVERANCE, and can't seem to get relief (meaning the demon is still INSIDE of you), you need to find a DELIVERANCE ministry for help.

There are people who say they will do DELIVERANCE if someone ever needs it. There are some that do DELIVERANCE, but don't want their name on any kind of list. Then there are some who openly advertise that they are available at any time to help those who are desperate for help, and sincerely want to break free of their bonds caused by demons, and at no charge.

That's us! We have our NO DEMONS logo all over our vehicle and home, inside and out, with our phone number listed. We pass out NO DEMON calling cards everywhere we go (including fast food places). My baseball cap has a giant NO DEMONS logo on it. Since we do not ask for money, the motive is strictly to let people know that real help is available. And here you are, one of about forty million people who now have access to the Internet!

Unfortunately, this means that you are also advertising TO THE ENEMY. Just being a real Christian brings live fire from witches, warlocks, satanists, etc., with all their spells, voodoo, etc. As a DELIVERANCE Minister, we mostly operate behind enemy lines. On top of that, you have other "Christian ministries" badmouthing DELIVERANCE just like they did to JESUS when He was here in the flesh.

If you are considering a full time DELIVERANCE ministry, you must count the cost. Your family will not want to have anything to do with you, but will only tolerate your presence. You will lose all your so called "friends". The only people you will have close contact with are other DELIVERANCE ministers.

You are under constant attack from the enemy in every direction. Health, finances, etc. Almost everything you do, from having business cards made, running an add in the paper, to ordering something by phone turns out to me wrong or delayed one or two times. It's the devils way to let you know that he still has some say so in everyone's life. NO ONE SHOULD EVER SAY THAT THE DEVIL CANNOT MESS WITH THEM. You are just asking for it if you do.

This article is not to scare you off. We have been in this DELIVERANCE Ministry for almost nine years, and we would not give it up for anything. We know DELIVERANCE Ministries that have been DEMONBUSTERS for over twenty-five years. Many people get in to full time ministry, but drop out after a short time because they cannot handle all the attacks, whether physical or spiritual.

Some things that help is to pray IN TONGUES a lot, and do Spiritual Warfare often. When you send ALL CURSES back to the sender seven times daily, the enemy knows this (the demons apparently report to the sender), and there are fewer attacks. A sample attack would be a sharp pain in your body. If you act immediately and send it back, it disappears immediately in most cases.

You must get to the point in your walk with the Lord that you are willing to give it all up, no matter what happens, just to help others and do what JESUS commanded us to do in Mark 16:17. I know of no other ministry that is so fulfilling and rewarding. To see a person set free of some problem they have had for years and years is worth it all.

The below article came from a DELIVERANCE ministry in California, West Coast Church of DELIVERANCE. It really tells it like it is.


"Many of you that have called or written lately have all pretty much shared a common feeling. "I feel isolated and alone, perhaps more the norm than many of us would like it to be. And true, many are lonely because of the work of the demons in our lives, such as, loneliness, rejection, walls, and a whole host of demons that work through the emotions that push people away from us. There is however another aspect to loneliness that should be considered. An aspect that you are not going to be able to "cast out." And so knowledge of it may shed light and understanding, thereby making the isolation a little more tolerable.

Have you ever gone into the mountains high enough to see what is called a timber line? This is a certain height in elevation that varies according to local, in which the trees do not grow anymore. All except for a few isolated, or small groups of trees which survive in a little higher elevation. If you and I walk very close to JESUS, we will see some similarities between our lives, and trees that grow above the timber line. These trees are found sometimes clinging tenaciously to some rock cleft where the wind and elements of the weather lash unmercifully at the trees. Sometimes little clusters give mutual support to one another from the rain, sleet, hail, and bitter cold. But unlike men or animals, the trees cannot shift to protect themselves from the harsh elements that come against them. They usually are rooted in one spot and get tough or die. More often than not, these trees are not what we would call a "perfect specimen" of the forest. To the onlooker, they can be distorted, bent, unbalanced, broken, or blasted from the elements. Branches can be torn and twisted from trunk caused by the elements of life. And yet some stick up in bold defiance against the storms of life. They do not enjoy the shelter of the 10,000 other trees in the forest, where life is cush and less demanding. Instead, their life is one of living on the extreme edge of survival. Stress unequaled by their brothers and sisters of the forest.

These trees possess a unique beauty that can only be born of adversity. A beauty that comes only out of great agony and solitary suffering, as Our Lord JESUS. They reflect a strength by standing against the stresses of life that those of the forest neither see nor understand. In viewing these trees, we see a stirring example of the benefits of isolated adversity. These trees resemble rugged individuals, set apart from the common crowd. Having to stand alone in some remote spot against the rage of storms. And like us, rugged strength is not developed in the soft security of our peers. You and I will meet few Christians that have withstood the isolation, hardships, and solitude of an extremely close walk with JESUS. But what a beauty, what a thrilling encounter it is to meet up with a man or woman of God like this. Perhaps God has called some of you to this kind of life. How do you react to the storms of life? How do you react to the call of the Lord to step forward to a new position which will be one of loneliness and isolation? Will you accept isolation in exchange for a closer walk with JESUS?

There is an element to trees above the timber line that goes unnoticed by the casual observer. The type of wood produced in the lives of these trees is different than that of those in the forest. The extra stress and strain brought about by the adversity of the elements, produces an extra flow of resins in the tree. This resin gives the tree a stronger fiber, (lacking in our modern day Christians), and a very tight grained texture of wood. This enables it to stand alone. It also produces an exquisite fragrance that lower altitude trees cannot produce. But the wood, the very life of the tree, because of the extra resin, is more beautiful than any other wood. It is sought after by expert violin makers because of its beauty over the other woods in the forest and also because it has a musical resonance unequaled by that found in ordinary lumber. You see, the fury of the storms, the short growing season, the wrenching of the winds, the strain of isolated survival, are all factors combined to produce the toughest, choicest, most wonderful wood in the world. Is it possible that you've forgotten that you asked the Lord to make you into a "choice vessel."

Some of us will endure privation and personal isolation. Some may have agonizing separation from those in the forest. But of the beauty and richness that will come out of this type of life. It will last for all eternity. Don't fight the Lord if He has so chosen to plant you in an isolated spot. It will produce maturity, and bring blessings that others from the forest will not get to experience. For example; the joy of having God's grace and strength to endure cannot be shared with those in the forest. And again the view is another blessing which is obscured by those stuck in the forest. You'll see the approaching storms sooner, (your brothers and sisters in the woods will think you're nuts), and you'll get glimpses of the Lord that the multitudes will never see. There will also be no crowding of others roots for the choice nutrients or refreshing streams of water.

If you are going to go very far in DELIVERANCE be assured that you will experience isolation. But only for a season. In Heaven we'll all sing, "I'll never be lonely again, never again." Don't let the dangers that encroach when isolation comes cause you to give up God's best for a second or third best. The dangers of self pity, discontentment, loss of love, or lose sight of the eternal, are things all of us face when we feel isolated and alone. God wants for all of us to have his best. But their is a price attached to it. Sometimes it's a life of isolation."

(Some of you are most fortunate to have a small group or even a large number of brothers and sisters who practice DELIVERANCE on a daily basis that you can fellowship with. When it is just you, or you and your wife, the isolation is very real. God's Grace is sufficient. On the other hand, if you have plenty of close friends, even Christians, who you "fellowship" with regular, and they are NOT in DELIVERANCE, I would examine my walk with the Lord, especially in regards to DELIVERANCE. You cannot be in a battle and NOT get shot at. .)


"Many times after an onslaught against the enemy, we experience what we call backlash. If not prepared or seasoned for this, it can "shake up" or cause one to become "confused." So many have said, "what happened", "things were going so well," "We had such victory." Not taking in account that those on the front line of a battle field will be shot at. This is a constant war with no time outs taken by the enemy. But when the enemy sends storm after storm of attacks against you, will your fire stay lit? Or will it die from the torrential downpour that's sure to come? Is the Holy Spirit allowed to manifest his power through you in such a way, that when the prophets of Baal pour water on you and your sacrifice that it doesn't put out your fire. Elijah's heart was to let it be known that The Lord was God and that he was His servant. (I Kings 18:36) God answered with a consuming fire that even the water of the enemy couldn't put it out.

One of the reasons we lack this kind of power is that our heart is not one of a servants. Like Elijah. His desire was for God's people to be free from the bondages of the enemy and for the people to know the Lord was God. Elijah's "servant heart," brought about the change of heart in God's people and gave them the courage to attack the enemy, (the prophets of Baal). They rallied to the battle and wiped them out. If we ask the Lord to create in us a servant's heart he surely will. The power that was demonstrated through Elijah, will also be demonstrated through us to defeat and release God's people. Just as he answered Elijah's prayer, ours will be answered. Will you ask the Lord for a fire in your soul to free his people, a fire that the rains from the enemy can't put out? The alternative is to be taken captive by the prophets of Baal, led by a wicked queen or king, and to be deceived by the miracles of satan's prophets into serving him. (I Kings 18)

Listening to the prophets of Baal is the surest way to get your fire drenched. Remember it was the religious crowd that crucified our Lord. If allowed, they will do the same today. The most dangerous enemy is not the one that outright attacks, but the one who poses to be on your side. If allowed to "join up", the watering down process has begun.

We have had many healings from the Lord in the last few months. Healing coupled with DELIVERANCE has a much greater and lasting effect. Breast cancer, osteoporosis, pancreas problems, allergies, and numerous headaches and stomach problems have all been received as a testimony to DELIVERANCE prayer. God has also been faithful in keeping my family free from any attacks of sickness this year."