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1. Sharia Law



















































The fool has said in his heart, There is no GOD (Psa. 14:1a). The sure WORD OF GOD is not theories, guesses and speculations of men. Compare what is happening now with the prophecies in The Bible. The world is rapidly changing leading to the One World Order. Most importantly, sin - the root of every problem is in the world.


1. WORLD PROBLEMS: We are in the greatest struggle in the history of the world: the struggle for Christ against Satan. There will be worldwide conflict. This is a turbulent time of radical religious terrorism, HIV-AIDS pandemic and crippling natural disasters: wars, disasters, storms, floods, famines, persecution, earthquakes and epidemics causing sickness, suffering and death for Christians and others. The world is breaking down. Mysterious monuments enshroud the world with magic, seduction, occult wisdom, Masonic geometry and sacred numerology. The world is blind and deaf. The death toll in the 20th century was 190 million due to wars and persecution.

Africa faces Islam, tribal religions, village medicine, spiritual warfare, wars, poverty, drought, famine, floods, street children, widows, orphans, rampant diseases, corrupt governments, genocide, etc. America is headed in that direction.

European-Christian core of the area is shrinking, as Christianity fades, the birth rate falls, and Third World immigration surges. Globalism dissolves the economic bonds, while the cacophony of multiculturalism displaces the old culture. There is religious oppression, persecution and suffering of Christians, exploitation of human labor and immigrants, corruption and other forms of sin. Look at what is happening in England and Canada for a preview of what will happen in America. The government will dictate who lives and who dies!

We are headed for more war and a totalitarian police state. We are governed by large corporation cartels. We are called useful idiots, innocents, dupes. Media and education is controlled. They want absolute domination of credit, power, culture, property and wealth; the concentration of political, economic and intellectual power into the hands of a small group of individuals. The Devil operates by deceiving and corrupting good people. Homosexuality and pedophilia is promoted. The world is seduced, destroyed, executioned and incendiated. Trashing Christian mores, creating dysfunction, undermining gender and marriage, peddling promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality and abortion, and trampling innocence, decorum and human dignity, overthrow GOD and replace Him with Satan. This new civilization will self destruct and GOD will have a hand in the destruction.

In the United States, there are high percentages of unemployment, massive amounts of debt, ever-rising food and fuel prices, a collapses housing market, and increasing political hostility while proponents of competing conservative and liberal ideologies struggle for control over the nation. In the middle east, protests have broken out in one nation after another as the people attempt to overthrow their reigning governments as the masses rage against high unemployment food shortages, and other problems. In Asia, we have seen numerous earthquakes, including a tsunami which struck Japan. Countries such as Iran and North Korea continue to issue threats against those they deem to be enemies while the rising nation of China continues its military buildup. We often hear of droughts in some countries and flooding in others. In Mexico, thousands upon thousands of people have been killed by drug cartels and gangs. meanwhile, Australia continues to suffer from the effects of disastrous weather.

There have been signs in the heavens, earthquakes, pestilences, record-breaking weather, increase in knowledge, prevalent spirit of blasphemy, wars, rumors of wars, unrest, riots and social distemper around the globe. There are revolutions, uprisings, riots and chaos. We are in the midst of unspeakable suffering, sorrow, sickness and starvation with an increase of international crises, calamities, chaos and confusion.

2. EUROPE: For decades, country after country in Europe has ignored GOD, believing Satan's lies of evolution, security and prosperity through socialism, happiness through material wealth, salvation and utopia through education, and peace through tolerance. Long ago sins such as abortion, sodomy, pornography and prostitution were legalized. Marxist governments can no longer deliver the security promised and are scrambling to avoid rioting in the streets. Europe has become a spiritual wasteland. Religion and spirituality was irrelevant for day-to-day living. The pope wants to fill the vacuum with his prostitute church's false gospel of pagan rituals and spiritual bondage.

They are facing Sharia (Islamic law). There is no freedom of religion, speech, thought, expression and press. There are no equal rights for women. A non-Muslim cannot bear arms. There is no Golden Rule or critical thought.

In Europe several countries remain on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse as they line up to be bailed out by their neighbors with stronger economies. For several generations, Christian witness in Europe has been static or in retreat. Many European churches have been dwindling in confidence, in spiritual strength and in influence. Large parts of sophisticated society have become postmodern and virtually post-Christian, with the result that Christian beliefs and practices are increasingly becoming privatized. Basic Christian ethical values regarding the family, childbirth and the sanctity of life are under threat.

3. BRITAIN: Nowhere in the Western world has the secularist attack on Christians grown so rapidly as in the United Kingdom. Christians are being barred from different areas of public life and employment. The law is now prejudiced, irrational and partial; it punishes individuals for thought crime and the State endorses and reverse immorality almost as if a special animosity is reserved for adherents of this faith.

4. RUSSIA Over 10,000,000 ages 10-14 abuse alcohol. 500,000 deaths are attributed to alcohol abuse each year. Alcohol contributed to the statistic that a 15-year-old boy has only a 60% chance of living to age 60. One out of 25 is a drug addict. 100,000 die from drug abuse each year. IV-drug use fuels a high HIV rate; in St. Petersburg HIV prevalence is 60%

5. ABORTION: 35,000 babies are lost everyday in China, not to mention cases of pregnant mothers being kidnapped, abused, and forced to abort up until the ninth month. Restore life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and to reveal the injustice of China's One-Child Policy is needed.

Black genocide - the devastation occurring in black America as a result of abortion. The illusion of sex without consequences. 30% black women vs. 12% of U.S. population. 25% is poverty entrenched. 40% birth to unwed mothers. 70% chance of living in a single parent home. 50% chance of being aborted.

Annual income for abortion is over one billion dollars. It is amazing of man's inhumanity. Over 53,000,000 innocent babies have been murdered. Planned Parenthood receives one-third of its $1.1 billion annual budget from U.S. taxpayers and reported performing more than 324,000 abortions per year.

Body parts are sold to laboratories and research hospitals. Gruesome techniques are partial-birth, self-poisoning, and dilation and evacuation. Abortion interests guard their turf and money. Those who have had an abortion have post-abortion grief, aggravated by guilt.

More people are dying than being born in a region or nation due to abortion. This requires an influx of young Hispanic/Muslim or of other nationality immigrants to do the work. This is happening in Europe and America.

Pro-abortion include Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL and Access Project. Abortion is a moral issue. Murdering human beings made in the image of GOD is a capital offense in GOD's sight.

6. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Political correctness dodges the real issue of Islamic terrorism. America and the West suffer from debilitating denial. You can play the word game and manipulate reality anyway you choose but it doesn't change the situation. There is blatantly intolerant political correctness suppressing dissent of abortion.

7. LIFE SPAN OF CIVILIZATIONS: From the beginning of history, the average life span of the world's greatest civilizations has been about 200 years. Systems of government transitioned from bondage to spiritual faith to great courage to liberty to abundance to complacency to apathy to dependence and finally to bondage.

8. FAMINES There is estimated 800 million starving, 500 million threatened with starvation and 30 dying each minute. A million children die monthly through hunger, disease and violence.

9. PESTILENCE At least 50 million have been infected with AIDS and 16 million have died. There are many drug addicts and alcoholics. There are increasing allergies, skin cancers and psychiatric problems.

10.EARTHQUAKES Worldwide there are 150 perceptible and one million measurable tremors annually. A scientific hypothesis says that the number of earthquakes doubles every decade.

11. COMPLETE AGENDA OF CONTROL Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Cap N Trade, global warming, population control, gun control, open borders and illegal immigration, higher taxes, higher gas prices, refusal to drill American oil, education restructuring, international ID's, natural health supplement control, food control, farming "reform", control of private property, NAIS and UN Global Governance.


1. GOVERNMENT: When government and people reject GOD, GOD will allow them to have what they ask for. The government is dominated by political interests and can be swayed by anti-Christian special-interest groups. The government is out of control. America was supposed to be ruled from the bottom up, not controlled from the top down. Government is ineffective at best and often wrong. A broken government with confused leaders. Curses come on the people such as new diseases of AIDS, Legionaries, Cancer, Lupus, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis and other threats.

Anti-Christian, pro-abortion, anti-marriage, anti-religious freedom, out-of control spending, government takeover of health care and radical pro-abortion and anti-family policies. Your telephone, mail, computer and medical records are now subject to governmental search.

The campaign over the last dozen decades to discredit the Biblical life-style has helped destroy the one solution to the immigration problem. There are over 150 languages spoken in the U.S. The land is filled with false religion. Is The President a Christian or a Moslem? The United States has not been victorious in war for the last sixty years.

2. POLITICAL: Some politicians see nothing wrong with Feds torturing suspects, slamming citizens into gulag prison cells, censoring internet, checking mail, wiretapping phones, and otherwise monitoring daily lives. Billions are spent on welfare, education, and healthcare for the millions of foreigners in our country; the politicians want to make them citizens. Homosexual and liberal nonprofits get billions in government grants. America is being deconstructed, and beat down into a Third World economy. The unnecessary wars in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in the future Syria and Iran) are costing billions and thousands of lives. The leaders of America have made a mockery out of The Constitution and GOD.

Big Union Bosses, liberal special interests, class warfare, new taxes, amnesty for illegal immigrants, job-killing regulations on small businesses. The administration continues to reverse legislative progress and threatens economic survival, sanctity of human life, institution of marriage and religious freedom.

3. NATION: The country generally tolerates the killing of millions of children (abortion). Government authorities and courts continue to force Christian symbols (crosses, nativity scenes, Ten Commandments displays, etc.) out of public places. Society continues to undermine the institution of marriage by legalizing gay marriage. We continue to see increased secularization of the public education system and pretend such places are neutral, and THE CREATOR GOD has been removed and replaced with religion of naturalism / evolution. We disguise euthanasia in clever wording, as we call it a part of health care.

This nation is the planet's chief purveyor of death, sexual perversion and pornography, blasphemy and hatred toward GOD. Government torture, false flag wars, terrorism, Big Brother lies and deceptions, and media propaganda. Radical changes in Finance, Religion, Politics and Culture. Big Brother Police State, economic misery and slavery, spiritual and moral depravities, and devaluation of human life.

The results of this godless lifestyle are unwanted babies, sexual immorality (including homosexual behavior), sexually transmitted diseases, a breakdown of the family, immoral laws, unchecked greed, dishonest leaders and a spiritually and financially bankrupt nation. Moral icebergs include same-sex marriage, abortion, pornography, family breakdown, expelling GOD from the public arena.

4. AMERICA: Between twenty and thirty million are unemployed. 10% of population is living on food stamps, eight million homes have been repossessed and war with Iran will cause economic contraction.

Widespread unemployment, unmanageable social programs and complete breakdown of moral values. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are broke. The nation is bankrupt with banking systems collapsing.

Families are broken and social fabric of culture that once was our strength is now torn and tattered. Many of churches seem weak and ineffective. We are overrun with immorality and pornography, blasphemy and ungodliness, and perversion of every sort. The Jews own Hollywood and hold high offices in the nation's capital.

America has lost 42,400 factories; the massive loss of factory jobs to China and technology jobs to India. 55% have experienced unemployment, cut in pay, reduction in hours or part time work.

This year's census found nearly 38 million immigrants in the country with an estimated 11.9 million here illegally.

America has plunged into political, moral and social depravity over the past several years. The philosophy was grounded in material success, self-love, making it in business and social circles and believing in inherent goodness of humanity not man's unthinkable cruelty to man. Progressive politicians or feel-good, New Age theological hirelings, liberal revolutionaries, unregenerate mankind. Bring down America and the West and return to the burned-out failures of old socialist / Marxist empires.

Do you see materialism, drunkard pleasure seeking, arrogant conceit, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, and corrupt leadership. They have rejected The Word, THE LAW OF THE LORD, THE HOLY ONE. Look at the blessings and curses in Deuteronomy 28.

5. ANTICHRIST SABOTAGE OF AMERICA: The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so (Jer. 5:31). Of a truth many houses shall be desolate (Isa. 5:9). Homes in Chicago are for sale for one dollar but nobody wants them. We are now in another great depression. FDIC is broke.

Major events of history happened by design and manipulation which include every major war and revolution. The United States has been spiritually, economically, structurally and morally dismantled. Occultism and witchcraft proceeded drug culture. Empires fell because of extreme debt and excessive spending. There are continued wars, rumors of wars and distress of nations. Chlorine causes arteries to harden; fluoride affects the brain. A deep sleep is upon the people, darkness has covered the earth and gross darkness the people.

Nihilists have viewpoints that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded...a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths. There are some radical, politically correct, left-wing judges dispensing loathsome decisions. Patriots are something often scorned these days. There is a conspiracy to tear the Judeo-Christian foundations of the republic from beneath our feet. The enemies of JESUS CHRIST are offended. America is headed into the slums of paganism and abject spiritual deprivation. The merchants of repression are on the down-with-America bandwagon. There is a radical minority's festival of hatred of GOD who made us a great nation. They are against family values, human dignity, Christian religion, freedom and liberty.

Antichrist organizations opposes right of the unborn, parental consent rights, religious displays in public, In GOD We Trust on government buildings and American currency, prayer in public schools, Christian home schooling, federal government ethics committees, pro-life rallies and demonstrations, school vouches, reporting of AIDS cases for medical safety reasons, prison terms for may crimes, federal government post 9/11 security measures, detaining suspected terrorists who want to harm the United States, sobriety checkpoints, drug searches and seizures. Supports baby killers, children's rights, adoption by homosexuals, tax exempt status for Satan worshippers, sex education, taxpayer funded pornographic art, mandatory public school busing, illegal immigration, child pornography, prostitution, legalized drugs, polygamy, child molesters living near schools, constitutional rights for illegal immigrants, children's rights to not be detained if their parents are here illegally, unrestricted abortions even in the third trimester.

6. TRAGIC PROBLEMS IN OUR COUNTRY: An unprecedented push toward socialism and globalism. Faith and freedom under attack as never before in our lifetime. Threat of so-called Fairness Doctrine would censor conservative / Christian TV programs. Push to dismantle Defense of Marriage Act, legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Threat to cede America's sovereignty to international courts, let other countries administer their version of justice on our citizens. Staggering buildup of government debt. Advance of pro-Muslim policies in Washington. Waves of anti-faith lawsuits by ACLU and other groups. Pro-life Americans branded by federal government as terrorists. Drive toward federal health care takeover.

The enroaching tyranny and global governance of the New World Order is in perfect accordance with Bible prophecy. America is headed for an almost certain cataclysm: federalized anti-Christian, anti-patriot acts, treaties, and executive orders. The loss of America as it is sold to foreigners, populated by enemies, governed by traitors, and monopolized by multi-national corporations. We are starving on full stomachs because food has no nutritional value. Whole colonies of bees are missing because they lose their way home.

Politically correct, cosmopolitan, liberal. Illegal aliens, abortion, slasher movies, satanic music, relativism, multiculturalism. Psychopaths, crooks, con artists. Racial quotas, affirmative action. Foreign wars, elderly worthless eaters, sexual-trash movie sets, homosexual drag queens, shacking up, perverted vulgar art and theater, sexual barbarism. Disarmament, isolationism and peace are for idiots and fools. Sex trafficking, drug trade, black market labor, gang violence.

Bible-believing Christians are mocked and despised for their virtue. GOD and JESUS are curse words. Become like us or die, be killed or put in concentration camps.

7. JUDGEMENT: THE GOD OF DIVINE JUDGEMENT: look at GOD's judgement through out The Bible. He makes nations great, then destroys them; He enlarges nations, then leads them away. He decides when they should rise and fall, and determined their boundaries. He changes times and epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings. GOD hands nations over to the consequences of their sin.

GOD'S REDEMPTION rejected by humans brings judgement unto destruction; there is no future for planet earth. God's judgment and scriptural curses are upon this nation! GOD uses weather to judge humans. We are headed towards a Moslem nation. This nation has turned its back on God and God has turned His Face from this nation.

GOD will send cursing, vexation (confusion), rebuke (frustration), pestilence (sickness and plagues), consumption (wasting), inflammation and fever, extreme burning (disfigurement), sword (war), blasting (locust), mildew (paleness), brass (heat and rainlessness), botch (boils), emerods (hemorrhoids), scab (scratch), itch (eruption), madness (insanity), blindness (astonishment) and other curses.

8. ECONOMY: GOD may have other reasons (judgement) for the dollar's decline and with it, the decline of the United States as the world leader. Economy is crumbling. Leftists want to burden the economy with taxes and regulation. The goal is to increase taxes, destroy the American economy, devalue the dollar, and improvish the American people.

We have an explosive situation: overpopulation, starvation, pollution, economic instability, hostages, terrorist attacks, escalating Middle east crisis, proliferation of nuclear weapons, disrupted oil supplies and daily threat of war. GOD is allowing this to happen. There could be moral implosion, peak oil, oil blackmail, nuclear attack, bioterrorism chemical warfare, suicide bombers, EMP attack, rapture or combination of these factors.

U2 unemployment is 9.6%, U6 unemployment is over 16%, and if you remove the birth-death ratio, U6 unemployment is over 22%. 1,500,000 have lost their homes since January 2009, 4,000,000 homes are in some stage of foreclosure, the price of food and household necessities is increasing, and the FED is funding the major banks that created the problem. In 2009, 1,400,000 filed for bankruptcy.

9. SOCIALISM: It's basically Marxism of socialism, communism and related forms. The government seizes huge portions of industry, racks up colossal debt, pushes a so-called Fairness Doctrine, and Constitution's explicit restraints on the power of the federal government are ignored. Socialism has repeatedly proven a failure, contradicts man's GOD-given nature, inherently leads to violence and is anti-biblical. Leftists want to use government to redistribute wealth, dismantle traditional marriage and family, impose international law, and much more. Christians should vote for those who embrace their moral, spiritual and political values as informed by the Scripture. Their agenda follows:

1. Destroy the concept of marriage as being one-man/one-woman. Abolish the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Tax incentives that penalize marriage and stay-at-home moms.

2. Teach homosexuality in the schools. Same-sex marriage.

3. Allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military as soldiers and commanders. Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

4. Prosecute pastors and others who call homosexuality wrong by strictly enforcing the Hate Crimes Bill. Shut down churches that speak out against the militant Homosexual Agenda.

5. Ration health care for the elderly. Government-run health care. Soviet-style Socialized Medicine in America which has failed everywhere.

6. Subordinate America and Constitution to United Nations.

7. Make it illegal to talk about some aspects of The Bible. Implement Fairness Doctrine to silence Christian and conservative radio. Policies that drive the conservative and Christian voice off the radio and internet.

8. Pass a pro-homosexual workplace discrimination law against Christians.

9. Force more government takeover of key sectors of American life. Bigger government, higher taxes and more socialism.

10.Confirm radical activist federal judges.

11. Raise taxes to fund Planned Parenthood and other dangerous and failed programs. Taxpayer funded abortion on demand.

13. Unprecedented deficits bankrupting children and grandchildren. Out of control earmarks and federal spending.

14.Harm America's standing in the world by apologizing for America Speeches.

Replace the dollar with a new international currency.

15. Eliminate In God We Trust from U.S. currency and Under God from Pledge of Allegiance. Compel Boy Scouts to remove the mention of God from its oath and force open homosexual Scout leaders.

16. Shut down much of American industry with Climate Change Law.

10.KNOWLEDGE There is a continual increase in technology and knowledge. One-world government will require the masses to be tracked and controlled with technology. They will demand that all receive a chip in the right hand or forehead to buy or sell.


1. ISLAM: Religion is the inhuman driving force behind the compulsion to destroy Israel; bring down the West; defeat Christianity; and establish a global, Sharia-compliant, Muslim caliphate. Thus we miss the fundamental element, religion. We are fighting in this war of civilizations, to the peril of entire cultures. Muslims in some countries have reached 20 percent or more of the population and are demanding adherence to the Sharia, Islam's Quran-based system of tyranny and seventh century tribal religion of pagan customs. Infiltration through multicultural societies is gaining control.

Undermine and overcome America from within, do away with all religions especially Christianity. We are funding our own destruction which could lead to war, famine, pestilence and death. Islam argues against The Bible, deity of CHRIST, work of CHRIST on the cross, Trinity and Christian Gospel.

Muslim-background believers face persecution from extremists, the government, their community and even their own families. Muslims claim and rightly so, that the West has become decadent, with no beliefs worth defending.

1. Sharia Law: Sharia maintains one set of rights, privileges and punishments for Muslims, another set for non-Muslims. Sharia, rather than preserving freedom of speech, punishes (in some cases, with death) criticism of the Koran, the prophet Muhammad, or Islam. Adultery, fornication, and other charges carry penalties of torture, death, or both. Under Sharia, trials are conducted not by jury but by the judge alone, who is not governed by any rule of law. Some Muslims in America are attempting to make Sharia authoritative in this country; they've already achieved some success in England and France. Sharia has already made its mark in Minnesota; the state buys homes from Realtors and re-sells them to Muslims at an up-front price so the Muslims can avoid paying interest, which is banned under Sharia.

U.S. national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution superseded by Sharia; Honor killings of women and children who disobey; Any who criticize of slander Islam, Muhammad, or the Koran are punished; Constitutional liberties eliminated, superseded by Sharia; Democracy finished - people are not free to enact laws; Forced indoctrination and submission within our children's schools; Legalized domestic violence; Legalized marital rape; Legalized multiple-wife families; Non-Muslims officially inferior to Muslims; Religious leaders serve as the sole government; Underage, pre-pubescent girls forced to marry; Women officially inferior.

Women are little more than sex slaves, and revenge and honor killings are the order of the day. Women are officially inferior to men. Husbands are allowed to abuse, even rape, their wives. Polygamy is legal. Muslims enjoy superior rights and privileges to non-Muslims. Criticize Sharia or the Quran, and you can be punished, even executed. Women may not go outside their homes without male permission and the escort of a male family member. Freedom of religion, including sharing the Christian Gospel, is forbidden. Underage girls can be forced to marry, and women and girls can be subject to honor killings. The Quran will trump the Constitution, and religious leaders will have authority over any leaders we are still allowed to elect.

2. CATHOLICISM: The wide abuse of adolescent boys by the sodomite priests is still an open wound in England. Superstition and ignorance came out of popery that held over Europe for the thousand-year-long dark ages. Those who refused The Gospel believed in evolution, atheism, humanism, socialism, materialism, tolerance for sin, etc. Protestants were called rebellious separate brethren.

3. RELIGION: There is only one LORD, one faith and one baptism. Moslem is the fastest growing religion in the world. They want a Hate Crime Law where you will be jailed for speaking against that religion or any other except Christianity. Our nation has become vile and corrupt, and is committing suicide. Britain has announced that Druidy is an officially recognized religion.

Judaism has anathemas (curses) of believers in Jesus Christ. Messianic Jews are worthy of death. Christians are punished and killed when under the control of Judaism. The most wicked sacred book on the planet includes the slander of JESUS as a bastard, said to be in hell boiling forever in a vat of fiery excrement, approving sex between adults and three year-old girls or adults and nine year-old boys - even incest, and to cheat and steal from inferiors.

False doctrines include once-saved always saved, ultimate and universal reconciliation, rapture before tribulation, no judgement no matter how you live and Satan will ultimately be saved. Jesus is not the exclusive way to GOD; truth may be found in all religions; a social gospel displaces the biblical gospel; restore the earth agenda is emphasized over the eternal; universalism, visual idolatry and aggressive undermining of The Scriptures. Prosperity gospel - a false gospel based on the belief that gain is godliness. There will be no excuse at The Great White Throne Judgement for not knowing THE WORD OF GOD.

The privatization of religion in America - the idea that religion should only be exercised in private. The banishment of religious expression and religion in general is an epidemic. There is the diminishing impact of the church on society. They want to alter history and purge America of religious references.

Evolutionary humanism has become the state-endorsed religion, resulting in immorality, sedition, human sacrifice (abortions), divorce and the breakup of the family. Evolution is mindless, random change of organisms.

In Holland a law was passed providing fines and prison time for anyone who publicly, verbally or in writing or image, deliberately expresses himself in anyway insulting of a group of people because of their race, their religion or belief.

Christianity faces the religions of worshiping inanimate objects, practicing witchcraft, and praying to the dead. Only 9% of Americans today subscribe to a biblical worldview. Darwinism, moral relativism, atheism, secular humanism, New Age Teaching, rationalism, naturalism, and a myriad of other worldviews have jockeyed to take its place in the culture.

There is more focus on meeting the material needs of the poor than spiritual needs. Go on sinning so that grace may abound. Church-shop seeking to meet needs rather than serving the Church.

4. WITCHCRAFT Witches speak enchantments over objects to draw those who use them into occultism and witchcraft. They speak spells to liberate those from evil fundamentalist Christian homes into Wicca. They do magick to conjure in the Aquarian Age. Covens do magick to summon familiar spirits. There are tens of thousands of witches in every state.

5. PAGANISM Paganism is becoming more widespread. Earth worship is the central theme of paganism.

6. OTHER RELIGIONS There is an increase of Eastern religious teachings and their gurus. The esoteric wave and the New Age movement have drawn millions under its spell.


1. STATE OF THE FAMILY: Unmarried childbearing: the rate of births to unmarried women is 40% today. Cohabitation: there is a 14-fold increase in unmarried cohabitation since 1960. Increasing childlessness: only 40% agreed that children are very important to successful marriage in 2007. Busyness: nearly 60% of Christians say their hectic schedules prevent them from spending enough time with GOD. There are more than 1.7 million children with a mother, father or both in prison. As many as 70% of these children may end up in prison. Parents failure to discipline their children is a veritable plague these days.

Over 50% of first marriages end in divorce, 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages will fail.

2. FEMINISM: There is a sexual sabotage of society: sexual revolution, gay rights and feminism. Leading to one sex, the heterosexual-homosexual (bisexual, promiscuous and bereft of family). When females reject the male, they usurp the masculine role and abandon the feminine one. Most women want to marry and have children.

Feminists fell for this propaganda. Men can no longer be trusted. Women are victims by virtue of their sex. Women should be selfish. Sex is not reserved for love and marriage. Self-fulfillment lies in career, not family. Social engineering of women is a monstrous fraud. They want women to work out of the home. This helps to decrease population which is a goal.

3. AHAB AND JEZEBEL: The spirit of Jezebel is rampant in the home, church, sports, economics, newscasting, government, banking and every facet of life. Women rule is the order of the day.

4. HETEROSEXUAL ASSAULT: Sexual revolution - gay rights - feminism - ultimately one sex - the eatery-homo, break-up of American family. When females reject the male, they usurp the masculine role and abandon the feminine one. Break-up marriage and you break-up society. Most women want to marry. The goal is to decrease population. Destroy female trust in men.

5. SUICIDE: In Alaska, Native and Native American communities, especially among the young, almost twice as many Native young people (ages 15-29) committed suicide in 2006-2007 compared to non-Native youth. Alcoholism is rampant, incest is all too common and suicide rates rank among the highest in the world.

6. DESTRUCTION OF LOVE Behavior in society is becoming more aggressive. Natural affection is disintegrating and people's hearts are growing colder. Everyone is out for himself.


1. APOSTATE CHURCH: Stories of greed, corruption and sexual abuse have rocked the people's confidence in the professional clergy, whether Christian or Jewish. These manipulations, desecrations, alterations and corrupted Bible translations have spawned countless toxic religious systems that have been poisoning God's people for years. Inner cities are filled with boarded-up churches, closed because of fear, ignorance, prejudice, white flight, lack of funding, dwindling memberships, lack of leadership and absence of vision. People are no longer content with the empty rites and rituals of religion devoid of Spirit and life. Humanism, materialism, denominationalism and religion fail to provide what people want. GOD is treated like a four-letter word in the world.

A fundamental modification in theology in which emergent leaders resist original sin, reject substitutionary atonement, deny the existence of Hell, refute inerrancy of Scripture, and cozy up to universalism. Theirs is a Christ who calls for no repentance, who embraces homosexuality and same-sex-marriage, and acceptance of false religions, supposedly in the name of tolerance and love. The church system has digressed to teach only the precepts and doctrines of their founders. Their gospel is a feel-good message designed to make everyone happy and comfortable. Don't preach against sin. Hell has been a taboo subject in the church in recent years.

Many members of the Church are just church members. They have fallen prey to the deception of mere religious knowledge. Belong to a church but are not born again. Say, LORD, LORD but do not belong to Him. Call themselves Christians but are not one with CHRIST. Moral relativism permeating The Church leading to the collapse of biblical Christianity in the West. Christians are accused of being anti-intellectual and anti-science because of prideful academics. Evolution is the foundational religion.

They have Christianity but are lacking CHRIST. The reason for the fact that we still have no revival in America today can be found in the prayerless believers revealed in a watered-down nominal, back-slidden Christianity. The nominal Christian may know of JESUS, have heard of Him, and may even have been baptized in His Name. Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:3b).

The individual who knows he is born again also knows that he will be attacked by Satan. The true child of GOD is always on the offensive against the Kingdom of Darkness and will be most despised by Christians without CHRIST.

Does The Church have a vision of what GOD is doing or going to do? Are they corrupt, fleecing the flock and having sex scandals? Are the pastors ministering in pride and building their own kingdoms? Are the Christians acting or sincere? Has judgment begun at THE HOUSE OF GOD? Has The Glory departed from The Church? Do they cast out demons, anoint with oil and pray for the sick?

Apostasy is increasing at an exponential rate. It is GOD's WORD prophetically fulfilled in our day. It includes false doctrine. Wicca, Druidism, paganism and witchcraft have infiltrated the churches. Christians are spoiled with a feel-good Christianity looking for edification.

We are in the Age of Enlightenment, evolution, total sexual liberality and sociology. Ordained ministers not believing in the virgin birth, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and His return. Liberal theologians rejecting foundations of Christianity and facts of spiritual history. Homosexual movements coming into The Church and fundamentalists are being cast out.

We are suffering a famine of THE WORD OF GOD. The Church's tolerance of easy believism and watered-down pabulum, and the trivializing of the weighty matters of a HOLY AND GLORIOUS GOD. To tinkle ears, to entertain, to put ourselves at ease, to make money, to build offices and staff, or to make much of ourselves.

The great falling away JESUS prophesied is taking place. Deceived by another gospel and another JESUS, rejection of godly reproof, rise of a gospel of ease, shallow teaching of flesh-pleasers, falling away of multitudes, love of many believers would wane, great seduction and deception.

2. CHURCH AND SOCIETY: First, much of the Church needs to repent of rampant compromise with secular ideas and for not standing boldly, unashamedly, and uncompromisingly on THE WORD OF GOD. Second, the nation as a whole needs to repent of gross sin before a HOLY GOD and submit to the authority of THE CREATOR GOD OF THE BIBLE. Two-thirds of young people are leaving the church. Many Christians are rejecting creation in favor of evolution and millions of years: evangelical publishers, colleges and ministries, and theological liberals.

3. WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS: There is a declaration of war on those who hold to the inerrancy of the Book Of Books and believe it to be the authentic, accurate way to salvation and fulfillment of JESUS' promise of an abundant life though redemption. Instability is caused by a relentless war against Christians that grows more volatile by the movement. JESUS is being kicked out of the public institutions. Genocidal anti-Semites and historical revisionist perverters of truth want a world without Jesus people. Secular elitists, radical American minorities, self-proclaimed post-Christian West, and their groupie brigades are determined to stamp out JESUS and Christianity.

They want politically correct enlightenment. Those who commit the most heinous crimes are merely deprived victims. Philosophy is actually a search for truth that never seems to arrive at a conclusion. Christmas was trivalized into a festival of commercial extravagance. Theologians were telling folks The Bible wasn't all as written; and they relegated the incarnation to myth and story. What followed is an orgy of anti-Christian antagonism. The culture has arisen that denies, even detests, the thought of The Nativity. Biblical Christianity is being attacked in an increasingly secular world. There are those who hate GOD, and despise Christianity, Christians and gentiles leading to prison or extermination.

The dark spirit of the age has infected the most powerful institutions in America and threatens to consume this nation's most cherished freedoms. The attempt to purge the biblical worldview not only from the public square, but from every cultural, legal and professional power center, is systematic.

Christians are being attacked at every level of society. Hollywood curses GOD in almost every movie. Politicians have determined that the war against Christiianity does not extend to other religions.

4. THE BIBLE: Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled (Matt. 5:18). All scripture is given by inspiration of GOD (2 Tim. 3:16a). For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, GOD shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, GOD shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Rev. 22:18-19).

Other people hate The Bible. Those have attempted to eradicate it, tear it, burn it, mock it, forbid it, cut it to pieces and criticize it. The new theology that is based on human understanding says no to it. Modern theology of our day calls it myth. GOD's people do not believe GOD's WORD or the power He has put in His people.

5. MISSIONS: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Communism are opposed to Christian missions. Over 100 million children worldwide have been abandoned or orphaned by wars, floods, famines and diseases. Of the 850 million hungry people worldwide, about 25,000 die every day. Millions of women throughout the world have been sold into prostitution at a young age. America is being evangelized by foreign missionaries. In America, Christianity is a patrimony, a history, a culture but not a change of heart.

6. PERSECUTION: The Bible says persecution is inevitable. They see greed, corruption and incompetence in the men who rule the country. Christians can access the spiritual bread and the great physician during persecution. As this age draws to a close, evil will grow worse and iniquity will abound (Matt. 24:2). Persecution is becoming an everyday reality between radical homosexual-rights movement and those who stand for biblical values.

There is anti-Christ, anti-Jewish anti-American pro-Islam agenda of this administration with rioting and screaming mobs. Islam is a religion and violent political system. The hatred of Muslims against the infidel and calling for their destruction. Persecution, intimidation and discrimination are resulting in a severe dwindling of Christian communities across the Arab region.

The world hates Christ and hates Christians. The world persecuted Christ and will persecute Christians. Persecution, whether mild or severe, is the lot of those who seek righteousness. Those who resist following evil will be ridiculed at best, put to death at worst. GOD'S LOVE for us doesn't guarantee that we will not be persecuted and even killed for his sake.

We are accused of fear mongering. The homosexual agenda is the principal threat to religious freedom. Regarding those who insist that only lives lived consistent with a certain view of GOD can truly be fulfilled; society now condemns them as dangerous religious fanatics.

Equality Laws, atheistic humanism, anti-Christian environment, socialistic humanistic universities denying Bible and GOD, humanist philosophies, homosexual clergy, Islam, sexual perversion, evolution, Freudian psychology, hate speech laws.

7. REMNANT: There will always be a remnant following THE FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. Those who cling to the truth of Scripture and refuse to dilute the pure gospel will find themselves progressively marginalized. If you are open about your beliefs about JESUS CHRIST or Christianity, you are going to be criticized, ostracized or silenced.

8. BIBLICAL WARNING: Men fainting from fear of what is coming on the earth. The elect would be deceived if that were possible. Satan comes with signs and lying wonders. GOD sends them strong delusion. Signs in the heavens. It will be like the days of Noah when the SON OF MAN returns.

9. STAND AND FIGHT: From corruption in Congress and court rulings that strike at the heart of religious freedom and parents' rights to increased government surveillance of law-abiding Americans and the lack of protection for the lives of unborn babies, our nation is in trouble with GOD. We may be only one terrorist's attack away from becoming a military state. We are witnessing the total secularization of America, aided and abetted by the courts, our governmental institutions and private groups. We ban even the mention of GOD in schools and public places.

Although the ACLU has fought for the speech rights of pornographers, convicted criminals, child molesters, occultists, Nazis and illegal aliens, it has consistently tried to deny those same rights to religious believers. There is increased hostility to religion and a relentless drive to secularize American public life. We need a legal revolution, a cultural revolution, as well as a revolution of ideas. There is the breakdown of the traditional family. Young people take part in adverse risky 'text-align:justify'>

Political correctness has become the scourge of freedom in general, and religious freedom in particular. It is politically incorrect and even illegal to mention JESUS, let alone GOD. Even remotely Christian symbols are also being done away with. Everything Christian is being erased. There is no freedom for expression that offends prevailing standards of political correctness in our nations's institutions of higher learning.

10.DIVINE JUDGMENT: In 1962, school prayer was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1963, Bible reading in public schools was ruled unconstitutional. In 1973, restrictions on abortion were lifted, and abortion clinics began to permeate the nation (through the infamous Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court). In 1985, nativity scenes in public places were ruled to violate the so-called separation of church and state. In 2003, laws against homosexual sodomy were ruled unconstitutional. In 2004, a federal curt held it was unconstitutional for a school to teach intelligent design theory as an alternative to evolution.


1. MORALS: The moral standard is, If it feels good, do it! Over 70% of high school and college students favor legalizing same-sex marriage. 70% of college-aged men visit porn websites every month. 40,000,000 Americans are regular visitors to pornographic websites. 33% of porn viewers are women. The average age at which a child first sees porn online is 11. 75% of girls under 14 who have engaged in sexual activity report having had a forced sexual experience. To stand for righteous living means to be labeled homophobic, hater and religious bigot and terrorist.

2. MORAL DEGENERATION: The following is pervasive, escalating and widespread: widespread acceptance of homosexuality, barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion, over 50 million babies murdered, pornography enslaving millions as sex addicts, drug abuse and alcoholism among teenagers and adults, premarital sex, extramarital sex, promiscuity, fornication and adultery bringing sexually transmitted diseases, over a fourth of American girls between the ages of fourteen and nineteen have at least one sexually transmitted disease, family units disintegrating, divorce rate around 50 percent, many living together outside of marriage, 40 percent of women not married when they gave birth, gay couples are adopting children.

See Rom. 1:21-32. Unnatural sexual behavior between people of the same sex is an abomination to GOD. Bible ethics have been done away since the 1960's. 50 million unborn children are aborted every year. Same-sex marriage and adoption of children have become socially acceptable in many countries. Couples living together outside of marriage are an absolutely normal practice. Adultery is considered a necessary part of self-realization. Every third marriage ends in divorce. Sexual perversion is common. Pedophilia, child abuse and violence is common.

3. CRIME: Cities have become murder capitals; lawlessness is out of control; crime in major cities increases every year; and rape, bank robberies and burglaries are at an all time high. 95% of crime is drug related.

4. MEDIA: The left-leaning mainstream politically - correct media has enjoyed a decades-long reign over television. The media is corrupt and does not report the truth: astonishing anti-Christian bias. As far as the news media and most public officials are concerned, Christians don't count. If they are noticed at all, it is only with the conclusion that they are expendable. Government leaders and journalists are more concerned about not offending the perpetrators than speaking out for the afflicted. The ultimate goal of the Left is to make biblical truth either culturally unacceptable or legally impermissible anywhere in the public sphere. They want to coerce, frighten, belittle, deceive, and intimidate those who will not affirm a radical sexual agenda.

Secular media hates Bible-believing Christians because the truth of GOD and His Bible feels like Hell to those who reject or hate the truth. Truth about morality, laws and governing principles; one GOD who receive His Redemption or face His Judgement; GOD is GOD alone; biblical principles that guided this nations's founders; moral absolutes that men must live by.

The media makes a mockery of Christians, the Christian faith and Christian values, and those who speak out for the sacredness of life are branded as extremists. violence, sex, drugs and alcohol appear on channels of television with an irreverence for GOD.


1. END TIMES: Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone and a cup of trembling; all people of the earth will be gathered against it. Persecution of Bible believers is another prophetic theme. Secular materialism and evolution has succeeded in crowding Christians to the margins of the culture. The love of many will wax cold. Life is and can be very difficult. Take up the banner for religious freedom, prepare for the coming battles; hard times lie ahead.

We see the beginning of sorrows: wars and rumors of war, nations (peoples) rising against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, famines, earthquakes and pestilence (diseases). Christians have not been taught GOD'S JUDGEMENT and are not prepared. Many watchmen (hirelings) are blind dogs (unbelieving hypocrites) have no vision and love to slumber. False prophets and teachers will bring upon themselves swift destruction. Alcohol and drug use among those in the pulpit is at an all time high. Nuclear bombs will probably be detonated in the atmosphere.

We are in a globalized humanistic state. Christians are entrapped in a global financial system. These systems will be turned against the Tribulation Saints. Our spiritual gold needs to be refined by fire. The diversity of the global financial system will be brought under one roof by the God of Forces. Churchianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Atheism will join together.

JESUS said that spiritual deception would be a chief characteristic of the last days. There is a widespread development of spiritual deception throughout Christendom. Christians will face severe civil and religious persecution. There will be a spiritual storm, trials and tribulations, and a hard life to live. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Spiritually we are New Age, not Christian.

2. NEXT GENERATION: Ministry is more difficult than ever before because people are increasingly hostile and negative toward Christianity. Partly to blame is a major shift in the general culture. A moral system based on convenience, feelings and selfishness. The public school system teaches evolution, self-esteem, human potential, and glorification of decadent celebrities. There are significant disruptions in our economy caused by corruption (sin) in high places. Islam, secular humanists, evolutionists, Sodomites, and socialists are finding little resistance from Bible believers.

3. SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Earth and sky signs, moral signs, religious signs, realignment-of-nations signs, technological signs, and rebirth-of-Israel sign. Wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilences, earthquakes in divers places, and aberrant weather and widespread destruction.

An increase in the signs of the times: spiritual deception, wars and rumors of wars, volcanic activity and earthquakes in divers places. Catastrophic honey bee colony collapse disorder that threatens U.S. crop pollinations and production.

Signs of the times include deception, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes, troubles, persecution, apostasy, terrorism, wickedness, moral decline, destruction of love, and The Gospel reaching all nations.

Signs from Heaven include the hole in the ozone layer, increasing changes on the surface of the sun, sun storms with their effect on planet Earth, and increase in storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

4. STRONG DELUSION: Those who refuse GOD'S TRUTH would be given a strong delusion. GOD's Wrath is on those who hold the truth in unrighteousness. In the past hundred years, billions of people have bought into the other gospel of Marxism in one way or another. We are gravitating to the idols of evolution, human potential, self-esteem, welfare, government entitlements, nanny state, etc. Socialists and progressives are modern Marxists.

The Devil conquers by deceit and seduction of money and sex. There is a foolhardy denial of THE CREATOR. Our leaders are either dupes, degenerates or traitors used to degrade and enslave humanity using social engineering, diversity or sexual harassment training. Gentiles are considered stupid, dupes, gullible, feckless. If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

5. LUCIFERIAN ENDGAME: The ongoing struggle in the Middle East is cause for great concern to all the nations of the world. The jihadists of radical Islam are bent on destroying the state of Israel and the Great Satan (The United States). Hamas and Hezbollah are in fact at war with Israel and are ramping up for another attack. Al-Qaeda will join forces with Hezbollah and Hamas to attack their sworn enemy, Israel. The prophecies found in The Bible are 100 percent accurate and reflect a GOD who knows the future because he is outside our space-time continuum.

The Fatima apparition changed the worldview of thousands of people in an instant and could very well be the harbinger of worldwide deception. Those who were in the field that day, who saw the miracle of the sun, for the most part became believers that the apparition was of Mary. I believe this was a deception. There are supernatural events currently taking place on a global scale. It seems the existence of UFOs and alien abductions are supernatural events that are orchestrated by fallen angels/Satanic forces. Prophecies written over twenty-six hundred years ago describe a time in history where a confederacy of nations will come up against Israel described as, a land of unwalled villages. Israel will respond to this attack by using its nuclear arsenal. Shortly after the war between Israel and the jihadists, great supernatural events will manifest on the earth.

There may be holographic imagery depicting the miracles of The Bible and other faiths. There will be a great falling away with most people believing the lie. Fallen angels disguised as aliens will manifest and lay claims to the creation of the human species and execution of the miracles that have happened on earth. UFO sightings, the Fatima apparitions, Mothman prophecies, crop circles, and the abduction phenomenon have occurred. The endgame of this global ruler is to be worshipped as god. Unless those days are shortened, no flesh would survive. The alien agenda will be revealed soon. Governments have been in collusion with the aliens trading access to our population for the aliens' advanced technology.

6. ALIENS: Rebuke the spirits in THE NAME AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. This phenomenon cuts across all societal, economic, political, geographic, educational, religious, ethnic, racial, and intellectual lines. The message is usually an anti-Judeo-Christian message: JESUS is not who we think he is, they are our creators and of all life; they started our religions, were the gods that our ancestors worshipped and The Bible is not the inherent WORD OF GOD. They try to accomplish this through brainwashing methods, seduction of being special, paranormal abilities, and prophetic message that doesn't come true. False pregnancies happen to women. We are dealing with fallen angels. Many scientists have allegiance to higher masters. Their agenda is obtaining life and alien/human hybrids that could pass as a human.

The breeding program is vigorous and extremely important. They are very interested in emotions and the soul, the inner energy of humans. If the truth was revealed, it would have a devastating impact on scientists and many government officials. Much of what science knows would be wrong. They are from the spirit world. Is the government holding back because of trading technology, greed, control or fear of panic? At some point in time, they will reveal themselves. Is there a connection between Near Death Experiences, out-of-body or unexplained aerial phenomena? The beings are cunning and correspond telepathically. There is occult activity, cattle and even human mutilations, crop circles and alien abduction phenomena. UFO sightings are on the increase. Aliens are messengers of deception.

7. DISASTERS: In the decade from 2001 to 2011, there have been many unprecedented major disasters that have devastated the planet we call earth. These disasters have collectively killed over 550,000 people, and have caused trillions of dollars in damage. Radical Muslims attack the World Trade Center: 2,996 dead. The Indian Ocean tsunami - 230,000 killed. Hurricane Katrina - 1,836 killed. Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar (Burma) - 146,000 killed. Kashmir, Pakistan earthquake - 79,000 killed. Sichuan earthquake - 87,400 killed. Japan reels from a 9.0 earthquake, a powerful tsunami, and nuclear explosions and radiation - 20,000 plus killed.


1. EDUCATION: There is an aggressive movement to devalue the notion of national sovereignty and teach American children to view themselves as global citizens by using the strategies of political power and social pressure to transform the future. The schools today are atheistic in many respects. It is taboo to air your Christian views in public schools where writing about JESUS as a historical person is considered absolutely illegal. Educational system is misguided with out-of-control schools. Public schools have sanitized their curriculum by removing all references to GOD or church.

In America, one child in four grows up not knowing how to read. Two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the fourth grade will end up in jail or on welfare. approximately half of unemployed youth ages 16 to 21 are functionally illiterate. They have virtually no prospect of obtaining good jobs. Children from low-income families are, on average, 2.5 grade levels behind in reading. Children who have not developed basic literacy skills by the time they enter school are 3 to 4 times more likely to drop out in later years. If a child who can't read grows up to become an adult who can't read, he or she is more than three times as likely to live in poverty. 85% of juvenile offenders have reading problems. Girls ages 16 to 19, who live at the poverty level or below and have below average reading skills, are six times more likely to have out-of-wedlock children than other girls their ages.

The children of today live in a world where abortion is legal, gay rights is accepted, pornography is at their fingertips, and humanistic education has replaced the worship of GOD. they are taught that casual sex is normal, but a virgin entering marriage is abnormal. Drugs, alcohol, and dysfunctional families are a normal part of everyday life. These adolescent children admit that they do not have good role models at home to follow. Universities have become hotbeds of anti-Christ philosophies, humanism, naturalism, atheism, Marxism and evolution.

On the average, public schools only graduate about 70% of their students. That's about 7,000 kids dropping out each day. U.S. test scores rank 25th out of 30 industrialized nations. Violence and drugs are endemic. Just as important, many schools do not respect the rights of Christian kids. No wonder we have children killing children in schools that teach that man is essentially a hairless ape. Schools offer mediation, hypnosis and inner guides.

2. UNIVERSITIES: Alcohol on the college campus: binge drinking is most common between ages 18 and 22. 42% of college students report binge drinking. 20% are weekly binge drinkers.

Antagonistic environment in secular institutions: a professor should cause students to question (and eradicate) any foundations from their upbringing, in particular, any traditional, conservative or religious viewpoints. Biblical approaches to a text are outdated and un-intellectual. It would be selfish and inappropriate to identify as a Christian. No pure text exists because of transmission errors; the Bible contains mistakes and cannot be trusted. Firm Christian beliefs are unfair to students.

3. TRADITIONS: What Christian and other traditions are you following? Research the origin to see if it is Christian. Christmas as generally celebrated today is one of many carry-overs from Roman Catholicism that survived the Reformation. Statues of Isis and Horus were renamed Mary and JESUS. The Saturnalia (Festival of Saturn in celebration of the winter solstice) was replaced by Christmas celebration.

4. WEATHER: Warnings: Matt. 24 - Luke 21 - Mark 13. GOD is able to use weather and other conditions on earth to come against the wickedness of man. Global warming summit - 12/09/09: massive blizzard - 130 large icebergs - giant iceberg 12 x 5 miles size. We are having bleak harvests due to droughts and floods with a reduction in animals.

Man-made and natural disasters generated worldwide economic losses of 222 billion dollars in 2010. Russia's heatwave left about 15,000 dead. Summer floods in China and Pakistan killed 6,225. There were 235 natural disasters claiming the lives of more than 260,000 and affecting 256 million more.

What is happening with the sun and the moon? Why is it that birds are dropping out of the air dead, and why have fish numbering into the millions suddenly died without explanation? Why are there sinkholes of gigantic proportions appearing all over the earth, and what is happening with volcanic eruptions in Japan, Italy and Iceland? What about the UFO seen over the Temple Mount? The air, water and food are becoming toxic. 87% of the bee population has been killed off. The world's food production will be cut drastically.

The chaos that man has been able to observe through the science of astronomy reveals terrible and great cataclysms occurring in deep space - black holes that suck in entire star systems with such gravitational force that not even light can escape, colliding galaxies millions of light years in diameter, novae - the remnants of exploding stars. At the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is a black hole devouring stars and presumably, planets that encircle them.

Over the last ten years, more and more earthquakes of large magnitude (between 8 to 9 on the Richter Scale) have taken place, followed by tsunamis - not to mentions deadly hurricanes and man-made disasters, such as oil spills and nuclear incidents. Never recorded history have there been so many major back-to-back disasters as we have seen in recent years.


Man (i.e. self) is the god of atheistic humanism. Much of this influence has come into the church through Christian psychology and the pseudopsychologies of inner healing and healing of memories.


17% indicate that they have intentionally tried to emotionally hurt someone, 45% feel lying is sometimes a necessity, 29% report there is too much pressure to get married and they would rather live together, 21% have had sexual intercourse, 41% consider homosexual women a family, and homosexual men a family, 13% feel only sometimes loved in their homes, 69% believe that religious practices other than Christianity are helpful, 45% are not too or not at all likely to attend religious services after high school and 19% do not know what they believe about GOD.

16% of high school students watched a pornographic movie, 13% read a pornographic magazine in the past three months, 14% have drunk enough to be considered legally drunk, 10% have had suicidal thoughts and 5% have attempted suicide.

Rock music fills minds which legitimizes rape, murder, sadomasochism, adultery, and even satanic worship.


Street vices, alcohol and drugs, homelessness, births to single mothers is 72% among African-American women and fatherless homes.


Food prices are rising due to financial speculation, bad weather, increased oil prices, export restrictions, unrest, and a growing demand for biofuels as the reasons for soaring prices.


Modern philosophy and liberalism, tolerance for every view, relativism, sexual promiscuity. Winter holiday versus Christmas, issues versus problems, reproductive freedom versus abortion, climate change versus global warming, hateful versus marriage, Ultra-right, far-right or fringe versus morality. Hiding from the truth.


People can't tell the difference between right and wrong by thinking there is nothing that is absolute. They are outraged by killing of animals but kill their own children in their mothers' wombs. The Church is more concerned with bake sales than with deception; they are poised at a critical juncture in time and are unaware. The youth are confused and titillated with lascivious images; they have lost their innocence and have received hopelessness and death. Nations are killing each other. Plagues and new diseases take lives of many leaving orphans. Life has been taken out of the Church by being infiltrated by wolves in sheep's' clothing using money, sex and power. There is hopelessness and death, confusion and anarchy, disease and intolerance. The Church is fragmented, subverted and weakened by plants of the enemy.

Air contaminated or altered with chem-trails; food modified as GMO and nutrients taken out; control of pharmaceutical industry making us dependent on harmful chemicals for health; government out of control spending and taxing America out of existence; NWO implementing the need for reduction of six and half billion population; UN and others pushing for global world government; on verge of global collapse of economy; HAARP modifying weather and creating earthquakes.

Electronics making us see things that are not there; implanting thoughts that are not our own; non-human entities in society: Reptilians, Grays, UFO's, Orbs, Haunts and Caverns; human entities in society: Satan's Seed, Hybrids (half fallen angel and half man), abductions and implants; aliens: fallen angels, watchers and demons; clones and chimeras; biological chemical energy combined with electrical mechanical energy; and artificial intelligence (Gen. 3:15 " 6:4; Deut. 2:10-37 " 9:2; Num. 13:33 " 14:6-9; 1 Sam. 17:4; Jos. 11:21-22 " 21:11; Jud. 1:20; Dan. 2:43 " 8:10; Isa. 13:3-5; Matt. 24:15 " 24:37-39; Luke 21:26, 2 Thes. 2:3 " 2:11; 1 Pet. 3:18-19; 2 Pet. 2:4-9; Jude 6-7 and Rev. 12-13).

Laws have been passed that conflict with biblical teaching, and prayer has been removed from public schools. Humanistic teachings have replaced Judeo-Christian values in our schools and universities. The liberal media has pounded away against traditions, and has promoted a society of promiscuity and Hollywood morals. The Ten Commandments upon which American law was based has now been banished from public life by ultra-liberal judges. President Obama's pro-gay, anti-GOD agenda; marriage is sacrificed on the altar of sodomy and perversion.

The culture is falling apart. Homosexual unions are touted as something holy and wholesome as that of man and woman. Prayer, the Bible, and name of CHRIST JESUS would be practically outlawed in public arena or schools. Naked people served in restaurant chain. U.S. Senate repealed legal prohibitions against sex with animals in military.


This is a covert war against humanity. Thought and communication are monopolized. Rich and powerful forces have been subverting the human race for at least 300 years. Our leaders are complicit in our enslavement. The people selected to advance often are traitors, criminals and perverts at worst or opportunists and dupes at best. The enemy's front lines are family, race, religion and nation. Millions are learning this horrible reality. The satanic cartel goal is to degrade and enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually if not physically. Culturally and spiritually we are impoverished and enchained. Universities are engaged in social engineering to deny GOD.

Today, at least 10 countries are enduring tragic civil wars, and another 20 countries are involved in serious internal conflicts. More women and children are being trafficked against their will, across borders than ever before. over 30 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and at least 25 million deaths have been related to AIDS. Pornography is reaching epidemic proportions and being classified today as a public health crisis. The World Health Organization estimated that approximately one million people die from suicide each year; that's one death by suicide every 40 seconds. Substance addiction has now infiltrated almost every segment of our society, as close to 200 million people abuse drugs each year. The United States has the highest homicide rate of all industrialized countries. Up to one billion women (at least one in three) have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetimes.


There are many sources for this information that come from Christian publications: books, magazines, newsletters and other. I recommend the following if you want to find out what is happening to the world: