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5. Superstition

6. Magic

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8. Fortune Telling Or Divination

9. Mediums, Psychics, Clairvoyants And Psychometricians

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1. Blood Pacts

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5. God's Lines Of Defence For His Children

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An Advanced Course In Spiritual Warfare

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An amulet is a material object on which a charm has been written, or over which a charm or spell has been cast. It is carried or worn in the belief that it will protect from evil, or bring good luck. It is used frequently as a shield against evil spirits or black magic, as well as protection from disease, adversity, or danger. Amulets are worn, for instance, by women during childbirth, individuals in dangerous occupations, the superstitious (including many actors, gamblers, and Gypsies), and by some who have been magically healed.

Amulets are common throughout the world, worn by the civilized and uncivilized alike, and are of an infinite variety. The heathen wears a human finger bone or tiger's tooth, while his white cousin in the city carries a rabbit's foot, or a charm on his watch chain. Amulets are found in the form of birthstones, beads, garlic (worn to protect against the evil eye, vampires, etc.), copper bracelets, Egyptian scarabs, St. Christopher's medals, four-leaf clovers, letters of protection (carried by soldiers, for example), human hair, rings, lucky coins, the cone from a hemlock tree (a fertility charm), lucky charm bracelets (which are worn today by girls who are many times unaware of their magical associations), and countless other objects.


A charm basically means a chant or incantation recited in order to produce some good or bad effect magically (the term charm means to sing). An object may be charmed in this manner, or the charm may be written down. Such charms when worn or carried are amulets. The distinction between a recited charm and the amulet is generally overlooked and consequently the amulet itself which has been charmed is usually called a charm.


A spell may be spoken or written and involves the use of magical incantations, rituals, and symbols. The magician, charmer, or sorcerer casts a spell in order to curse, injure, harass, and bind (hence the term spellbound), or to bring to pass what he desires. Both humans and animals (as well as anything else from crops to marriage) may be charmed or have a spell cast over them in order to cure, harm, or protect, or to cause some other desired effect.

The secrets of magical charming and casting spells were revealed by Satan himself to his devotees and passed down through the ages. Satan has established his own complicated rituals for charming and casting spells, and the forces of darkness are obliged to act on behalf of the sorcerer (or anyone else) if he observes the proper formulae.

Spells and charms are cast, and amulets worn, for any reason desired: to give strength, to kill an enemy, to protect from evil, to assure success in love, or to give victory in battle. Charms and spells are used to cure diseases in humans or animals, to shield against demons, or to cause a business to prosper, and so on.

Perhaps two of the most common spell or charm works having magical import and which are familiar to everyone are: Abracadabra and Hocus-pocus. The term abracadabra is an ancient word believed to have magical power to ward off evil spirits, disease, or other adversity. The first recorded mention of the term occurs in a written remedy for the cure of disease, believed dating from the second to the fourth centuries A.D. The term was to be written on a paper in a certain manner, then folded and worn as a amulet for 9 days, after which it was to be thrown backward before sunrise into a stream flowing east, thus curing the disease. The term hocus-pocus is generally used by magicians during sleight-of-hand tricks, or in conjuring and incantations. It is believed to be a corruption of the Latin hoc est corpus (this is the body), a phrase used by a Catholic priest in the ritual of the Mass when the bread is erroneously believed to become mystically transformed into Christ's body.


The term taboo is Polynesian in origin (from tabu). Taboo signifies a prohibition placed upon some person, place, object, or action because it is sacred, unclean, or otherwise restricted for some reason, thereby making it untouchable, unmentionable, and so on. The taboo is enforced by social convention and tradition, or by superstition, whereby it is believed that the individual violating it will suffer illness, death, or some other misfortune.

Taboos may pertain to a wide variety of subjects, such as restrictions placed upon eating certain foods, climbing a certain sacred mountain, touching objects belonging to a tribal chief, violating magic ritual, a married woman appearing in public without a veil, failure to remove one's shoes before entering certain religious shrines or temples, killing a sacred animal, incest, opening an umbrella indoors, whistling on board ship, looking over someone's shoulder into a mirror, allowing a cat to enter a mine, a pregnant woman attending a funeral, stepping on a crack in the sidewalk, and so on.


Superstitions are related to magic, and are based upon the desire to have something come true, or to prevent something bad or unpleasant from happening.

Satan is the ultimate source of all superstitions whether they are found in the remotest regions of Africa or come from the pages of the latest edition of an American almanac. He uses such things as old wives' tales, childish fears, dread of the unknown, and ignorance to implant worry, fear, and anxieties in the mind in order to cause illness, accident, or death, as well as to bind and oppress the lives of millions.

Superstitions delude the gullible into hoping that the performance of certain prescribed acts, or the repetition of certain words, will magically bring good fortune, or cause something desired to happen, or prevent something unpleasant from occurring. Superstitious acts range all the way from knocking on wood and crossing one's fingers to throwing rice at a wedding or the avoidance of walking under a ladder. Superstitions have caused man to devise all manner of charms, amulets, lucky signs, talismans, spells, incantations, lucky numbers, magic rituals, and taboos in an effort to control or influence events.

Superstitions are not something which characterize only primitive societies, but are believed in and practiced worldwide. In the United States, for instance, Hollywood has its astrologers, Hippies wear their beads and amulets, hotels avoid the 13th floor, auto racers dislike women or peanuts in their pits, and brides often wear a blue garter for good luck. Farmers believe that if the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2, then winter will last 6 more weeks, while some set eggs under hens on Sunday nights to assure hatching. Finding a four-leaf clover supposedly brings good luck, while spilling salt signifies bad luck. Hex signs to ward off evil are still painted on Pennsylvania and Indiana barns, while many Americans say, God bless you! when anyone sneezes (originally done in the superstitious belief that it would prevent the soul from departing). Servicemen are notorious for keeping mascots for luck, and black cats, like the number 13, spell evil in the minds of millions of cultured and sophisticated people.

Superstitions are unchristian and satanic in origin, and are indicative of a lack of faith in God to provide for and protect His children from evil and harm. One report in 1974, states that 10 million rabbits' feet are sold annually in the USA, and about 4 million four-leaf clovers, while Friday the 13th costs Americans about $250 million in lost business each year due to so many superstitious people who stay home in order to avoid working, shopping, or traveling on this unlucky day.

Superstitions fall into certain classifications: taboos (it is unlucky to open an umbrella indoors); omens (finding a pin on the floor is an omen of good luck); rituals (crossing the fingers wards off evil, or insures good fortune, as does knocking on wood, since certain trees are sacred in pagan cultures); incantations (Rain, rain go away; come again another day.) amulets (charms) and talismans (Magical objects, as the rabbit's foot carried for luck, or a horseshoe placed over the door to ward off evil); and superstitious customs and beliefs (e.g., breaking a wish-bone, the person with the larger piece getting his wish; blowing out birthday candles while making a wish, or the belief that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

There are innumerable superstitions of every description and the list grows longer each day. We are warned never to allow a black cat to cross our path, or else take 12 steps backwards to counteract the evil if it does occur (witches can change themselves into black cats according to legend). Bad luck is supposedly avoided when salt is spilled by throwing a pinch over the left shoulder (doubtless an offering to appease the evil spirits as salt has magical significance in occultism). Lighting (3) cigarettes on the same match, or killing a cricket (a symbol of good luck) indoors will bring misfortune. The number 13 is unlucky; it is said because Judas made 13 at the Last Supper. Good luck is sought by gamblers by blowing on the cards or dice (breath symbolizes life energy), many golfers will not clean or change a ball when their game is going well, some fishermen spit on the bait to insure a catch (spittle and breath have the same significance), and many businessmen superstitiously believe that if they can induce the first customer of the day to make a purchase (of any amount), good business is insured for the day. It is considered unlucky to break a mirror (as mirrors are used in divination and self-hypnosis), to whistle aboard ship (it may call up a storm or summon evil spirits), to burn an old Bible (an irreverent attempt to destroy God's Holy Word), to rock an empty rocking chair (chairs supposedly rock sometimes or furniture mysteriously moves when death or adversity is at hand), or for a pregnant woman to attend a funeral (as the spirit of death will cause the helpless baby to die).

A bride is to be carried over the threshold (as an unlucky stumble will cause a bad marriage, and because the threshold is held to be sacred by some pagans, rice is to be thrown on the newlyweds (insuring fertility), and the bride must not look at herself in the mirror when fully arrayed to avoid misfortune. Good luck is assured if the bride follows the old rule: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. An unmarried girl should never try on someone else's wedding ring, serve (3) times as a bridesmaid, or take the last piece of cake from the plate, or she will never marry. If she peels an apple without breaking the peel, and throws it backwards over her left shoulder, it will form the initial of her future husband's name. Also to catch the bride's bouquet is a sign that she will be the next to marry. Orange blossoms symbolize good fortune, as does a sunny wedding day; but a rainy day means a stormy marriage ahead. Moreover, it is unlucky to give away a wedding present, or to lose a wedding ring.

Superstitious beliefs abound. A howling dog is a bad omen, a cold hand indicates a warm heart, lightning never strikes in the same place twice (many have died by lightning believing this), two-dollar bills are unlucky, an itching nose means someone is thinking of you, and it is bad luck to see an owl in the daytime, or to put a shirt or blouse on inside out. Red and white flowers mixed in a sick room is an omen of death; seven is a lucky number (signifying perfection in the Bible); it is taboo to whistle in a theater (as on board a ship, for it summons up the spirits); or to wash clothes on Good Friday. It is also believed to be unlucky to step on a crack in the sidewalk, to shake hands with the left hand, or to break the triangle (formed by the building, ground, and ladder) by walking under a ladder.


As stated at the outset, magic and superstition are related, and are based upon the desire to have something come true, or to prevent something (usually bad or unpleasant) from happening. This relationship is especially evident in those superstitions requiring the performance of some ritual (crossing the finger, throwing salt over the shoulder, knocking on wood), the utterance of some charm, hex, or incantation (e.g., repeating God bless you, when someone sneezes, or saying, Go out fire, come in frost to cure burns), or in the use of amulets (charms) and talismans (carrying a rabbit's foot, wearing a copper bracelet, or a religious medal for protection, etc.).

The use of magic is an attempt by some individual to circumvent the natural laws or circumstances and impose his own will in order to influence events, God, the Devil, or the mysterious unseen realm of spirits, for the purpose of bringing about either good for himself, or evil upon his enemies.

Magic is believed to effective if one adheres strictly to the correct formula, such as preparing the charm or hex properly, uttering the incantation word for word, or concocting and using the magical remedies as prescribed. There is no question but that magic many times does indeed succeed, the reason being that Satan himself has either specified or influenced the use of certain rituals and formulae. He has consented to respond to those who use these special magical formulas or rites; for in this manner he not only achieves his diabolical purposes on earth, but also gains power and influence over those who practice magic or other superstitious rite.

Magic is not merely some practice limited to the witch doctor or shaman in primitive cultures, but it has been practiced by all peoples from ancient Babylonia to present-day England and America. Britain and the United States are being plagued today by the greatest revival of black magic and witchcraft than at any time since the Middle Ages. Witches' covens abound, blood pacts with the Devil are becoming increasingly common, the sales of magical supplies from the occult stores now surpass all previous records, and books on magic, witchcraft, Satanism, and the occult cannot be kept on the library shelves due to popular demand. Business Week reports that legerdemain is becoming big business.

Every day in America numerous magic practices are engaged in by millions, including such practices as hypnosis, remote influence of others by telepathy, magic healing of humans and animals, the casting of spells and hexes, as well as the use of magic potions, remedies, cures, candles, mirrors, and charms. Any form of magic is satanic, whether so-called white magic (employing magic to cure disease, or assure success in love or business, etc.) or black magic (using magic for personal gain, or for revenge in order to bring sickness, death, or adversity to an enemy, etc.). Black magic is usually based either upon the principle that like produces like (thus to stick a pin into a wax figure of an enemy should produce pain, sickness, or death to the intended victim), or upon the principle of contagious magic (fingernail or hair clippings, or an article of clothing belonging to the victim will cause injury to him if certain magical rituals are performed over or with them).

Of course, there is also much conter-magic performed by the superstitious to ward off intended evil. One woman who was being magically oppressed by another person confided to me that she had been advised by a witch to use counter-magic. One of the methods involved going outside and sprinkling black pepper around the entire house to form a protective circle against the black magic directed against her. In my files are letters from Christians who were formerly witches, or from those who had practiced magic. One relates how a young woman successfully used black magic to cause serious injury to another woman whom she disliked. The victim was injured in precisely the manner the magical ritual had specified. In another instance in which black magic was practiced, a young man related to me how that a witch put a curse upon him (which included blowing salt in his eyes). As a consequence, he claimed that one night he lay paralyzed with fear upon his bed as a demon appeared as a female vampire and stooped over him biting him in the neck. An hallucination? A dream? It seems unlikely, for he showed me what he indicated were two fang marks which were quite visible. He related that the scars burn brilliantly red during the full of the moon. He was suffering severe oppression from the powers of darkness at the time I prayed for his deliverance.

In many instances I have prayed for the liberation of individuals from satanic oppression who were suffering because of involvement in some form of occult magic, such as magic charming for the cure of burns or diseases, the removal of warts (Wilburn), hypnosis, remote influence by telepathy, and casting spells. Involvement in any form of magic practice invariably results in oppression of some kind by the forces of darkness.

Furthermore, the practice by some ministers of using magic tricks in the pulpit, and attempting to justify it as merely object lessons to aid them in presenting the Gospel is a delusion of Satan. By what conceivable logic can one believe that light and truth can really be presented by using the methods of the powers of darkness such as illusion, trickery, sleight-of-hand, and deception which constitute magic practices?

In view of this, such organizations as The Fellowship of Christian Magicians is a contradiction in terms. Moreover, the Scriptures warn us to abstain from all appearance of evil, for what communion had light with darkness? And what concord had Christ with Belial? All magical practices of whatever sort have always been associated with the occult and witchcraft. Modern-day vaudeville magic, like ventriloquism, may seem harmless enough to some who do not question their forms of entertainment, but its historical origins are from the witchcraft of Babylonia and Egypt.

Based upon countless instances from my counseling experience, I have found that involvement in any form of the occult (whether for entertainment or otherwise) invariably opens the door to influence, control, or oppression by the forces of darkness. The risk is too great for a minister to allow himself to be deluded into thinking that such practices are only innocent entertainment, both from the standpoint of the occult influence it has upon those who sit under such a ministry, and upon those who practice it in the name of religion. At the time I attended the seminary, there was a student minister who was popular among the Baptist churches for his so-called Magic Ministry which he claimed aided him in the presentation of the Gospel. He too used the same argument that the end justifies the means used; and that one should preach the Gospel by all means available, even including magic. He continued this practice despite warnings, until finally the deceiving spirits, which had led him into such a contradiction in the first place, seduced him into leaving the Christian ministry altogether. Today he is a Spiritist medium totally absorbed in the occult. It should be obvious that any attempt to justify some occult practice is in itself evidence of the delusion of that individual by deceiving spirits.


There are over 250 religious bodies in the United States alone, some of which must be classified as false religious cults. The satanic origin of such groups as the Voodoo cults, the Spiritualists, or the Cult of Satan is, of course, quite obvious. The false religious cults and movements should also be considered as belonging under the classification of occult since they (along with the occult subjects) are all derived from the same source - Satan.


Fortune-telling is the ancient black art of divination practiced the world over in an effort to uncover hidden information or foretell the future. The methods of divination are numerous and practiced by amateur and professional occultist alike - cards, crystal ball, palmistry, ouija board, pendulum, planchette, tea leaves, horoscope and astrology, handwriting analysis, and so on.

Professional diviners, such as the soothsayer, will divine by the interpretation of certain signs, omens, dreams, or by natural phenomena such as clouds or the entrails of animals. The medium may use automatic writing, a crystal ball, or divine clairvoyantly while in the trance; while the Gypsy fortune-teller frequently tells fortunes through use of palmistry, card reading, crystal gazing, or by dream interpretation, and the astrologer makes use of the horoscope.

The various forms of divination fall into two general classifications: those methods which seek to obtain direct knowledge from the unseen realm (e.g., by use of the ouija board, automatic writing, crystal ball, clairvoyance), and those methods which attempt to interpret certain signs, omens, or events (e.g., cards, horoscope, handwriting analysis, palm reading, animal entrails, the flight of birds, etc.).


These terms designate those individuals who are psychic or clairvoyant, such as Jeane Dixon or Edgar Cayce, or those who act as mediums in communication with spirits, such as Arthur Ford, and those who have special psychometric power such as Peter Hurkos. No rigid distinction is to be made between the terms, however, inasmuch as a medium is also psychic to some degree, and a clairvoyant may go into a trance and receive communications from the unseen realm, or may divine by psychometric means on occasion.

Mediums are generally classed as mental mediums (those who deal almost entirely with messages from discarnate spirits), and physical mediums (those who produce various visible or physical effects during seance). Physical mediums produce such phenomena as spirit rappings, levitations (the lifting or floating of objects), apports (articles made to appear or disappear), automatic writing, materializations (supposed appearances of the dead, or other things), spirit voices (direct through the medium or through a trumpet), table tipping, parakinesis (movement and control of objects, such as furniture), as well as the psychic phenomena.


Palmistry is a form of divination which attempts to analyze an individual's character, or predict his future, by studying the line and other features of the hands. The palmist gives particular attention to four lines and seven mounts in the hand, and makes use of astrology, believing that the planetary influences upon one's life are also written in the palms.

Palmistry (also called chiromancy) has an ancient history having been practiced in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and in many other nations. The palmist like the card reader tells fortunes not by actually reading the anatomical lines and other features of the hands, but divines by use of psychic powers of telepathy and clairvoyance.


A diabolically inspired work, The Satanic Bible, was written by Anton S. LaVey who in April 1966 founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco, California, assuming the office of High Priest of Satan.

Chapter titles include such demonic and perverted subjects as: Satanic Sex; An Invocation for the Conjuration of Lust; The Black Mass; The Practice of Satanic Magic; Satanic Ritual; Invocation to Satan; Invocation for the Conjuration of Destruction; and How to Sell Your Soul. The book advocated indulging in the seven deadly sins forbidden by the Christian Church (pride, envy, greed, anger, gluttony, sloth, and lust).


Due to the great increase today in Witchcraft, Satanism, false religious cults, drug addiction, and interest in the Eastern religions and occultism in general, demon oppression and possession have increased at an alarming rate. Reports of hauntings, bizarre poltergeist activity, weird psychic phenomena, and demonic possession with attempts at exorcism of malevolent spirits are increasing world-wide.

The sorcerer-priest often exorcises evil spirits in the same manner (as do also spiritualist mediums), actually becoming possessed by the demon which is then in turn exorcised from the priest by magical ritual and blood sacrifice. Exorcism is also practiced by Spiritualists, as well as by doctors, medicine men, sorcerers, and the priests of primitive religions. Their methods include such practices as the use of magical rites, seances, charms, amulets, the utterance of secret incantations, offering of sacrifices, and flagellation (beating the individual to drive the demons out).

Those who are knowledgeable in occult matters know that demons are to some degree subject to the laws of magic (when correctly applied), as well as to certain charms, rites, and adjuration, which Satan himself has established as the mean whereby he works his diabolical purposes through his followers.

This is a temporary relief from some form of oppression, which ultimately results in an even greater hold on the individual by Satan. After exorcism, evil spirits often manifest in some form or other, such as poltergeist phenomena, hauntings, or by the oppression of the individuals living there. Moreover, animals or pets can become possessed with evil spirits including spirits of disease, insanity, fear, hate, or death.


What is Occultism? Stated concisely, it signifies participation or involvement in any way with fortune-telling, magic practices, spiritism, or false religious cults and teachings. The term occult means that which is hidden or secret.

Multitudes of people, Christian and non-Christian alike, find themselves suffering physical, mental, psychic and spiritual oppression, few realizing that it is because they have allowed themselves to become ensnared in the diabolical web of occultism, which is under the influence and control of the powers of darkness.

Occult areas include palm reading; fortune telling by use of cards, tea leaves and crystal balls; ouija board; occult games; divining, water witching and dowsing; medium, psychic or clairvoyant powers; seance or spiritualist meeting; communicating with the dead or spirits; ESP, telepathy, automatic writing, table-tipping, levitation of objects or persons, yoga, PK, remote influence of the subconscious mind of others or self hypnosis; healing of diseases, burns, sickness and wart removal through magic charming, Christian Science, Spiritualism, so-called powwow, psychic, spirit or metaphysical healing, hypnosis, Concept Therapy, the pendulum or trance for diagnosis or treatment; horoscope or astrology; occult literature: ESP, reincarnation, dreams, fortune-telling astrology, metaphysics, self-realization, magic, clairvoyance, hypnosis, yoga, handwriting analysis, religious cults or occult writings; Rosicrucians, spiritualists, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Unity, Bahai's, Theosophy, Inner Peace Movement, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Unitarians, Jehovah's Witnesses; all forms of occult media of fortune-telling, spiritism, magic practices and involvement in false religious cults and their teachings.


Witchcraft itself, which includes the practice of magic and sorcery, as well as involvement in occult practices has an ancient history. One may be involved in the occult (such as those who visit the fortune tellers, attend seances, practice hypnosis, use the ouija board, etc.), and still not technically be involved in Satanism or Witchcraft. Of course, Satan is behind all forms of occultism. The worship of the Devil and the practice of white and black magic, as well as other forms of sorcery is Satanism.

Witchcraft is the type of Satanism found in the worship and rituals of the witches' covens. The ceremonies consist of such things as nude dancing around a bonfire, chanting, the performance of magical rituals, incantations, and other rites. Included are drunken sexual orgies, fertility rites and human sacrifice.

Satanism includes such things as magic and hexing ceremonies, casting spells, and sex and fertility rites, sex orgies, drugs, sadism, ritual murders, sexual perversions, copulation with animals, black magic, animal sacrifice, obscene rituals, child sacrifice, cannibalism, dismemberment, fire dances, blood-drinking rites, desecration and robbing of graves, Black Mass, desecrated churches, Devil worship, children dedicated to the Devil, ritual tortures and murders, witchcraft, summoning of demons, hexing, and masochism.



Some Druidic groups, particularly in the United States, express a belief in nature spirits such as fairies, gnomes, and undines, little creatures of the forests and rivers to whom offerings are made.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

The practice of shamanic sorcery was common to Native American Indians and Eskimos as well as to the witch doctors in the tribes of Asia, Africa, and Australia. Shamans practice in the context of their belief in animism. They believe that spirits, gods, devils, and other entities dwell in other realms to and from which the experienced and initiated shaman can travel (shamanism and primitive pagan sorcery).

Goddess, Witchcraft nd Pagan Sects

One of the fastest growing religious movements in the world today is Witchcraft, also known as the Earth Religion, and closely related to Paganism and Goddess Worship. Some prefer to call themselves naturalists, pagans, neo-pagans, druids, wiccans, mediums, or shamans. The feminist movement has been one of the principal factors in the rise of witchcraft and earth religion groups and sects. Goddess and earth worship is basically sorcery and primeval occultism. Witches believe, as do other New Agers, in the Hinduistic concepts of reincarnation and karma. They are also prone to believe in forest, nature and tree spirits, in fairies, gnomes and other little creatures, and in spirit beings. Occultic symbols are emphasized, especially the Satanic pentagram and the circle. Candles and incense are used in ceremonies as well as a ritualistic dagger called an athame. Witches do indeed cast spells and place hexes on supposed victims. Some practice astral sex with spirit beings from beyond (incubus or succubus). There have been many claims that witches sacrifice animals and even human beings to the Devil. So, there is among some witchcraft and earth religious groups a close connection with Satanism and other extreme forms of occultism. Included are Wiccan ways, Shamanism, Egyptian Magic, Scandinavian Folk Religion, Feminist Spirituality, Druidism, Neo-paganism, Native American and other native people spirituality. Included are rites, forms, and orders. Emphasized are evolution and divinity of man.


Mormonism - Masonry - Magick

There are fifteen ceremonial similarities between Mormonism, Masonry and Magick. (Don't become a Mormon, Mason or get involved with magic.)


Blood Pacts

A person takes a piece of paper, scratches his finger until it bleeds, and then signs himself over to the Devil.

Satan Worship

I regret the fact that other Christian theologians show little interest in the study of Satanic movements. Many seek an alternative in the study of psychoanalysis and psychiatry and even spiritism, studies which sadly are widespread in every country, near and far, today. (Churches send their people to the world for mental problems rather than to God.)

In the Bible and in the history of religions, Satan worship is often identified with the snake cult. The snake was called Nehustan, and was used by the Israelites some four to five hundred years after the time of Moses for magic and idolatry. It has been said of the Knights Templar that they were the founders of a regular Church of Satan. In the circles of the Templars, the black mass was celebrated. On the altar they had a naked woman. They mixed the communion wine with the blood of a slaughtered child. This included sorcery, ungodliness, plundering churches, desecrating the sacraments and crucifixes, shedding innocent blood, killing, sexual orgies, and occult arts. Druids were highly renowned for their knowledge of astronomy; they practiced human and animal sacrifice in order to reconcile sinful man to God. Halloween was a sacred day.

In Nigeria there is the cobra cult. The members have to sign themselves over to the Devil, and then they receive power over all snakes, not just one sort. Christians handling snakes are merely the expression of a religious fanaticism and a false interpretation of the Bible. This includes, upside down cross, spiritism, occult, Satanic cults, and magic.

Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses

The sorcerers of the middle ages only chose Moses as their patron saint, because he outdid the ancient Egyptian sorcerers by the power of God. This includes magic spells, and how to kill small animals by magical power.


The Neo-Pagans

A few common elements can be found, though, in all Wicca and Neo-Paganism:

1. A polytheistic world-view; usually a god/goddess pair.

2. A belief in westernized reincarnation (no moving backward to incarnate as animals, just moving onward to be reborn as humans.)

3. A shamanic worldview similar to animism (the belief that all objects have life and souls) which includes strong ecological overtones and often an openness to some drugs.

4. Most are militantly feminist and politically left-wing, even anarchistic; although there are exceptions.

5. A do your own thing morality, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. This often included free sexual activity at least within the group.

6. An Aquarian view of human destiny - the seed bed from which was grown much of the New Age movement - the notion that persons can evolve spiritually through their own efforts and ultimately attain either enlightenment or even godhood.

Witches Do Worship Satan

Let's look at these resemblances between the typical Wiccan god and the figure of Satan:

1. Both are lords of death and the source of death.

2. Both rule in an underworld kingdom of some sort.

3. Both represent bestiality and untrammeled lasciviousness.

4. Both are known as Lucifer in some circles.

5. Both are believed to be the source of Light.

6. Both demand commitment by oaths and covenants.

7. Both seek to draw their worshipers away from the Bible's God.

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman church denies the finished work of Jesus' sacrifice on Calvary, salvation by faith alone, the unique Mediatorship of Jesus and the all-sufficiency of the Bible as our source of divine Truth. Wearing of hair shirts, barbed-wire corsets and self-flagellation (whipping) were regularly practiced with Catholic monasteries and nunneries until at least the 1960's. (A Catholic can be a Christian but the vast majority are just religious. When you ask a Catholic if they are a Christian, many will say that I am a Catholic.)

What does the Roman church have in common with modern Paganism?

1. Both teach salvation through ritual acts and good works.

2. Both have a god and a goddess (Mary) figure in their pantheon.

3. Both have a slain and risen god who dies and is reborn in a seasonal cycle of ritual dramas.

4. Both have magic or thaumaturgy (Transubstantiation in the Mass) as central elements in their theology.

5. Both make extensive use of incense, statues, candles and ceremonial robes in their devotions.

6. Both believe in a kind of second chance after death (Purgatory).

7. Both believe the rituals of the living can affect the dead.

8. Both believe in rituals of pain and mortification for purification.

The Witches' Wheel - The Eight Paths of Realization

1. Trance

2. Drugs, Wine, etc.

3. Music, Dance

4. Rites, Spells, Incantations

5. The Great Rite (ritual sex)

6. Scourging

7. The Cords (ceremonial binding)

8. Meditation

Ancient Devil Worshipers

There is the reality of ancient, pre-Christian cults which worshiped a devil or Satan-like figure as their god! The deity best know because of his recent press is Set.


1. The Sicilian occult society, the Mafia, is Sicilian witchcraft (stregoi).

2.There is a voodoo goddess of love and of the sea.

3. The Catholic church is such a massive religious jumble of African magic, Roman superstition, Celtic and Slavic paganism, and now even Asian and Native American spirituality.

4. The Catholic church is a combination of Voodoo (African Catholicism), Santeria (Cuban-African Catholicism), Bingo nights (Las Vegas Catholicism), devotions to the Queen of Heaven (Babylonian Catholicism) and to the Black Madonna (Polish-Catholicism), wakes (Irish-Catholicism) and rosaries (Hindu Catholicism).



The power or practices of witches; sorcery; black magic. Bewitching attraction or charm; enchantment; irresistible influence; fascination.



Degrees of Demonic Oppression: World - Flesh - Devil

1. Thought Life

2. Decision to Sin

3. Habitual Sin

4. Loss of Control

5. Demonic Bondage

6. Demonic Infestation

7. Possession

Building Strongholds

1. Sin (such as fear of something)

2. Sin Habit Forms (fearful of various things)

3. Stronghold (Sin Tumor) (fearful of many things)

4. Strongman in the Stronghold (Bondage) (fearful of everything)

5. Soul: Mind, Will, Memories, Emotions (fear now a part of personality)

6. Fragmented Soul: Personality is fragmented and has demonic strongholds.

7. The Three C's: Cleanse Yourself Of Sin, Crucify The Flesh, and Cast Out Demons (saying of David Alsobrook). It won't work any other way.

Degrees of Possession

1. Fiery Darts: Flesh - World - Evil Supernaturalism

2. Mild Oppression

3. Oppression

4. Mild Demonization

5. Severe Demonization

6. Possession impossible for Christians

7. Perfect Possession (nobody home?)

8. The Christian can not be totally possessed but can be severely demonized. This means that an area or areas of the person can be possessed. A common example is an alcoholic who can not control their addiction to drinking.

Spirit, Soul And Body

1. We are a spirit that lives within a body that has a soul.

2. We are tempted by lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

3. We have external sin pressure and demonic pressure.

4. Our spirit is sealed by the Blood Of The Lamb.

5. We resist the temptations that come against us by our will and the help of The Holy Spirit.

God's Lines Of Defence For His Children

1. Fiery Dart From Satan

2. Pastoral Covering

3. Headship Covering (Usually Husband or Father)

4. Personal Shield of Faith

5. Christian

6. In other words, children are covered by their parents, wife is covered by her husband, husband is covered by the Holy Spirit who communicates with Jesus Christ and Almighty God (divine order).

7. In the church, the congregation is covered by the pastor (under shepherd) who is covered by Jesus Christ (The Shepherd).

8. The pastor does not replace the husband and father. Each has their duties to perform.

9. Finally, our covering is a function of our personal faith and trust in God.

Moving Through The Levels

1. Pray

2. Teach / Preparation

3. Reaffirm Commitment

4. Break Generational Sin

5. Shut Personal Sin Doors

6. Break Ungodly Ties

7. Ever A Psychic?

8. Cut Spirit / Soul ties. Renounce Spirit of Divination. Purge Spirit, Soul and Body.

9. Proceed To Emotional Healing.

10.In other words, determine the bondage, get right with God, break demonic ties, cast out demons, and pray for healing. Change your way of thinking and acting; go and sin no more.


The Taxonomy of Evil

A Biblical Diagnosis of Demonic Oppression

1. Practitioners of occult, witchcraft, spiritualism and Satanism.

2. Cultic or heretical which deny deity of Jesus Christ.

3. Descendants from either #1 or #2.

4. Homosexual behavior or chronic substance abuse, especially with psychotropic drugs.

5. Victimized by severe trauma.

6. Indiscriminate, promiscuous sexual intercourse particularly with #1 or #2.

7. Spirit of Anti-christ: eastern religions, Yoga, martial arts, generational sin of parents.

8. Spirit of Bondage: lust of the flesh, generational sin of parents.


Implants, also known as inserts or object links are common in Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. These are usually tiny foreign objects which are inserted subcutaneously in the child during rituals after being blessed on the altar of Satan.

Homing Devices, Open Doors, Legal Grounds, Occult Chakra Points, Third Eye and Surgery. We command these spirits to leave us In The Name Of Jesus Christ.


A trigger is any event that precipitates a response. The triggers we refer to have been purposely placed, usually to control the behavior of a person at a later time and place.

We forgive others and ourselves, and ask God to forgive us for any sin connected to the following: Child Abuse; Very Severe Trauma; Sight, Hearing, Feeling, Taste and Smell; Command Triggers; Passive Mind; Fear of Death; Death Trigger; Astral Projection; Familiar Spirits; Contrary Programming; Moles; Disorientation; Control; and No Will. We command these spirits to leave us In The Name Of Jesus Christ.

A Slander on the Word of God

Can a Christian have a demon? The Authorized Version (KJV) is the only reliable version that explains demonology. It says that people being afflicted or infested by evil spirits are possessed with devils. A devil (demon) cannot have a Christian, but a Christian CAN have a devil (demon).


Similarities Between Cults

1. It sounds like the New Age Movement, Occult, Satanic Worship, Humanism, God and Goddess Worship are all rolled into one. Humanism is a driving force behind these cults.

2. We have three great seducers: lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life.

3. Why have we incorporated the ancient Hindu practice of visualization and inner healing into Christianity? Probably an attempt to do without deliverance!

Curses In General

1. A curse causeless can not land.

2. We can be cursed by others who have spiritual and physical authority over us.

3. We can curse ourselves.

4. We can curse others.

5. Psychic prayers are a way to curse and to be cursed. A psychic prayer is any prayer that does not line up with the Word of God. If you pray contrary to the Bible, then you are praying to Satan.

6. We can speak against others and bring curses against them.

Charismatic Witchcraft

Charismatic witchcraft is exercising control over other Christians by leaders or anyone within the church. Charismatic witches use personal prophecy to control others. Charismatic witches are Jezebels. Soul ties are formed with those to whom we submit our wills. We have no right to control others! God gave us a free will and even He will not try to control us!


Cleaning Your House

The first requirement for the Christian being delivered is for him to remove from his house (or his room if it is not his house) all Catholic objects, symbols, medals, statues, pictures, holy cards, Catholic bibles, rosaries, crucifixes, missals, Catholic hymn books, relics, votive candles, shrines, sentimental Catholic mementoes, etc.


Bible's Definition

Witchcraft: to whisper a spell, to enchant or practice magic; sorcerer or witch. Magic: sorcery or witchcraft. These words apply to people who make use of drugs, powders, fetishes, etc.; also use influence and trickery. Abominations to the Lord: The Lord declares that He will not tolerate these abominations among His people in the Kingdom of God (spiritual) in which the overcomer is now.

Enchanter (Song Spell or Augur)

Enchantments - Practice of magical arts.To hiss, whisper a spell, prognosticate, divine, enchant, to practice magic, to cover, to cloud over, observe times, soothsayer, sorcerer. Uses incantations and pronounces spells for and of evil spirits. One who uses the human voice or music to bring another person under psychic control. Hypnosis and spell casting comes under enchantments.

The believer should be controlled only by the Holy Spirit. He does not need an enchanter to get into his mind to discover the past, present or future. All he has to do is ask God who will give him the wisdom he needs (James 1:5).

Divination (Fortune Telling)

Diviner - One who uses false means to discover the divine will of God. Witchcraft, to distribute or determine by lot or magic scroll, to divine, soothsayer. This would include gambling by dice or cards. A very general term taking in any supernatural process of gaining hidden knowledge that cannot be discerned through the natural mind or senses.

For example, water-witching, use of Ouija boards, fortune tellers, mediums and horoscopes. The Bible has three approved ways of gaining hidden knowledge: (1) prayer to The Father in Jesus' Name, (2) the legitimate spiritual gifts of The Holy Spirit and (3) divine revelation from The Word of God.

Witch and Wizard

Female and male, respectively, who practice white, grey or black magic. Anyone who uses clairvoyant or psychic powers such as ESP, mental telepathy, levitation of objects, astral projection, etc. Witch (Sorcerer) - one who deals with evil spirits in order to work a spell on people, to practice magic, to whisper a spell, to enchant, to use witchcraft. Wizard (Clairvoyant or Physic) - a male witch, conjurer, a ghost prognosticator Witchcraft - Practices of dealing with evil spirits (soothsaying and magic). Wizardry - to be destroyed in Israel.

In the Old Testament physical death was the cure for witchcraft (Ex. 22:18); in the New Testament eternal damnation (Galatians 5:20:21).

Charmer (Serpent Charmer)

Charming - To put a spell upon. To fascinate, to spell, to join by spells, enchantment. The use of amulets, potions and symbols to hypnotize, cast spells, bring good luck, to charm away warts and diseases, and to give protection from evil. Without a doubt includes hypnosis.

Some of these are pictured as follows:

1. The Ankh or Luv Knot symbolizes sexual intercourse, eternal life and is often used in the Devil's pentagram. It has nothing to do with the eternal life purchased by The Cross Of Jesus Christ and should not be worn on the body.

2. The devil's or witches' foot, an old symbol in black magic. It has nothing to do with peace.

3. The Word tells us that the believer can have health and good success through obedience to The Word (Psa. 1:1-3; Prov. 4:20-21). We can appropriate divine health through and because of the stripes of Jesus by prayer with faith. (Psa. 103:2-4; I Pet. 2.24; James 5:14-15)

Consulter With Familiar Spirits (Medium)

Familiar, friendly or family spirits. A medium who uses a demon or evil spirit to tell them about the present or future of individuals, or the location of lost persons or objects.

In Acts 16:16-18 Paul met a fortune telling girl who had a familiar spirit or a spirit of divination. Paul cast the spirit out of her. He would have never done this if it was a gift from God.

Sorceress (Pharmakia)

Sorcery - Same as witchcraft. Medical poisoner, magic, a druggist, a magician, oriental science. Indicates use of drugs and chemicals to produce stupor, spells, mind altering influences, such as smoking and drinking. Pharmakia is defined as sorcery.

Necromancy (Seance)

Necromancer (Familiar Spirit) - calls forth the spirits of the dead. Communication with the dead. This is a medium who consults a demon that mimics a dead person.

The necromancer will often go into a trance and let the evil spirit take over his body and speak through him. (Ecc. 9:5-6) tells us that the dead do not know anything, that they have no emotions, and they have no portion of the earth. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgement (Heb. 9:27.) The spirit of a dead person either goes to heaven or hell when he dies.

Observer of Times (Soothsayer)

0ne who pretends to tell future events. Astrology, prognostication and observing times. The following of horoscopes, omens in the sky and nature, astrology, and monthly prognostication.

Rom. 6:3-11 tells us that Christians have been crucified and buried with Christ Jesus. II Cor. 5:17 tells us that if man is in Christ Jesus he is a new creation in Jesus. This being true there is no way to plot our lives by the heavens, or good and bad omens seeing how we are now identified with the Creator and not the creation.

Room Decorations

Room decor using oriental gods, zodiac signs and Aztec sun gods.

Television Programs

Television programs such as Night Gallery, Sixth Sense, Ghost Story, Kreskin and Bewitched. I no longer use a television set for programs; I only watch selected videos for ministry and business, and the news. What about today's programs?

Children To Pass Through The Fire (Abortion)

Priests burned children to death as a sacrifice to heathen thru The Fire Gods. Abortion is a similar practice.


Names and Titles

1. In this study of the Old Testament all references to the following words have been checked and used if related to the subject: angel, charmer, dead, devil, divination, enchantment, familiar, giants, leviathan, magic, necromancy, Satan, serpent, spirit, witch, wizard. Also every reference to Anakim, Avim, Emim, Horim, Nephilim, Rephaim, Zamzummim.

2. In this study of the New Testament all references to the following words have been checked and used if related to the subject: angel, antichrist, Beelzebub, Belial, darkness, devil, demon, dragon, lion, Satan, serpent, sorcery, spirit, tempter.

3. The Name And Titles Of Satan In The Bible - In the Old Testament: Leviathan, Lucifer, the King of Babylon and the King of Tyre. In the New Testament he is called: the accuser of the brethren, the adversary, the authority of darkness, Beelzebub, Belial, the Devil, the great red dragon, the enemy, the god of this age, a liar, the father of lies, a roaring lion, a murderer, the ruler of the authorities of the air, the ruler of this world, the serpent, Satan, the tempter, a thief and the wicked one.

4. Satan: Satan's origin, afflicts body and mind, interferes with prayers and plans, murderer and liar, deceiver and accuser of Christians, Christ defeated, his power controlled by God, we resist him, Christ resisted by the Word, and his doom.

Satan, Fallen Angels and Demons

There is one Satan - one individual not omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent like God. There are millions of fallen angels. Rev. 5:11 calculates at least 101,000,000 total angels. Rev. 12:4 calculates at least 33,700,000 fallen angels. There are billions of demons. We only work with Christians and find they have many demons. If the world has billions of people and Christians have many demons, then there must be billions and billions of demons. Demons probably came from a Pre-Adamic Race but there is no scriptural reference that can be found to prove this statement. Satan is in charge (Chief of Staff). The fallen angels are his officers. The demons are his foot soldiers. We cast about 10,000 demons out of one man over a nine-month period. The demons freely talked and gave us information about their rank and number. One demon said that a person could have tens of thousands of demons; can this be true? We know that a person can at least have a legion which is 4,000 to 6,000 demons from the Bible.)

Satanic Forces

Mrs. Penn-Lewis defines the satanic forces described in Eph. 6:12 as: Principalities - force and dominion dealing with nations and governments; Powers - having authority and power of action in all the spheres open to them; World Rulers - governing the darkness and blindness of the world at large; Wicked Spirits in Heavenly Places - the forces being directed in and upon the Church of Jesus Christ in wiles, fiery darts, onslaught, and every conceivable deception about doctrine which they are capable of planning.



The Working Tools of the Wicca

These include Cords - Red, White and Blue, Scourge, Pentacle, Boleen White-Handed Knife, Chalice, Athame Witch's Dagger, Censer and Wand. Wicca symbols are similar to Satan worship.



Demonic Symbols

You can buy books that describe the meanings of demonic symbols. There are legions of demonic symbols. Here are a few:

Tai Chi Symbol (Yin and Yang), Hex Signs, Italian Horn, Inverted Pentagram: Symbol of Satanism and Black Magick, Cornu, Upright Pentagram: Symbol of Wicca (white or good witchcraft), Ankh (Crux Ansanta), Twin Sowelus or SS Runes, V Sign, Disguised 666, 666 FFF, A Symbol, Bowman, Inverted Cross, The Labrys (Ax From Crete), Peace Sign, Pontifical Cross Of Lucifer, Swastika, Unicursive Hexagram


Search Warrant Checklist

Occult games (I Ching, ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal ball, fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons)

Ashes from fire pits, including fireplaces and wood stoves

Robes and detachable hoods

Gongs, drums and bells

Wooden stand for an altar, a marble slab or crosses

Chalice, goblet, cruet

Phallus (sculpture of the male sex organ)

Heavy wooden staff, sword, knives

Small velvet pillow, scarlet in color

Bullwhip, cat o'nine tails, ligatures


Animal mask, possibly papier mache

Black satin or velvet glove for the right hand

Large ruby ring, worn on the first finger of the right hand

Flash powder, smoke bombs


Body paint, face paint

Metal crown with four candle holders

Ferns, palms


Medallions with satanic symbols

Occult jewelry

Small animals in cages

Graph paper for fantasy games

Oddly shaped dice

Horror masks and costumes


Small metal figurines of mythological nature

Posters of mythological beings, animals, half-animals

Nightmarish posters

Sexual, particularly sado-masochistic, posters

Posters of heavy metal and punk rock stars

Human or animal bones (especially skull, long bones, finger bones)

Ritual books, black books, diaries (such as the Book of Shadows, which may be handwritten)

Paraphernalia related to the martial arts - such as ninja costumes and throwing stars


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